MG E-Motion Concept: 0-62 Mph In 4 Seconds, Range Of 300 Miles

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MG e-Motion is previewed ahead of Shanghai debut

Not known for its electric vehicle offerings, MG set to show off an impressive offering…at least in concept form.

It’s been quite a while since MG’s last sports car was on the market, but apparently things are about to change soon as the British manufacturer will preview a new model with the all-electric E-Motion supercar concept. Set to be revealed in Shanghai later this month, the car is literally still a mystery, as no official details have been disclosed so far.

However, unofficial information reported by AutoHome and quoted by Autocar reveals the vehicle will be able to accelerate from a standstill to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in only 4.0 seconds. The maximum range at a single charge of the batteries will reportedly be rated at 310 miles (499 kilometers).

MG e-Motion said to have 500 km/311+ miles of range

So far, there are only three low-resolution teaser images, revealing the E-Motion concept will have a muscular profile with some Aston Martin influences and vertical taillights at the back. Judging by the silhouette, it probably has a 2+2 seat configuration. The front end of the study is dominated by a massive grille that appears to take inspiration from the so-called Diamond grille of Mercedes-Benz.

Autocar asked a spokesman of the company for more details, but the magazine was only given a confirmation that the vehicle will make its public debut in Shanghai. It’ll be interesting to see whether the concept will be used as a base for a future production flagship sports car – hopefully we will know more when it makes an official debut in China next week.

Last time we heard about MG the company was announcing it will shift production of its MG3 model from Longbridge, central England, to China in search of manufacturing efficiencies and lowering the cost of the final product. MG is owned by Chinese company SAIC after the acquisition of Nanjing Automobile in 2007.

MG E-Motion to hit 100 kph (62 mph) in about 4 seconds

Source: MG via AutoHome and Autocar

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8 responses to "MG E-Motion Concept: 0-62 Mph In 4 Seconds, Range Of 300 Miles"

  1. Nix says:

    Nice! I hope they make it work.

  2. JustWilliamPDX says:

    MG is NOT a “British Manufacturer”. SAIC not only owns the brand, but produces ALL of it’s models exclusively in China.

    1. Steven says:

      I had two MG’s back when they were still British Leyland, a ’68 B and a ’72 B GT (my first true love).

      If they came out with an BEV “spiritual successor” to the B GT, I would take a serious look at it.

  3. J P DeCaen says:

    What does Henrik Fiisker think of the name? Sounds kind of familiar.

  4. jim stack says:

    Where’s a video of the real prototype car or is it just a dream?

  5. JIMJFOX says:

    “Concept”- such a disappointing expression, fast becoming a ‘weasel’ word.
    PS- I must be missing something- ‘taillights at the back’. Where else would they be??

  6. silversod says:

    I like the grill, looks much better than a blank front.

  7. Just_chris says:

    I always thought the MG tf would be a fantastic EV. Even with a 40 kWh battery and a 50 kW dcfc it would be a cracker of a car.