Mercedes To Premiere Concept B-Class Electric Drive In Paris, For Sale In 2014 In US

SEP 18 2012 BY JAY COLE 5

Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive Concept

Mercedes-Benz has announced it will bring its electric concept B-Class to the Paris Motor Show that begins later this month (September 29th).

36 kWh Of Tesla-Provided Energy Under The Mercedes B Class E Cell Test Vehicle

The concept model on display is significant to  Mercedes-Benz’s electric future, as it is will be the first electric vehicle to carry the company’s badge in North America.

Sales are currently planned for 2014, and is even now “almost ready for series production.”  Daimler does already have another EV in full production out of Germany in the Smart EV, but the two are quite different animals.

“This concept vehicle is one of the first models to incorporate the term “Electric Drive” into its model designation. In future, “Electric Drive” lettering will adorn the boot lids of all battery-powered electric passenger cars from Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG and smart.

The Concept B-Class Electric Drive is propelled by a 100 kW electric motor with 221 lb-ft of torque, that offers an estimated 124 miles of range according to the German company.

Daimler Made Smart ED - Available in Coupe and Cabrio (In Germany and Canada...For Now)

Although not expressed by Daimler, we feel this 124 mile range is based on the European NEDC standard, which would roughly translate to about 85-90 miles via the EPA.

For many, anything less than 100 miles is a non-starter for purchasing an EV, and the Mercedes’ rumor mill has an answer that.

Unconfirmed expectations are for the B Class Electric Drive to have an optional extended range petrol engine, which would also unofficially make it the ‘king’ of the EREVS, besting both the Chevrolet Volt and Fisker Karma by a huge margin.

The battery pack is installed in something which the company calls the “Energy Space,” which is a fancy way of saying ‘in the floor’ in front of the rear axle.  This allows the electric version of the B-Class to offer almost the identical interior space as found in the petrol variation.

And while the size of the production lithium battery has not been announced, it is thought to maintain the same Tesla-sourced, split 36 kWh pack (2x18kWh) that the earlier test fleet had been equipped with.

Mercedes says the vehicle can be charged “at any standard domestic 230 V power outlet or alternatively – with rapid charging function – at a 400 V high-voltage terminal.”

Daimler currently has a 4.7% ownership stake in Tesla, and the contract for this B Class E-Cell has been confirmed from sources at Tesla as being much larger in volume and scope than that of the Toyota RAV4 EV.

Mercedes B Class E-Cell Test Fleet Interior. We Imagine Some Upgrades Will Happen Between Now and Production In 2014

(Nobody puts out worse press releases than Daimler, but if you must read it, you can find it here)

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85 mile range would be very disappointing. An all-electric car must have at least within striking distance of 150 miles of usable range in order to be a mass market car, if it’s to be sold at a premium price. Why doesn’t Mercedes take a hint from its Tesla investment and engineer a car that can do at least 200-250 miles? Who cares what it costs, at least it would sell and be considered a great car, a success. It seems that Mercedes is looking at the industry’s current failure — the Nissan LEAF 1.0 — and decided to copy it.

Do you drive 150 miles a day? Where are you going? Your fuel bills today must be huge!

My wife drives 7 City miles and 25 NJ Turnpike highway miles (65mph) to get to work. The NJ Turnpike route she needs to take is about 70% flat. In Spring/Fall at 65mph my Volts 40 mile range is depleted on the one way trip. Since her employer is not about to furnish charging stations if I bought her an EV it would need to have at least a 150 mile range.
40 miles to get to work.
40 miles to get home.
70 mile buffer for battery temperature management, HVAC, wipers, headlights and radio.


Exactly! And even if one didn’t need the range on a daily basis, how about on a weekly or monthly one? Having an EV come out in two years from now that has the same range as the EV1 did almost 18 years ago is absolutely ridiculous. It is red meat to the EV nay-sayers.

With a 36kWh pack I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a 100 mile range. I bet it’s EPA rated between 90 & 105 miles, very similar to the BMW i3, which this is obviously meant to compete with, they are even offering a range extender as an option, just like BMW is doing. The problem with this retro-fit conversion is I’m sure it’s much heavier than an EV this size should be. The ICE version weighs over 3,000 lbs so this has to be close to 4,000 with the 36kWh battery, thermal management system and reinforcements to protect the battery in the event of a crash.

I don’t know about the ‘king of the EREV’s’, the i3 will be out before this and also offer ~100mile, the range extender option, and probably cost less. Still, I like that there are more and more options coming to market, even though I’m not a big fan of OEM’s selling conversions, it really doesn’t indicate they are serious about EV’s.