MG Reveals eZS: Brand’s First Ever Electric Car

NOV 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

MG introduces its first production BEV in China

The British brand MG (part of Chinese compnay SAIC), unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show its first all-electric production model, the eZS. It’s the electric version of the conventional ZS compact SUV.

There are not many details, but it seems that MG eZS can go up to 286 miles (460 km) on the old NEDC cycle, which should translate to maybe 220 miles (350 km) in the real world.

Currently, there is no confirmation of sales outside of China, so keep your fingers crossed for this BEV if it fits your style and liking.

Source: Autocar

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It looks like a Mazda CX-3, with a different grill. Wish MG would sell it in the US.

MG is *not* really a British brand. AFAIK, the UK design center & assembly plant (all parts were brought over from China) closed down in 2006. There are no MG current sport cars, certainly not ones that have anything British about them, and the MG label is just a badge stuck on mediocre Chinese compact SUVs, CUVs and sedans.

Also the case with Saab and I think a few more brands. Chinese buy once-successful brands and people who ignore car history pay the price of their ignorance.

With NEVS (the company that bought rights to the Saab assets after they went bankrupt(*), then itself went bankrupt and found other Chinese investors), at least their car is basically an electric conversion of the Saab 9-3, although they no longer have rights to use the Saab name & logo.

(*) This refers only to the Saab car company that was a GM subsidiary; the former Scania truck & bus division still does well (now part of VW Group), as does the Saab AB aerospace/defense company.

It should be noted that while NEVS still holds the former SAAB production facilities AFAIK, and claims they will do part of the vehicle production in Sweden at some point, currently all production is in China.

I think they made the chassis is Sweden, and all the other work in China.

One advantage of these “has-been” brands, is that their new owners have no USA dealer networks, and could sell direct-to-consumer like Tesla. I have read that this could already be reducing Tesla’s costs by 10%, relative to traditional auto manufacturers. In a way, having no dealer network in the US could be a competive advantage for a company wishing to enter the US EV market. Note that MG already sells the gas version of this car into the UK, so they know how to modify to meet non-China crash tests.

Could just launch an entirely new brand, though…

Please get your facts straight. MG has a large R&D centre in the UK employing over 300 people

The wheels look nice… Though not a true aero design by the looks of it.