Mexico Gets Its First Public Charging Stations


It’s taken quite awhile, but finally Mexico has its first batch of public charging stations (previously, chargers in Mexico were limited to those supplied for fleets, such as Nissan LEAF taxis).

“Mexico’s first public electric vehicle charging stations were officially opened on Tuesday January 13th, 2015, at four Wal-Mart stores in Mexico City and the State of Mexico.”

“The stations were installed through an alliance of three businesses and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE): BMW Group provided the chargers, Schneider Electric carried out the electrical installation, Wal-Mart provided the space and the cost of the charges and CFE is supplying the power.”

Reports The Yucatan Times.

These first public charging stations are free to use and are located at popular Wal-Mart supercenters.

The Yucatan Times adds:

“They are the first of 30 such stations that are planned for the Valley of Mexico this year, said BMW’s marketing director Laura Crespo, whose firm had its i3 electric car on hand for a demonstration.”

“The i3 and Nissan’s electric vehicle, the Leaf, became available in Mexico in 2014.”

At this time, only approximately 200 electric cars are owner by private individuals in Mexico.

Source: The Yucatan Times

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5 Comments on "Mexico Gets Its First Public Charging Stations"

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And then… Someone stole the copper wiring, and sold it. 😉

Why doesn’t WalMart do this in USA?

I’ve heard hybrids didn’t sell there because of “machismo”, the perceived need for big trucks to show power from men.

This will be one thing to work on. Glad they are beginning!

Not really. It is more related with economy. The strongest seller in the market in Mexico is the subcompact, because people salary is quite low.

Chevrolet Aveo is the most popular car in the country, for instance. For most people the F-150 pick up is out of price range.

Great news!

I look forward to when InsideEV’s reports on “North American” plug-in EV sales doesn’t mean just the USA and Canada.

The EV revolution moves forward. Sometimes and in some places by slow inches, but it does continue to advance.