Michigan Gets Its First Tesla Supercharger – Location: Saint Joseph, Michigan


Saint Joseph, Michigan Supercharger Info

Saint Joseph, Michigan Supercharger Info

Conveniently Located Close to Chicago, Illinois and Grand Rapids, Michigan

Conveniently Located Close to Chicago, Illinois and Grand Rapids, Michigan

As a Michigander myself, I must say it’s been a long time coming for Tesla’s first Supercharger to open in the Great Lake State.

Our day has come though as Tesla Motors officially flipped the switch on Michigan’s first Supercharger.

Located in Saint Joseph, Michigan, the site features 8 charging stalls and is just minutes away from the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan.

Saint Joseph has a population of approximately 8,000, though it’s located near several larger Michigan cities, including Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and is reasonably close to South Bend, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois.

Tesla’s map shows this Saint Joseph charger as reachable by Metro Detroit Model S owners.

Michigan is slated to get 3 more Superchargers by “Fall 2013” according to Tesla’s site.  2 of those stations will likely be much closer to the Detroit Metro area.  Detroit itself isn’t listed to ever get its own Supercharger, though a few dots appear within 50 or so miles of Detroit on Tesla’s Supercharger map by “Winter 2013.”

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(sorry… I got excited)

Yeh kdawg. I thought about you when I saw it. Is it close???

So far the network plans for AZ leave me out. I need a charger on the east side of phx but no such luck.

No, but it is on my way to Chicago, at about the halfway point which is perfect. Once the rest of the stations are in by 2015, I’ll be able to travel anywhere in the lower peninsula. GM better step up by 2017, or they are going to lose a customer to Tesla.

It looks like sometime next year you will get a station between Phoenix & Tucson.

I’m looking forward to going from a SW Chicagoland suburb to Detroit (Belle Isle)!

What do you mean that is pushing the limits of a Tesla to drive on a single charge from Detroit to St. Joseph. My Tesla is an 85kw can go 290 miles on a single charge. There is no problem getting to St. Joseph from Detroit at all with a 290 mile charge. Even with the lower City drive setting the charge it is still 230 miles per charge. That is plenty of energy to get from Detroit to St. Joseph.

Yes Bret I understand that it should easily make it. Though the vast majority of the trip would be done at speeds of 80 mph on I-94 and in the winter it could be pushing the limits. Which is why I stated “less than ideal” conditions. High speeds, cold weather

Our comments crossed. I would like to hear some real-world reporting from Tesla members. What’s the worse range they have ever experienced? Or the worse miles/kWh?

I live in Michigan and I drove from Detroit to Lansing and back yesterday on a single charge and I only charged my vehicle 229 miles instead of the extended charge of 290. Eric are suggesting that the Tesla charged at 290 miles cannot make a 150 mile trip? I actually get better range than the conservative figures given. Additionally, the speed limit on 1-94 is 70 not 80. If you want to speed you can still make that trip no problem at all.

No, I believe the trip would be made. Even at the 190 miles listed, a Model S 85 kWh can make it. The point was more or less that it’s on the other side of the state and not really useful for metro Detroiters.

I’ve modified the text to eliminate the confusion. My apologies.

looks good Eric!

The superchargers are not designed nor intended to be for city dwellers ( metro detroiters) It is for highway driving. In the city, you charge at home, hotel, etc… As that is where you live or will be parked, than when you take a trip, you have superchargers along the highway at spots to stop for food, shopping etc… Very simple.

Not sure if you are a Michigander, but this morning it was 16 degrees here. I’m curious what kind of range you get in these temps? My Volt drops to as low as 2 miles per kWh if I crank the heat. If the Tesla has 80kWh usable (i dunno?), would that mean it could be as low as a 160 mile range?

It has been very cold for the past couple of weeks on and off. The Tesla gets basically the same range whether it is 16 degrees or 60 degrees. I do live in Michigan and drive my car daily up to 100 miles a day.

That’s good to know. I’m always thinking worse case scenario, and I don’t want to, for example, have to forgo a trip to Traverse City because the weather is too cold.

including link to tesla’s interactive map is a great idea.


I am west of Chicago, exactly 270 miles from Ann Arbor with a P85 and it’s not reasonable to make it without a charge stop if you travel at posted speeds but this charger is perfect for a quick top-off. I have been stopping just past here and getting a boast from a friends lake house but this will be much quicker and just off the expressway. Coffee and a sandwich from Panera and I’m putt there!