MGB Goes Electric With Help From RBW Classic Electric Cars

SEP 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Turning classics into electric is the way to go

The British classic motoring specialist RBW Classic Electric Cars announced a new offer of electric classics – the RMW MGB Recreation and the RBW Jaguar XKSS Recreation – for all those who would like to recreationally drive in style and silence (up to 155 miles or almost 250 km).

The cars will get EV components from renowned supplier Zytek Automotive (part of Continental) and a new body shell for better safety. The offer is limited to an initial run of 30 examples. However, the company plans to produce 52 more the next year and then expand further after that. In addition, two more classic recreations are already complete.

The public presentation is scheduled from the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show from 9-11 November at Birmingham’s NEC.

Prices stand at £83,000 ($108,450) for MGB and £150,000 for the XKSS ($196,000), which means most of us will remain just fans, not owners.

RMW MGB Recreation spec

  • 0-60 mph (nearly 100 km/h) in 8 seconds
  • Top speed limited to 105 mph (169 km/h)
  • Full charge gives a range in excess of 155 miles (249 km)
  • Peak power output of 70 kW. Technical data: maximum rpm 11800, with a peak Nm of 226

RBW MGB recreation

More about the offer:

“The aim is to create a stunning vehicle that has the aesthetic appeal of a classic car but with all the engineering of a modern electric vehicle.

The first of the electric designs is the RBW MGB recreation, which affords all the stylings of an MGB, with the second being the RBW XKSS recreation, based on the Jaguar model. Both cars preserve these iconic designs for the future classic motorist.

To ensure drivers comfortable driving and complete safety, rather than taking an old body shell with distressed and tired metal, RBW has partnered with British Motor Heritage and Gregson Polska to provide brand new body shells.”

“The limited-edition hand-built models, with an initial 30 examples created, launched to the motoring trade at Cenex, a showcase of low carbon vehicle technologies, on 12/13 September.

A public launch will follow at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show from 9-11 November at Birmingham’s NEC where enthusiasts can reserve their vehicle with a small deposit.”

Managing Director Peter Swain said:

“Our aim is make these great classic cars better for the modern age and to do that, we have been fortunate to be supported by great companies who share the same ethos.”

“In our research and development, we put the cars through vigorous testing which showed just how much pressure is on the body as well as the components. Such is the power of the engine, we used new components wherever possible to ensure the best for owners to enjoy from their classic electric sports car.”

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Same horse power and par 226Nm Renault Fluence ZE. Same engine from Continental?

Yes saw this car last week, !00% Fluence Z.E. electronics direct from continental. also interestingly using leaf 30 KWH battery modules.

a friend here in the Chandler Arizona area also made his MGB electric with Lithium batteries. He even designed his own controller. It’s a nice light small car to convert to electric.

I guess the Lucas electrics will be a thing of the past….which is a good thing, right? At 100K for the MGB, 200K for XKSS seems like a bargain if it’s well done.

The price is for the conversion – You still have to start with a good MGB / XK SS in prime condition.

There are no XKSS, only 16 were ever made before the factory burned down, it’s one of the rarest (and most expensive) classic cars. The price is for a reproduction.

Went to the website and verified, this is a TOTALLY NEW reproduction of these classics with modern components. Not a conversion, not a restomod.

Lucas AKA ‘The Prince of Darkness’

Don’t care about the Benz classics but if they make a 1998-2003 SLK ev i will buy that. That would be an awesome conversion.

I really wish they made it a little more peppy then 0-60 in 8 seconds is a little slow in this small of a car. But, I guess it’s still faster then the stock 0-60 of 12 seconds.

I Like It, HOWEVER .This will Not Fly .., It’s Bad Idea All Around , Too Much Money , Not Enough Car , Poor Performance, Not a Real Electric Car , Just a Shoddy Conversion “At This Price”….For That Amount 0f Money Or Much Less* You can Buy A Brand New Properly Engineered , Hi Tech, Proper and Real EV Made By a Real Car Company with all the Bells & Whistles , Plus Full Warranty ! IMO the MG is a $25,000.00 USD Car ..Tops …

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Assuming you’re not just a troll, I’m going to point out that this car isn’t meant to be a daily driver. It’s meant to be a weekend toy for upper middle classers to tool around town during an idle weekend.

Price is Totally Insane , for an Old & Unsafe Car.. BTW, I Drove My MGB in the Detroit Winters with No Probs…

“upper middle classers” don’t have $200K to drop on a occasional-use toy. You mean top 0.1%, which is very far from middle-class.
That aside, if it’s a new body as opposed to a conversion of an existing, on-road, classic car, I’d expect it to have to fulfill modern safety requirements & be homologated to be road-legal, and I’m pretty sure a reproduction of such cars wouldn’t be. Anyone know the UK or other countries’ laws on this?

If amt is a “troll” (a ridiculous accusation that gets trotted out on these forums far too often) then so am I since I had the same thought regards acceleration, if i was buying a little sports car I’d expect , indeed I’d *demand*, it had better acceleration than an ordinary EV saloon like for example a Kia Niro or a Hyundai Kona.

And I hadn’t seen the price either, at $100k, its far too expensive, by 2x at the minimum.

Unfortunately you’re right, the MGB is not as valuable as some other classic cars like the E-Type. Still cool though.

Way back when, I owned two MG’s, a ’68 B and a ’72 BGT. If they built a BGT for a reasonable price, I’d put my soul up on Craig’s list to get it.

No one else notice its not plugged in? The cable is just dropped over the wall! Odd because PodPoint let you plug in and start charging for free (well it looks like a PodPoint charger). Abingdon was my home town so have a soft spot for MG esp MGB, wish them well because any EV publicity is good.

I saw that. Very strange.