MG To Build Electric Roadster To Rival Mazda Miata


It’s set to arrive before 2020.

Finally. MG, that British sports car maker that doesn’t make a sports car, is… well, making a sports car.

The Chinese-owned brand which has turned out mostly re-badged Chinese motors since its revival in the late 2000s is working on a sports car once again – an electric sports car.

The all-wheel-drive car will be similar in size to the sports car benchmark, the Mazda MX-5, but will no doubt weigh and cost more given its electric drivetrain.

“[We are working on an] MG motorsport car, two-seater sports car [then] two years later EV. This car will have plug-in, totally new platform sports cars,” said MG head of design Shao Jinfeng.

The new sports car is one that 10-year Volkswagen veteran Jinfeng hopes can lead a revival for the brand, which has struggled in Britain, despite its well-heeled Chinese owners.

“I will make MG brand more closer to its history, but step by step, because the brand stops for several years,” he said. “This brand died, so we need to get back [first].”

The main focus of MG’s sports car is yet to be determined, although outright acceleration over handling will likely be the direction given the increased weight an electric drivetrain brings.

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Karma Strikes.
Because the Electric Motor is the Perfect Rotary Engine, and Mazda has been excellent at slow-walking hybrids, plugin’s and EV’s, with none.

If they have the luck of Jag with it’s new I-Pace all will be fine.

Would love to see a BEV Miata-like vehicle. Shouldn’t be much more expensive than a Miata though. I was looking at those last weekend and they are going for $30k+ now! Give it 250 miles of range (so what, maybe 60 kWh in a car that small) and sell it for $35k and you’ve got a winner!

The problem I see is that these small roadsters are so fun because they are light, almost feeling like a heavy go-kart.
I don’t know if the weight penalty of the batteries would destroy this factor

This is 100% the appeal, and purpose of the Miata. They aimed for as close to a ton as possible. With current EV tech that’s impossible. Add in an extra 200kg of battery, plus the wider tires to manage that weight and all of the extra torque and the whole formula of the car is ruined.

Well, a Turbo did not add much Weight, on the 1983 Mazda RX7 GSL-SE, I once had, but it raised the stock 12A Wankel’s 100 Hp up to 205 Hp, and a report at that timeframe from NASA said 185 Hp at the Wheels, with this same 15 Lbs of Boost, from the Arkay Turbo Pkg, suggests my numbers were real. I did not get it with anything better than the Stock Bridgestones, when I bought it on Consignment, from a Mazda dealer, in 1984, used! And yes, it was quite a bit of fun, carving through the twisting two lane roads of British Columbia’s Fraser Canyon, at anything from 1x to sometimes 2x the Speed Limits of 90 Kph / 55 Mph or 100 Kph / 62 Mph on the Trans Canada in other areas where it was 4 Lane, divided Highway! It weighed in at 2,500 Lbs, so that Extra 500 Lbs was not an issue with that 200 Hp! Being a Turbo Charged Rotary, it was quite Quick, and could spin up to 6,500 Rpm, or Redline, in All 5 Gears, on the Manual 5 Speed! Also, it was balanced well, with the Light Weight 12A, even… Read more »

There are solutions: BMW’s i3 for example.
Carbon fiber: stronger than steel and never rusts.

But carbon fibre increases the price quite substantially, I remember manufacturers laughed at Alfa Romeo for trying to build a full carbon fire sports car for 50.000, they didn’t manage to meet that price either

Have you ever heard of the Tesla Roadster?
No, the batteries do NOT destroy this factor.

“The main focus of MG’s sports car is yet to be determined, although outright acceleration over handling will likely be the direction given the increased weight an electric drivetrain brings.”

If that is true, Mazda has little to worry about. Every Miata owner drives one because of the handing and driving dynamics, not acceleration.

On the contrary, I suspect MG will try to make it more like the I-Pace experience, where driving dynamics rule over cheap acceleration parlor tricks. That would be much more impressive, although it would still be lard-mobile compared to the light weight Miata.

Miata comparisons are one of the few places EV weight would still have to answer to. Otherwise, 3,500-4,000lb Model 3’s fit right in.

The Miata and VW’s ID R Pikes Peak car weigh about the same @2,400lb. …good luck wishing for that. We might see faster charging, small batteries, like ~40KWh, or some other surprise by 2020. One can hope.

Uh, another overpowered roadster. 0-100 km in 10 seconds is plenty for me.
I like the 300 mile range, but this thing doesn’t even look like a roadster. This was most of the secret to Lotus’ success.

The old mg’s triumphs, and even the base Lotus did not have huge power levels. I’ll deal with the added battery weight.

The ‘underpowered’ Roadsters sold like hotcakes. Too bad manufacturers can’t see what people want.

If you look at the original Miata – now that car was a looker. The current Miata is a bulbous semi-ugly thing, and this thing just carries things further in the wrong direction. Also, in 2011, the price was a mere $23,500 and now they want $31,000 for the base model. Of course when you have NO COMPETITION, you can basically set your own price.

If mazda engines were any good, i’m sure many would opt for a Florida based 1989 Miata.