UPDATE: Mercedes EQC Electric Crossover Spy Video

MAR 5 2018 BY C SMITH 14

We’ve seen it before, but these new photos come straight from the automaker.

UPDATE: March 5 – Our spies have sent us a video (directly below) with a prototype undergoing testing in a harsh winter environment.

It’s not every day that automakers send spy photos, so when Mercedes-Benz offered up these shots of the EQC crossover (with no space between the Q and C), we paid attention. That’s doubly so since this will be the first all-electric SUV from Mercedes, and it’s caused something of a buzz in the auto world ever since the EQ concept was revealed. In fact, Mercedes began taking reservations for the EQC last September at $2,500 each, even though a production version hadn’t been revealed and was still a long ways off.

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The chunky-looking SUV in full camo is the EQC, and it looks like engineers aren’t holding back in the fun department. If we’re honest, independent spy photos have given us a better look. But these shots are certainly a bit more dynamic.

Mercedes EQC

In a press release, Mercedes says prototypes have completed winter testing in northern Sweden – to some disappointment of drivers we suspect given the drift angle in the above photo. The automaker will also be conducting tests in southern Europe and the United States, all of which are part of over 500 individual tests that all new Mercs must endure for validation.
Mercedes-Benz EQC Chief Engineer Michael Kelz offered up some insight on the EQC, saying that it offers “a very safe driving feel” and that it’s fun to the point of leaving “a permanent smile on its driver’s face.” We suspect he could be a tad biased, but we keep coming back to that epic powerslide pic. It does indeed look fun.

According to Mercedes, the EQC will have its market launch next year. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more silent prototypes getting crazy sideways.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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What’s in this huge nose? An enormous frunk?

I guess room for legs, power electronics, whiper fluid, cooling liquid, space for shockabsorbers, whiper motor and mechanism, maybe even room for hands, to be able to change LEDs after a few years. The motor, drive mechanism take some space, and maybe room for a small frunk. . . Well’ll see in a short while.

Conventional body with an Electric power plant.
Rush to stop the lost sales to Tesla.

Just like the i-Pace.

Or how about what’s on that huge nose–a large Mercedes symbol.

Talk about over-compensating for something else!

Personally I’ll take Tesla’s understated styling both inside and out then MB’s blatant “LOOK AT ME” !

“Talk about over-compensating for something else!”


I have noticed at night the latest Mercedes have large lighted Mercedes emblams in their grill! I wonder if there is a switch to turn that on and off? Are the drivers I see intentionally showing off or do they like to do extra advertising for Mercedes? I would disable it one way or another (regardless of brand).

That lighted STAR is an option.

Be a little more exact. The deposit is only for Norway.

That nose is out of proportion

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

“Get it out with Optrex”- Spike Milligan

EQA is what I am waiting for.

Some folks aren’t fans of the X’s falcon wing doors. Tesla could easily compete with these new BEVS and drop the cost a bit by putting in standard doors on the X.

I recognize that squeaky noice from the tires against the snow. That means really low temperatures. I guess they got to test the cabin heaters to the limit in real life conditions. Maybe they want to appease Norwegian potential customers by releasing this video.

The sound is funny, bit like Zoe.