Mercedes Shows Off The Hottest Thing With A Plug: SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive (Video)


Not often can you declare one particular vehicle the hands-down winner in performance and looks in it’s segment.  But that is not the case when it comes to electric vehicles.

Hopefully The Blue Flames Are Included In The Purchase Price

Hopefully The Blue Flames Are Included In The Purchase Price

The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive has it all (including the sticker price), and Mercedes is all about showing it off, as the company released another promotional video this week

Some background specifications on the all electric super-car:

  • Cost: €416,500  ($544,000 USD)
  • 0-62 mph (0-100km/hr): 3.9 seconds
  • top speed: 155 mph
  • battery capacity: 60 kWh (made by UK-based AMG High Performance Powertrains Ltd in Brixworth)
  • battery weight: 548 kg (1,208lbs)
  • range: up to 150 miles

Also check out some previously released footage:

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6 Comments on "Mercedes Shows Off The Hottest Thing With A Plug: SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive (Video)"

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“Hottest Thing With A Plug”?!!! HARDLY!

0-60 matched or topped by 2011 Tesla 2.0 Roadster. Top
speed? You’ll pay $4-500k to go 150 when it cannot be
maintained for mere minutes w/o being stranded?

The uber-expensive halo showpiece here is not the HOTTEST
THING – Look at Performance Series Model S with all it’s
practicality and sex appeal – seats 7 with hatch and frunk –
yet equally as fast to 60 – give’r take a few tenths….

This bluechrome beast is just a joke, IMO – and I wonder
why Mercedes does this while not at least rivaling BMW
for a useful EV, EREV or PHEV that …is…actually…

Sorry for the strong opinion, but I think this AMG only makes
Mercedes look out of touch.

True that James,
MB is just a RELIC of the past. I love the movie Gladiator, especially @ beginning when Maximus asks his general ” will you know when you are conquered? ”

That’s why TESLA should remain independent & not sell out! Major companies like mb will justbuy it & then embark on making Tesla’s technology ultra expensive & out of touch from general public. All in the name of ” oh this is the best tech so it will be expensive” only 4 the few rich BS just to prop up the brand name!
This car has NOTHING comparable to a model s. Imagine if MB had a hold of Tesla tech, I would be definitely priced out of my model s.
Tesla should stop working with MB & buy out their stake in the company (5%). This car is just Tesla tech stolen & handed over to another company to make for MB. They should have used tesla all the way to help them out!!!

I found it to be kind of Ugly. Not only does the Tesla look better (and cost much less) but I even think my Leaf looks more attractive.

Me two. It looks like it’s for a man having a mid-life crisis, in the year 1985.
Why is the hood length so out of proportion?

Tesla should do the following :-
* Double down & sell 60,000 units this year…& (they can).
* Buy out Toyota & MB stakes (10%) to remain independent
This guys are NOT becoming profitable to Tesla anymore!! Instead they’re just SIPHONING Tesla tech to some other companies to make it for cheep… example MB smart,Toyota Scion. If the wanted to help Tesla, then they should let Tesla do all their partners!!
* Tesla should realize they don’t have partners with their best interest @heart. Mny would rather see them liquidated, instead of forcing them to innovative!! With that mind set they should Fight FEROCIOUSLY over every inch…..Look at the negatively funded hatchet jobs in the media.
* Employ an excellent PR spinster with all their tech knowledge to meet the media blow for blow. Its a Tough business out there.

Tesla’s had some growing pains: first the executive purge of a few years ago, now a very nervous Musk saying embarrasing things to keep the stock price up.

I wish Tesla well, and not only to keep my warranty of my Roadster in effect….

It would be nice if they came out with another Roadster, but I realize development of a totally new vehicle is expensive..

If somehow they could modify an existing vehicle to take the weight of a decently sized battery.

Perhaps they could modify an older Maza Miata with those cool hidden headlights.\\\

As far as Mercedes goes, I think $500k for that roadster is a joke… Nice car, but only the most well healed will buy it… For that price I’d want 600 mile range at least.. 150 miles isn’t anywhere near enough.