Mercedes: Would You Switch To Electric Car? Yes … Already Bought Tesla



Tesla Model 3 way ahead of Mercedes upcoming EVs

While inspiring for the EV segment, unfortunately for Mercedes, the results of this unofficial Twitter survey are likely not what the automaker wanted to hear.

Mercedes-Benz decided to follow suit with Tesla and use social networking to reach out to its followers regarding interest in electric cars, and while the results are promising to the segment, they are surely not in the Mercedes’ favor.

Mercedes’ UK retail network took to Twitter to engage its followers, asking if they might consider buying an electric car. Mercedes only offered one pure-electric vehicle, which was a version of its B-Class (B250e). However, it failed to sell, the automaker made no strides to fix that, and the car has since been discontinued. Interestingly, the car was built with a powertrain provided by Tesla.

The question on Twitter received over 400 responses, and despite it being on Mercedes’ network (which isn’t known for its reputation among electric car fans), a majority of the Tweets were EV positive. This is encouraging, since we all know what tends to happen in many social media situations and automotive forums. There’s often a multitude of ICE car fans or Tesla/EV-haters that jump on the opportunity to spew anti-EV propaganda to get a rise out of people.

Instead, many followers were sure to let Mercedes know how far behind it is in the electric car segment. Many informed that they’d already bought a Tesla. Others validated their Tesla Model 3 order. One commenter noticed how often Tesla was mentioned in the responses and provided some math for Mercedes, along with a word-cloud:

Here’s a look at a handful of the other Tweets:

Daimler AG noticed the activity and did provide some responses. However, they weren’t well-received:

And it goes on and on. Have a look at the rest of thread to see more banter.

Mercedes does plan to move back into the EV segment, but it may be too little and too late. This Twitter engagement is obviously not scientific, but it paints a pretty fair picture. The fact that it’s on a Mercedes-Benz follower thread may be even more telling. This is not to say that Tesla, or any other automaker for that matter, doesn’t get its fair share of negative feedback on social networks.

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What about owners of B250E??? I’m one of them for 2 years. Mercedes Benz should think about loyal owners of their cars. If not, after many years and several models, I will say good buy to Benz. I’m not only one thinking in that way. In family we owned 3 B Electrics and 6 other MB models.