Mercedes EQ C Spied With Least Camo Yet, Plus Interior Shots


We’re less than a month away from Mercedes debuting the EQ C, and our spy photographers captured the best look yet at the electric vehicle.

The EQ C is wearing little camouflage, giving us a first-time peek at some new design elements.

At the front, we see more of the grille, which spans from headlight to headlight. Below that, we see the full width of the lower fascia and the smaller grille for the first time. Moving to the back of the crossover, we see the rear greenhouse design – a triangular window that’s angled upward toward the rear. More of the hatch glass is exposed, and the lower bumper looks production-ready for the first time. Previous prototypes covered most of the hatch glass and had a janky rear bumper. Its size looks like it will slot between the GLC and GLE.

Inside, we see the giant screen that spans between digital gauge cluster and infotainment system. The steering wheel is typical Mercedes. The center console appears similar to the one in the 2019 GLC, which includes a new multifunction touchpad with handwriting recognition.

Powertrain details are still murky. However, rumors suggest an electric motor on each axle delivering 400-430 combined horsepower (298-320 kilowatts) with an expected range of 310 miles (500 kilometers). When Mercedes rolled the EQ C out as a concept, the vehicle produced 402 hp (300 kW) with a range of 250 miles (400 km) from its 70-kilowatt-hour battery. It was capable of a sprint to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than five seconds.

The EQ C is the company’s first ground-up EV, spearheading a plan for future electric models that include a large sedan – EQ S – and a smaller A-class sized car – the EQ A. There will be more models in the future that will likely take the shape of a crossover or SUV.

Mercedes will debut the EQ C September 4 in Stockholm, Sweden. We should know more details about the vehicle, including the powertrain, then.

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I applaud IEV for not seeing it here (it doesn’t plug-in), but one sad indication of what could influence final BEV specs is the premium auto-maker’s decision to slow-walk, with 48 volt technology. Also known as “Micro Hybrid”, it makes for an interesting read but ultimately falls short of ~15 y/o Prius tech (HSD).

What’s the best, for Mercedes EV hopefuls?

“Micro Hybrid”, typically using a 48v motor generator and small 48v lithium battery in place of the conventional alternator and 12v battery is designed to enhance the efficiency of conventional cars, SUVs and light trucks (still 98+% of the market) at low cost. It is likely to become the base case drive train for many vehicles.

– sad, But most likely true. The crawl towards the future of transport is slower than molasses in January – watching paint dry?

Isn’t micro-hybrid the term used for 12 V systems, doing only recuperative breaking and nothing else; as opposed to mild-hybrid 48 V systems also providing some torque support?…

The point of these systems is that they are much cheaper than traditional, high-voltage hybrids. While they don’t provide quite as high fuel savings (not enough power for all-electric driving under any circumstances), they still get very solid savings, while the lower price enabling deployment on a much larger scale.

I don’t see that as “slow-walking” on the EV front. Auto makers have been working towards introducing this technology for years. It would make no sense to scrap these plans, while they will almost certainly still be selling combustion cars in somewhat significant numbers for at least a decade, no matter how aggressive they are about EV transition…

Exciting race between this and the Audi. September should be sweet!

What’s “exciting” about watching two or three very large and well established traditional car companies see whose large, expensive two-row station wagon they plan to build 15,000 copies of is best? Starting prices of these behemoths with 2 rows of seats and minimal storage behind the rear seats seem to be above $70,000 running all the way up past $100,000. Who buys these? Eco-conscious nationalistic Germans and fans of the marques? These are people with a lot more money than the common Joe or Jane. While literally all European and some other world automakers install defeat devices on their diesels and continue to call their ICEd product lines “revolutionary”, we get a thrill when Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes say we should herald bald, aging dads borrowing the wife’s crossover to go do some burnouts and race a Tesla to the supermarket? C’mon now, folks – lets get realistic. Some of you who say this is exciting to watch actually feel that if Tesla didn’t exist, the growing mandates by European and Asian countries to clean the air and create emissions-free zones will spur a mass adoption and the building of millions of EVs? This is highly unlikely. And watching the… Read more »

Don’t know what volumes Mercedes plan to make, but it will be way more than 15K.
To get a profit, they need a certain production volume.

The Audi boss in Norway said they will be able to cover demand, and then some. I’ve been to the Audi plant in Belgium and it is large, so expect fairly high volume production. It will be the best seiling Audi model in Norway.
Just a few weeks, and we’ll see.

Really sorry that your glass is so incredibly half empty. Think of it this way, every person who buys an EV (even the well to do or wealthy who buy an MB, Audi or Porsche EV) will be an example to others that they actually work. Starting in the premium auto segment makes perfect sense because of cost, and then makes the new technology aspirational for other brands (and buyers of those brands) to follow. It will happen, just not overnight. Each journey begins with a single step.

The exterior photos are of a left hand drive car whereas the interior photos are of a right hand drive car. Were these photos taken at different locations with cars than might have been at different development stages?

ooops the secrets out, they aren’t spy shots, just promotional leaks!

It’s not uncommon for sets of prototypes to be for different markets, may have been LHD and RHD cars testing together.

At this point, when followers of the auto industry have watched the entire world of automakers try to match the BMW 3 Series for decades now – yet never hitting the mark – Or Europeans bringing innovations like anti-lock brakes and airbags as standard equipment changing the landscape of transportation world with everyone else chasing the rabbit? This literal changing of the guard is amazing and so interesting for me as an American. Now, tiny Fremont, California, USA is the epicenter of automotive innovation, not hallowed locations like Stuttgart, Munich or Ingolstadt. Diamler, the very inventor of the automobile, now shows us this – this EQ nonsense, is the best they can do today to counter the revolution Tesla has brought to us at this time in history? This Mercedes is a boutique crossover SUV. It’s painful to watch as ICE OEMs struggle to find tiny slices of a niche where they can position an EV where it cannot compete with their gasoline and diesel burners. At what point will someone ( quite likely, Hyundai Group ) just let down and throw down? When will an ICEmaker actually make something that remotely competes with a Tesla and/or their own dirty,… Read more »

This EQC looks pretty good to me.
Around 400km EPA range for 60-70k€ and with nice Mercedes build quality.
Much better offering than Tesla Model X 75D with 417km NEFZ range (real world maybe half that) for starting price 95k€.

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Tesla will be the first car manufacturer that will produce, sell and deliver more than a million EV’s per year (probably in 2021, and beyond).

Other car manufacturers will also start doing that (at some point during the next decade).

In 2030 (probably sooner) there will be at least one car manufacturer (probably Tesla) who will be producing, selling and delivering at least 10 million EV’s per year. But not more than 5 car manufacturers will have reached that level by 2030.

10 million cars require a new gigafactory every 8 months or so.
Good luck with that.

Really doubtful this will be Tesla, my guess is it will be VW.

“a more affordable, Camry/Accord/Fusion fighter with SUV spinoff ( perhaps more Civic/Corolla/CRV/Rav4-sized)….etc.”

Where have you heard/read that Tesla plans to go more downmarket than the Model 3? It is not part of their master plan part Deux.

I don’t like custom made instruments cluster gauge‼ It’s expensive to replace‼ Tesla model 3 got the tight idea to put a PC touchscreen tablet there.