Midwest Chevy Dealer Expects 2014 Spark EV to Eventually be Available There


2014 Chevy Spark EV

2014 Chevy Spark EV

Last Thursday, General Motors unveiled a shocking bit of info on the 2014 Chevy Spark EV.   That shocker was its price.

Spark EV

Spark EV

At $19,995 after federal incentives or $199 per month to lease, the 2014 Spark EV seems priced to move off dealer lots like crazy.

But the downside is that General Motors says the Spark EV will, at least initially, be available only in California and Oregon.  So, it’ll likely move off those lots there rather rapidly.

But what about the rest of the nation, who now seems eager to purchase a Spark, even more so since its price is insanely low?

Maybe there’s hope.

Tom Pospisil, general manager at Eriksen Chevrolet Buick in Milan, Illinois told a local TV station interviewer that he expects Chevy to eventually offer the Spark EV in the Midwest.  If offered in the Midwest, then we’d assume nationwide to be a possibility, too.

It’s not necessarily news to us that the Spark EV could spread beyond California and Oregon.  We do feel this will eventually happen, much in the same way that the Chevy Volt slowly rolled out across the nation.  However, GM has not confirmed this and, at this time, there’s no way of guessing when the Spark EV will make its break out of those two initial roll-out states.

Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Source: WQAD

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It makes sense for GM to roll-out the SparkEV in States with the greatest number of public charging stations. This would reduce the out of juice issue many new EV owners could experience due to the lack of charging stations.


For me, the Spark EV would be a second vehicle used as an in-town runabout and commute vehicle. Maybe 10-20 miles per day. It would always charge in my garage … if I could buy one.

It would also make sense to upgrade the charger to 6.6KW/hr so that consumers would not be penalized for using a fee-based public charger.

The onboard charger in the Spark is the exact same one used in the Volt. They are already mass-producing that charger so a changeover would give both the Volt and the SparkEV a 6.6KW charger. Maybe Gen2 of the Spark and Gen3 of the Volt.

By 2014 Elon says he will sell more than 50k Model S worldwide!

What does a university in north carolina have to do with this topic?

Why is pricing a small car a little lower than Leaf “insanely low” ? Isn’t that what we should expect ?

Regardless of what people should expect, most people did not expect it to cost less than the Leaf. Also, most said exactly the same about the Leaf price drop a few months ago, so it probably makes sense to repeat it for the Chevy.

Also, when you consider that the Spark EV is slightly more efficient, is much faster, is much less ugly, and (hopefully) won’t have the Leaf’s battery problems, then some enthusiasm about the Spark EV makes sense. Sure the Leaf is a little bigger, but both are fine for four and lousy for five … a wash.

IMHO … the only thing holding back Spark sales (all models) is the dork factor. In Z-Spec trim they would sell like hot cakes. 🙂

Do you even realize “ugly” is subjective, Mr “Open Mind” ?

Of course I know that my opinions are subjective. As are your opinions about “what we should expect”.

I’m sure some people actually like the looks of the Leaf. But I would bet money that more people do not. You have to be doing something wrong to make #97 on Edmund’s 100 ugliest cars of all time:


Which is (IMHO) ironic and disappointing, considering (IMHO) Nissan also makes some of the most beautiful vehicles available. It’s mainly (IMHO) the absurd Leaf headlights that it shares with the Juke (also on Edmund’s list, #630). I know they’re supposed to reduce mirror-drag, but (IMHO) they would sell more Leafs if it looked normal, and way-more Leafs if it looked good.

Wow, so many issues with the LEAF and it’s the world best selling EV at over over 62,000 sold.

Nissan’s doing something wrong! 😉

The Leaf is bestselling because there’s nothing out there in its class. I can only get 4 all EV cars in WA (Tesla, Ford, Nissan, and Mitsubishi), and we have tons of charging stations. I have no choice to buy a Leaf because it’s the best option for the money. The Spark EV would be a great competitor.