Mia Electric Destined For Liquidation

MAR 17 2014 BY MARK KANE 4

Mia U Blue Star

Mia U Blue Star

Just a month ago we asked: is Mia Electric going underwater?

Now we know for sure that Mia has been sunk.

The French company was placed on 13 February in receivership with an observation period of six months, but it won’t survive until the summer and therefore the Commercial Court of Niort put Mia Electric¬†into liquidation.

The automaker, which was producing Mia EVs, was owned by South Korean businesswoman Michelle Boos.

If nobody buys bankrupt Mia, the company will disappear. For now, 200 more people are looking for a job in France.

Maybe someone should call GhostbustersEVTV to acquire Mia’s leftover equipment.

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So sad for the car that looks like a child from a VW t3 and an i-MiEV…

I think it may have used lead-acid batteries.

I believe the United States would have been a good market. It might be that the reason it’s not offered here is political.. Clean driving with a funky styling, what’s not to like!