Michael Rutter on MotoCzysz E1pc Wins 2013 SES TT Zero Race on the Isle of Man (w/loads of videos)


pair of MotoCzysz bikes 5 min before launch

pair of MotoCzysz bikes 5 min before launch

A third consecutive victory for Michael Rutter in the SES TT Zero race on the Isle of Man becomes the fourth overall for the Oregon-based team MotoCzysz.

Rutter, on the 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc bike, smashed the existing average lap speed record by setting a new mark to beat of 109.675 mph, only barely missing the 110-mph goal.

Last year’s top result was 104.056 mph, but the difference in time is an unbelievable 67 seconds (20’38.461 in 2013 vs.  21’45.33 in 2012).

John McGuinness with Mugen Shinden Ni team

John McGuinness with Mugen Shinden Ni team

Fastest in qualifying John McGuinness, on the Japanese motorcycle Mugen Shinden Ni, finished the actual race only about 1.6 second slower then Rutter.  McGuinness booked an average speed of 109.527 mph.

American Mark Miller, on the second MotoCzysz bike, unfortunately had to withdraw from the race. Miller’s misfortune meant that the lowest place on the podium went to Robert Barber on a RW-2 motorcycle built by Ohio State University students, although the average speed of 90.403 mph was far from the pace of the leaders.

Full race results found here



Press conference with winner Rutter in video form below:

2013 TT Zero broadcast via Manx Radio:

Tons of additional video coverage of the 2013 TT Zero from previous days found below:

And if you’re still with us this far down, then here’s the Motoczysz E1pc Unveiling

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Huge Congrats to small American company MotoCzysz beating mighty Honda!

Malcolm Scott

Interesting also reporting that at the Sulby Speed Trap, Mike Rutter was measured at 142 miles/hr, and John McGuiness 131 miles/hr. That’s quite a difference for bikes that essentially do the same lap time.

Only a year to go till next time. Seems like a long time


If you haven’t seen the movie CHARGED I highly recommend it. You will learn all about MotoCzysz and the race. Really inspiring. I was just an electric ev enthusiast (and owner) and having seen the movie I want an electric motorcycle now. I would have loved to be at the isle of man to witness this in person. That would’ve been a fun event for sure!