Mercedes Opens Reservations For Its 300 Mile All-Electric EQ Compact SUV

SEP 18 2017 BY MARK KANE 44

Mercedes EQ reservations open for kr 20.019 (~$2,500 USD)

As is often the case, potential customers in Norway get the first crack at ordering the hottest upcoming electric vehicles, and can now place reservations for the upcoming GLC-sized, all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQC.

Previously, Audi opened the reservation books for its E-Tron Quattro in late April.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept

The production version of the electric SUV has yet to be revealed, so the reservations (20,019 NOK/~$2,500 USD) are fully refundable at this point. The interest is apparently so high though, that the reservations are limited to one per person.

Mercedes has noted a very high interest rate since they started collecting deposits this past Thursday, and while they did not give a number, the number had reportedly approached 2,000 units by time of press today.

First deliveries are expected in 2019.

Mercedes-Benz EQ concept was equipped with a 70 kWh battery, good for 500 km (310 miles) on the hopeful NEDC system, in the real world, driving range will be more like 350 km (220 miles).

With two electric motors and 300 kW of power for all-wheel drive, the EQC can reportedly accelerate from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 5 seconds.

You can reserve the car in Norway through website.

source: Hegnar, hat tip to Miguel!

Mercedes EQ reservations open for kr 20.019 (~$2,500 USD)

Bonus: One of the concepts in San Francisco:

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Michael Will

While I am happy to see things moving there I wonder how 2000 reservations warranted being called ”so much interest they had to limit to one per person’

So when is it slated to go to production and what’s the base price ?


Actually not so bad considering it was just in Norway.


MB is FOS.


Are you kidding? Compared to Project ONE’s 275 production sell-out, 2000 cars “Blows The Lid Off!!!”

john doe

I think that 2000 for a country with 5-6 million people, is OK.
That is the equivalent of 128 000 cars in the US (given there are about 64 times as many people there).
I am sure they have to divide the number of cars they’ve planned to produce, with all the countries that is going to sell this model.

Also. . The car will look more normal, in the production version. When economists, manufacturing specialists and testing is finished. It must be easy to manufacture, with parts that can handle cold and warm conditions for years.
And they need a design they can sell.
Also, I read in a newspaper that two companies are going to use this model as a company car. So the preorders might be a little bit bigger.
After most countries have gotten a few cars, I’m sure they will sell to anybody with money, no matter where they live.


In five days? The trend curve was/is vertical.


They must be as Lonely as the Maytag Repair man at Mercedes , as they await those orders..l o l ..


That blue on the front won’t be legal in the US (assuming we ever see this car).

scott franco

When did the color blue become illegal?

Paul Stoller

I believe blue lights are only allowed on emergency vehicles.

Martin Winlow

What on earth makes you think it is going to have blue lights? Why would one wany blue lights? Why would a car maker put them on a car??!!!

It is a truly hideous front end, anyway, blue lights or no.


Because the picture shows it with blue illumination on the front.


The specifics vary by state, but many states are the same. In Michigan, the only colors allowed to viewed in the front are white and yellow. From the rear, yellow, white, and red are allowed.


So does that mean the hood of my car can’t be blue? I’m confused by this…


Lights, not paint. Anything illuminated. For example, those neon lights under the cars/bikes are not allowed.


The headlights of this car are behind a blue plastic panel, thus making the lights blue. That’s what they’re saying would be illegal in the USA.

Another Euro Point of view

Such a tiny trunk lid on a SUV ?!?

Also, can it tow a trailer ?

If not then it is yet another case where a $10k Fiat Panda offers more practicality than a $80K SUV.


It is a concept car. The big question for these and other German high end EVs is will the current rebate rules apply to them or will the rebates be cancelled for everyone once T and GM are done. Big effect on their profitability for MB, etc.


The rebates will remain. It would take congress passing a new law to cancel them, but as some see them as tax breaks for the wealthy, republicans like them, and democrats like them because they appear green.

Bruce Miller

Jun 12, 2012· Diesel engine fumes can cause lung cancer and belong in the same potentially deadly category as asbestos, … Diesel exhaust fumes cause lung cancer…
Diesel exhaust fumes cause lung cancer, WHO ( World Heath Organization) says | Reuters

I ask here and now: Do jet engines also emit dangerous, carcinogens? And how about “Cold Starts” for all gasoline powered vehicles? Are we being baffled by bullshit like the cigarette folks did especially about lung damage? Global Warming cannot be more important than this?

Remember when they told us this: (Doctors smoke Camel)
India is drawing up plans to phase out all petrol and diesel cars by 2032, leap-frogging China in an electrification race across Asia.


Why the goofy grille? It doesn’t need to look like Tron.


Agreed. It looks like a toy to me.


Yes it does. The Audi e-Tron, the Mercedes Benz elec-Tron and the BMW i5-a-Tron.

john Doe

Production model will probably not look like this.
It will be a refreshed version of the existing grill MB use now.
Ease of production, cost, how long it will laste and so on tells me this.
They may place a few LEDs behind the MB star, but I think that is as far as they will go.


Happy for them but….they could produce an EV with 500 miles of range and I still wouldn’t buy it. There are tens of thousands of chargers across this country but who wants to wait HOURS to charge a car while traveling? TESLA can not be beat because of their supercharger infrastructure and recharging in 30 or so minutes.


“TESLA cannot be beat”, until there is a OEM that is brave enough to actually acquiesce to St. Elon, and the Tesla Supercharger Network. “If you can’t beat em, join em”.

I am, for some strange reason, wondering which of the Major ICE OEMs will be brave enough to be the first to dip their big toe into, or back into, the Tesla “POOL”?

All they have to do is ask, and I’m sure the Tesla Supercharger Electron Flood Gates will open, for those willing to pay for their portion of the TSC Network, of course according to the Tesla Terms in their Conditional Use Permit.

john doe

They’re installing CCS fast chargers, and wireless chargers.


Waiting probably never heard of this…

$2 billion, most of it going into fast chargers and urban chargers.

There will be similar 150-350kW networks coming to Europe (some of them also with car maker money).


what a waste of money that is.
COMPANIES should be doing the chargers themselves.
That 2B should be going into getting new owners to put in Level2, but also for apartments, rentals, etc.
IOW, that 2B should be used to encourage NIGHT TIME CHARGING, not daytime chargers.


Says everybody who used to fill their gas car up at Chevrolet or Ford gas stations…


More accurately, VW will be spending approximately $190 million for 240 locations with an average of 5 plugs per location. Most of these are not expected until late 2018 through mid 2019.

In comparison, the Tesla Supercharger network in the U.S. is already at 405 locations with roughly 2,400 plugs. Another 29 locations are under construction, so by end of year, Tesla’s Supercharger network will be roughly double the number of locations and more than double the number of plugs for this mid-2019 CCS network.

Clearly, Tesla is expecting to ship vastly more long range BEVs than everyone else combined through this time period. Otherwise, everyone else will have tremendous congestion.

Get Real

Hey, Tesla shorter tftf reappears.

So how much of the 5 billion in losses by shorters this year is yours?

In any case, the VW money is going to help charging infrastructure but it is in no way going to be equal to what Tesla has and continues to do as far as a logical and well laid out charging infrastructure both here in the US and increasingly in many places overseas.


I think this is a very US-centric point of view. In Europe, the public network is denser than the Tesla one.
In Norway, for example, there is, as far as I can see, 32 Tesla supercharger stations and over 200 combined Chademo & CCS/Combo charging stations (max 50 km between on all main roads).
Since these often have 1 or 2 charging points, the stats are closer when looking at those:
Tesla: 246
Chademo: 638
CCS/Combo: 595


What’s the base price?
Another BEV coming to market and this one is a CUV. Good news.

It would not surprise me if it’s in $80-100k range.


NO Thanks, I want my Model 3


You do know that is not a photo of a Model 3 — Right?


This is Model 320i in white


You made my day. LOL


Stop it with this Norway only nonsense, take my money now…


Glad to see others jumping into the game — my bet is this EV will start at >$60k — if and when it ever gets into production

Dr Gez

I would put a refundable deposit down if we could in North America. Keep options open and the luxury brands will eventually end up taking on Tesla which we will all benefit from quality options to choose from


Not happy to see yet another carmaker copy Tesla’s appropriation of sleazy startup business practices, and do the “reservation” thing before there’s a finalized, fully-specced product.

I can partially excuse startups — they sometimes don’t have a choice and are desperate to show they have pseudo-customers ASAP. Big market-leading companies with deep pockets have no excuse.

Boo, Daimler.

Bill Howland
Apparently there is a difference between US companies’ Concept Cars and large German Automaker’s.. GM comes out with a VOLT Concept (3 cyl turbo, 50 miles all-electric-range, around 400 miles total travel range) and kinda looks like the production volt, although it looks more like the Camero at the time. When the VOLT actually comes out it is quite close to the Concept – although aerodynamically much better (4 cylinder existing old Austrian engine (to satisfy a labor gripe there – besides being highly reliable), 35 miles AER, and 280 mile total range). Of course the second generation actually beat ALL the stats of the initial Concept Vehicle. Then the Cadillac Converg Concept is almost precisely duplicated in the truncated life of the Cadillac ELR. Meanwhile VW comes out with the CONCEPT BUZZ (must make sense in German since its a dumb name for English speakers) with 120 kwh (?) battery, high horsepower, plus a Stockbroker’s Dashboard with “Enough Video Monitors that you can adjust the temperature of your Home Refrigerator” – Humpf – must be YOURS not mine, as there are no electronics in any of mine. Then it is revealed that the BUZZ actually has a current top… Read more »