Mercedes Predicts EQ Electric Vehicles Could Account For 25% Of Global Sales By 2025

Tesla Model X competitor

JAN 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Mercedes-Benz expects that sales of its all-electric EQ line could reach 15-25% of total brand sales by 2025. If that happens, manufacturing plants will be affected by reshuffling.

Mercedes-Benz EQ concept aka EQC

In the U.S., for example, Daimler announced a $1 billion EV-related investment into its manufacturing plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where GLE, GLE Coupe and C-Class are made. The site was selected to produce the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQC (GLE sized SUV) too.

Production capacity at the plant is around 300,000 units total, and one fifth falls on the C-Class (72,000 in 2016 and 57,000 expected in 2017), which could be pushed out of the country according to latest reports. The decision of whether to continue C-Class production there after the next redesign around 2021 or not must be made in the next few years.

“We will see” whether C-class assembly moves elsewhere, Mercedes global sales chief Britta Seeger told Automotive News.”

In 2016, Mercedes-Benz sales in U.S. amounted to roughly 375,000. 15-25% of those would be: 56,000-94,000 annually for EQ models.

Source: Automotive News

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Depends on the prices obviously but if they can get to price parity with their ICE models (declining battery prices should help this immensely) they had better at least double their estimates of demand.

Another Euro Point of view
There are indeed many obstacle that stands in the way of mass EV adoption. Maybe first of them is limited offer. There was an article recently about the infinity EV to come in 2021. In the comments section some were wondering why such a large group (Nissan/Renault/Mitsu.) with so much EV expertise is taking so long to launch an EV ? Well if the largest group (Renault Nissan just overtook VW group and is thus World’s largest car maker) is taking so long to launch a Luxury EV it is probably because they estimated that the market size and expected profits were just not sufficient to move any faster. The coming Mercedes EQ and Audi eTron probably won’t be built in more than 30K copies in 2019 if all goes well. GM just admitted that they did not expect to make profits selling EVs before 2021. All in all, except in China, I expect that no meaning full choice (that is at least 20 different models of long rage EVs) of long range EVs will come before 2021. The silliness of many North American EV enthusiast is established in the fallacy that, now, Tesla is making profits selling EVs. No… Read more »

1.VW Group
2.Toyota group
4.Hyundai Group
. .

Another Euro point of view

Yes but now:

So not clear who is on top, either VW group of Nissan Renault alliance

“The silliness of many North American EV enthusiast is established in the fallacy that, now, Tesla is making profits selling EVs. No Tesla does not…”

Gee, Another Euro Tesla Basher, I was gonna compliment you on your sober and rather objective analysis of the near-term expectations for the EV market… but then you had to step into the sewer of serial Tesla FUD and Big Lies.

No matter how many times you repeat that Big Lie, it won’t change the facts — that’s actual facts well supported by real-world evidence — that Tesla makes a rather fat profit margin on selling its cars. Lumping in Tesla’s capital investments, which exceed its profits because Tesla is a fast-growing company, is a kindergarten level of financial “analysis”, a fake analysis which insults the intelligence of everyone reading that FUD.

If you have a pint of honey and dump a quart of water into it, the honey doesn’t disappear, nor does it magically turn bitter. It’s just diluted.

Will they really print a Mercedes face on the front. They do need to make it look like a Mercedes but that is tacky.

What Mercedes needs to participate in the luxury EV segment is a solid EV luxury sport’s sedan offering and solid EV luxury SUV offering that is in actual volume production and that have access to a convenient and reliable supercharger network for those occasional long distance trips. It will be several years before Mercedes delivers on that…

In the mean time, Tesla will continue to convert former brand loyal Mercedes customer to new Tesla customers.

This is not a prediction… it’s what is currently happening.

My neighbor two doors from me that *was* a brand loyal Mercedes guy… is of German descent and very proud of it… every year hosts an Oktoberfest party at his Florida home… three months ago took delivery of a Model S 100D and loves it… he was planning on keeping his Mercedes as a 2nd “backup” car but that Mercedes and his wife’s current Mercedes will soon both be traded in for a 2nd Tesla for his wife… a Model X. True story… and likely a common one.

…by the way, my above comment also also applies to BMW.

Here is a past comment post of mine about another neighbor of mine that was a former brand loyal BMW guy:

“My daily driver is a Model S…. I”ve let my neighbor borrow it a few times while I was traveling out of town and he ended up becoming a Day One Models 3 reservation holder. Morning after the Roadster reveal he was at my front door with a huge grin in his face waniting to talk about the Roadster.. he could not stop talking about it… basically it made him even more excited about Tesla and getting his Model 3. Go figure.”


Right, when they slammed into the luxury space that 35% of that market had to come from somewhere.

All these companies could have 100% EV by whatever year they want. Just stop making ICE. Now that would be a real disruption!

And it’s amazing every 2 car family hasn’t taken an EV for their 2nd car. Where I live petrol is $1.30/ltr and the EV at about $0.35/ltr equivalent. That’s more money right in my pocket, who doesn’t want that?

Imagine what that would do to oil markets.

“Mercedes-Benz expects that sales of its all-electric EQ line could reach 15-25% of total brand sales by 2025 Mercedes-Benz expects that sales of its all-electric EQ line could reach 15-25% of total brand sales by 2025”

I certainly hope that this is reflective of where the market will be by 2025; seven years from now. 25% seems a bit optimistic, but giving a range of 15-25% seems reasonable.

As an EV advocate, it’s exciting to finally see a legacy auto maker predict that in only 7 years, all-electric cars will be a substantial fraction of the new car market! I think this is a first?

They sell cars world-wide. Most of their line-up is high powered, large vehicles with high fuel consumption and emissions. In order to meet fleet CO2 targets of CURRENT legislation in EU, China, and even the US of A, Daimler has to sell 15-25% of electrified vehicles in 2025, depending on the market. It’s that or pay hefty fines in EU for the cars sold there, or aquire credits from competitors in US and China. In the US (ZEV) you can also pay a fine, if you dont have some. In China, the manufacturer without credits has sales simply stopped by government order, which hurts so much more than a fine ever could (it also increases the value of EV credits). Notably, no ICE manufacturer can meet the fleet CO2 specs of 2025 except for Toyota (lots of HEV can do the trick, but only when you mainly sell smaller cars with low consumption). However, HEV and low range PHEV won’t count in China, so Toyota has to make EVs, too. VW would have to sell like 125% HEV to sell 100% of cars in EU, which is against the laws of physics. Although VW has recently not been so strict… Read more »