MG Dynamo Electric City Car Gets Revealed


MG Motor Company just recently revealed its first-ever concept electric vehicle as part the company celebrating 90 years in the automotive industry.

Called the MG Dynamo,the vehicle is  based off of the Roewe E50 made by a automaker in China called Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)

Only a few details of the MG Dynamo are out as of this time.  For example, we know that the battery pack from A123 Systems is DC fast-charge capable and that it can recharge to 80%  in 30 minutes.

A range of around 100 miles is stated, but that’s surely optimistic.  Torque is listed 114 LB-FT and top speed at 75 mph.

Pricing is uncertain currently but is expected to be around the same price as traditional gasoline powered vehicles.

More details of the MG Dynamo are expected to be released soon.  Hopefully, more images will be available then too.

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MG Dynamo Kiev! Or Kyiv for purists.
Same chances to win Champions League

oh dear, why don’t they make an electric version of the MG TF?

Still not a bad looking little BEV but with the 500e, Spark, Smart, i-MIEV, Zoe, etc… this is probably currently the most competitive market segment.

If anyone is listening please make an electric MG TF, and make it with a big battery pack and AWD.

or even better an MG SV electric

Here in the United States, we Americans have memories of MG Midgets and MGBs ( also known as Found On Side Of Road Leaking Oil Machines.

If you’re a tinkerer or a big fan of walking – they were great little cars. I know MG has gone through different iterations in the U.K. and today is owned by the Chinese.

So – gee, now we should buy an MG product because we know how reliable those Chinese cars are – right?

Now look here they are English, see you can even get one with a Union Jack painted on the roof

I learned to drive stick on an MGB… Cute little deathtrap. Unfortunately, there seems to be no UK design language used in this Chinese BEV. Too bad. 🙁

I had a ’68 B and a ’72 BGT. If I still had them, I’d consider converting them to BEV’s.