MG Confirms E-Motion For 2020: Priced Below £30,000 ($38,500), 300 Miles Range

APR 21 2017 BY MARK KANE 37

MG Motor has presented its pure electric MG E-motion concept car from the 2017 Shanghai International Automotive Show, a model that could actually enter production around 2020.

MG Motor E-motion

The British brand pegs a 0-62 mph (100km/h) time in less than four seconds, and also notes more than 310 miles (500 km) of range.

But more important that estimated specs and concept cars, is that MG UK’s sales and marketing boss, Matthew Cheyne, told Autocar that price of this model could be less than £30,000 ($38,500) and it will indeed see the light of day.

Our only complaint, because it certainly isn’t with the pricing or specs, is the naming.  I think we have all moved passed the “e” branding at this point for plug-in vehicles.

So if they could change the name when it reaches the market (fingers crossed), that would be swell.

“Offering a glimpse of the future, the next-generation vehicle aims to push the boundaries of innovation and technology, while meeting the needs of today’s trend-setting car buyers.

Perfectly blending style, sophistication and elegance, the E-motion embodies MG’s vision for the future. With a slender sportsback-style design paying tribute to the brand’s hundred-year heritage, starlight matrix front grill and headlights bringing inspiration from the London Eye, and vertical tail lights developed using decades of world-leading design experience, the ground-breaking concept brings MG’s sense of fun and aspiration to the low emission marketplace.

Below the surface, the MG E-motion sets the standards in plug-in vehicle capability, with the latest pure-electric modular architecture platform developed in-house and delivering 0-100kmph in less than four seconds, despite boasting a range of more than 500km. Equipped with an intelligent infotainment system, the supercar is fully internet-compatible, which MG believes will position it perfectly for the younger market.”

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing at MG Motor UK, commented:

“The MG E-motion electric supercar concept demonstrates our global vision for the future. Alongside leading the way in design and capability, the next-generation model is the latest step in achieving the ultimate driving experience.

“The Shanghai International Automotive Show highlights our progress and capabilities, while further new models will continue this future-thinking strategy, embracing innovation to deliver ground-breaking vehicles for the drivers of tomorrow.”

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

MG Motor E-motion

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37 Comments on "MG Confirms E-Motion For 2020: Priced Below £30,000 ($38,500), 300 Miles Range"

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Yes please! Even with the name, I’d love one of these!

And if the name is the only thing you’re complaining about, I have to think that the concept is a home-run.

Me too.
My wife doesn’t care about cars at all. She saw the photo of this MG and said “that’s pretty!”. Sounds like I just received Executive pre-approval. 🙂

$38?? Finally a car that I would expect to be double it’s stated pprice. Impressive, I want one at that ridiculosly low price.

I wonder how many they can manufacture. At that price, performance, and look they could be positioned to take The Ford Mustang’s lunch money. ?

That has mid-life crisis written all over it. Where do I sign up?


My father in law says it’s not a mid-life crisis. It’s “the kids are finally out of the house and I can drive what I want again!”

Wow – I didn’t realize MG was still around! Looks like it would sell very well. Though I think massive maws need to go away; because EV’s don’t need very much cooling.

It balances the look of the simulated exhaust port in the bottom center of the back bumper.

It’s just a brand that a Chinese company bought:

That’s unfortunate, I was hoping that MG was owned by BMW who did a good job of bringing back the Mini Cooper. As a Boomer I was hoping for years that a modern MG would be brought back (i.e. something like the MG B but reliable unlike the old MG Bs), and electric MG-B with those specs would be great. But a Chinese car that has no resemblance to a real MG, forget about it.

Well, you have to keep all that “e” stuff nice and cool.

Seriously 30000 Pounds? IF so then there would be a long waiting list but I doubt it.

Ya. No way this car is gonna be available for that price. Assuming they are speaking in usual U.K. terms as well that is including tax! I just don’t see that happening either with or without tax.

Looks good, those are some BIG doors…

It’s a concept. The price is just another made up thing about it.

Kudos to them if they can bring it to market at a price close to that – fingers crossed.

Different strokes for different folks, but that is waaaaaay ahead of the Model 3 in terms of style in my mind. An no one ever has to remove the grill from the front of a car just because you don’t need extra cooling – it looks great – leave it there. The Tesla “no definition” face is terrible in comparison.

This has room for two average sized Chinese adults plus two 8 year olds. With that little head and leg room the profile can be made very sexy.

As opposed to Model 3 which has four doors and which will have room for four averaged sized Americans plus a 12 year old child.

As far as the front goes form should follow function. Fake grills on an electric car are completely and totally retarded.

Tesla’s incredibly bland and characterless face will never find a home in my driveway.

Grills have been at the centre of auto design language for our entire lives. There’s is no reason to change that.

If form should follow function as you say, then the classic wedge shape that Teslas also have should give way to a raindrop shape for best aerodynamics, but it won’t happen because function does not drive exterior styling. Period.

The model 3 Tesla has a super low drag coefficient, so sometimes form does follow function.

> Grills have been at the centre of auto design language for our entire lives. There’s is no reason to change that.

But there is, of course. Car designers didn’t like grills any more than they loved bulky headlights. But because both are necessary they try to make them into something – you cannot simply get rid of them.

In an all-electric there’s still a need for some air vents, but no traditional grill. And whether you like the look of Tesla or not, compare the Model S today with the version with the faux-grill (which was probably a smart move not to look to radical before Tesla had any street cred). To my eyes deleting the grill was a huge improvement. Otherwise I agree that Teslas design could be a lot bolder, although I’m guessing aero constrains them a fair bit more than traditional ICE designs.

Uh, am I blind, or is there no trunk?

No trunk for you!

It is not obvious but, maybe the backlight opens as a hatch.

In the video, it looks like maybe there’s a frunk.

So highly unrealistic, it could be from the marketing department of various German car makers.

That is one SWEET looking automobile! I could stare at that for years and never get bored with the style. Bring it on, MG.

I’m sure the 300 mile range is the European test cycle — which is maybe 230 in real world. Overall nice looking — but why the HUGE grille up front?

13,000 @ $39k is about $500mil. If they already have a factory and can develop the car to production for that sort of cost, then it is totally realistic. What happened to car manufacturing? It used to be a production run of 10’s of thousands was viable, but now it seems nothing short of 100’s of thousands is viable. $500mil is a whole lot of money, I hope they can bring this to reality.
And why hasn’t other manufacturers taken Tesla approach to deposits? Faraday Future had their over the top $5k deposit, but Tesla Model 3 had surely shown the power to capture consumer intent. If MG had this $1k deposit and got 20,000 deposits, surely that sends a good signal to bring it to market? If they get 1,000 deposits, then just cancel it, or take the risk that you can sell 13k vehicles in some given time (3yrs reasonable?).

I don’t care who the company is owned by – that seriously is one of the best looking cars I’ve seen. Wow – kills the Model 3 in looks and I’m a fan of Tesla. Loved my 1970 MGB but I have a feeling, I’d love this a lot more.

Kill the grille. It’s like putting a buckle on the toe of a stiletto pump.

You don’t need a grille on a BEV. Designers need to adjust to the new reality.

Nice styling which is important. The other part is design, manufacture and build quality if you want to take on Tesla.

Beautiful car. I Would buy that over the Model 3 for sure, especially if they Add a drop top to make it a convertible.

WOW! Build it & take my money.

OMG, that is an MG! Cheap, good performance and probably really badly made. I had a TF about 10 years ago, great car, lots of fun for very little money. Keep in mind 30k pounds is not the same as $38 USD cars are more expensive in the uk so it’s more like $30-35k. In 2020 this will be right in thick of the Leaf 2.0, bolt and model 3. Bring it on.

I am a proud owner of the 1976 MGB, refurbished, refreshed….. but damn that’s not granddad’s MGBGT!!!!! I love the gull wings. Almost makes me want to trade my open top, can’t wait to see the new droptop. Welcome back MGB

I like this car, especially at this price, which makes me skeptical that it will actually be built at that price point. Twice that? Much more believable. About the grill, no, it’s not necessary, and might even be an aero-hindrance, but if it can be designed to incorporate an aerodynamic profile, then absolutely! Do it! About the absence of any rear hatch, i noticed that, too. A frunk would be OK, but that would still remove access to the motor if that is placed in back. Overall though, as a concept, i love this car. It excites me much more than any other EV i’ve seen to date, even Teslas, mostly because this looks like a car that i might actually be able to afford! And it’s gorgeous, at that! I hope they come through with this because if they do, i’m in.

Where can one add one’s name to t’waiting list?