Michigan Ballot Proposal Seeks To Allow Tesla’s Direct Sales Method


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

A University of Michigan graduate by the name of Mick Yuille hopes to get a law passed that would allow Tesla to conduct direct sales of its vehicles in the state of Michigan.

As Automotive News reports:

“Mick Yuille, 22, knows he has a hurdle to climb: He has until June 1 to collect more than 252,000 signatures in order to put his proposal before the Michigan legislature, or to voters in November.”

“Yuille formed a ballot committee, Eliminate (i), and did not file a waiver with the state saying he plans to raise or spend less than $1,000, which exempts him from some campaign finance filings. That doesn’t mean he expects to have that much money, he said, adding that he wanted to keep all options available. He said he will have to depend on donations and is still working on a final plan for how he’ll gather signatures.”

On Thursday, the state approved the proposal form, which means that Yuille can now begin collecting signatures. If he gets the 252,000 signatures, then the petition heads to lawmakers who would decide the outcome. If he can’t gather that many signatures, then the proposal will go on the ballot for voters to decide the outcome.

Of course, this won’t be an easy task, as dealership franchises are especially strong in the state of Michigan and automakers who call the state their home will surely put forth money to counter Yuille’s cause.

Currently, Tesla has no stores in the state of Michigan and can’t sell cars there. Tesla’s battle with the state dates back quite awhile, with the most recent incident being Tesla withdrawing from the NAIAS due to the state still not allowing Tesla to sell cars there.


Source: Automotive News

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Good luck to Mr. Yuille!

I’d like to see the wording of the petition, but I don’t see that online.

It’s not online yet. We’ll post it when it becomes available.

Good luck to Mr. Yuille.

Yuille need it!

Musk(-)egon is a town on the west coast of the state (see map above) !

Go Mick !!

Heck, I only now see that egon is almost Elon.

Muskegon to MuskElon… hahaha

I was in Muskegon for the Labour Day weekend. Beautiful beach there.

Putting it to the vote is the absolute best thing that could happen. No matter how much money the dealers have, the PEOPLE would always choose to have a better choice when buying a car. Nobody likes car dealers.

Michigan, what a joke. A sad joke on the people that live there. Maybe they should start a petition to get clean water in Flint.

This is what happens when the car industry runs your state for a 100 years. They ruin it.
They still run the state btw through their proxies, that is why this petition has no chance whatsoever.

Do the signatures all have to be from Michigan Citizens, Michigan Residents, or can any one from any State (or even Provinces) sign and will they count?

Ask everyone (in Michigan, at least) on plugshare that is sharing a home charger if they can each tell 100 people and ask them to each tell 100 people. If each of those leads to a signature, it could make the target.

Maybe, they vould get the grand daddy of network marketing, Amway Corporation, to share this news with their leaders? Situated in Grand Rapids, they could probably do something to at least help get the word out, to both employees, and their reps in the field!

Has Donald Trump weighed in on this issue yet? Wonder what his thoughts are about Michigan’s shenanigans like this?

For these type of issues you need to be a registered voter of that state / county (depending on what type of issue you’re raising) in order for your sig to be considered “valid”.

Tesla is supporting Michigan and it’s workers via a plant in Grand Rapids.

Tesla bought a small supplier of theirs that is based in Grand Rapids. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that move was the first political domino required to eventually get Michigan to allow Tesla direct sales. Musk is pretty smart.

Tesla has also pointed out to Michigan lawmakers that they buy lots of auto parts from Michigan companies, helping the state economy.


Michigan’s Republican governor is owned by the ICE industry. To Republicans”free market” means payola.

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — Michigan offered fresh bottled water for state employees in Flint starting in January 2015, although residents were told that tap water was safe to drink until last fall, a state official said.

From a conservative perspective, ignoring the morass of environmental impact arguments, it does seem like EVs, and Tesla in particular, have a very positive impact on domestic jobs, the local economy, the reduction of Oil imports, and the geo-political hazards and expense of dealing with oil-rich anti-US foreign governments.

It should be more of the view on the government stopping a business from conducting sales in the state that the general public wants to buy from.

The only reason Tesla can’t sell in Mich right now is because the dealership unions gave a ton of cash to people who make laws.
If Tesla wants to sell direct let them, If they mess up and the public doesn’t trust them, they wont buy cars. Pretty simple

I doubt the dealership association(s) have that much to do with it. It’s the auto manufacturers. Detroit is located in Michigan.

The “Big Three” of Detroit had sufficient political influence over State and Federal governments to run the Tucker Car Corp. out of business in 1949, and that was the last serious attempt to start a new auto manufacturing company in the USA before Tesla Motors.

The influence of the Big Three isn’t what it was, but I think it’s still pretty strong in Michigan.

The sponsor of the legislation (state Sen Hune) is married to a dealership association lobbyist. Probably a total coincidence.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong. Which piece of legislation are you referring to?

Business owners don’t belong to unions. They try to bust them.

I wonder if early car makers had to fight existing horse and buggy companies to be able to sell their cars. It’s like “no horse, no sale”, never mind that cars didn’t need horses. It’s just matter of time before Tesla is sold everywhere.

C’mon Michigan. Not allowing Tesla to sell there looks quite petty.

Even worse, it makes you look afraid to compete and thus you use regulations to lock them out.

Grow a pair.

I suspect the FTC will weigh in on this issue before this petition goes to a vote of the people. But, cheers to Mick for having the courage to counter this glaring injustice. What an awesome civics lesson for all citizens of college age.

In either case, NADA’s and the Big Three’s government-imposed monopoly is finally coming to an end. It shameful that it has gone on for so long.

Unfortunately, the FTC lacks the ability to override state law.

Instead of raising money, somebody needs to hook this guy up with the Tesla communications team.

Uber has been masterful at reaching out to their audience to win these battles. Tesla should support him in the same vein.

Well, just as Tesla withdrew from the NAIAS for 2016, I also withdrew my support for the show this year! That is the first year I skipped it since 2009, at the reveal of the Volt prototype. Even going to Oshkosh, Wisconson for Airventure, from Toronto, I can cut to Buffalo and go through Ohio! Michigan does not need my support now!