MGM Resorts to Install 27 Charging Stations at 9 Las Vegas Locations

MAR 16 2014 BY STAFF 3

MGM Resorts International is now in the process of installing 27 public charging stations at 9 of its Las Vegas sites.

There's Electricity in the Air in Vegas...Literally

There’s Electricity in the Air in Vegas…Literally

Those sites, which include casinos and MGM Resorts’ corporate offices, will offer free charging to patrons and the general public (though there’s likely a parking fee associated with some of the locations).

MGM says that some of the 27 chargers are already operational.  The casino giant says both Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand on the Las Vegas Strip have chargers in place.  The rest of the 27 chargers will be in operation before the end of the month.

It’s taken a fair amount of time, but finally Las Vegas is getting chargers, which we think is a more beneficial way to use electricity then powering Sin City’s bazillion lights.

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Parking is free for clients at Las Vegas casinos.

Of course, they could change this for charging station spaces, but it would go against the Vegas strategy of enticing people to lose in the casino by offering free or reduced rate rooms/food/shows/etc.

If you gamble enough.. the electricity is comped.. LOL

Woo-hoo! Three stations per location that parks over a thousand vehicles!

Oh, and they will be all ICED of course as MGM wouldn’t tow a paying customer even if they drive a gassler.