Mercedes Energy Storage Solutions Power Into UK

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From cars to power grids: Mercedes-Benz energy storages are also suitable for private use to buffer surplus power virtually free of any losses.

Based on the same technology implemented in the company’s hybrids and EVs.

Mercedes ESS

For those of you unfamiliar with Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, it’s in charge (get it?) of selling energy storage systems. These are manufactured in Germany by Accuomotive, a wholly owned Daimler subsidiary. 500 million euros (about $543M) were invested in the production facility located in Kamenz where roughly 100 battery experts are working to perfect the technology.

These energy storage units were actually developed initially for automotive operation processes, but now the lithium-ion battery packs are being put to good use for homeowners. Customer deliveries in U.K. have kicked off and buyers get to choose from several energy solutions with up to eight battery modules.

Each module has an energy capacity of 2.5 kWh, so the biggest pack available with eight modules has a maximum capacity of 20 kWh. The technology has been in use in more than 80,000 of Mercedes’ road-going plug-in hybrids and EVs sold since 2012. In this new application, it allows homeowners who have their own solar energy systems to store the surplus power “with virtually no losses.”

Mercedes-Benz Energy has set up a network of distributors in U.K. responsible for selling the energy storage units and has also teamed up with qualified partners to handle installation. The product available for home electricity generation typically encompasses a photovoltaic (solar) system, an energy management system, a battery inverter — and obviously, the energy storage unit itself.

It will be available in United States later this year with a 10-year warranty and the option to choose from wall or floor installation. Mercedes touts the energy storage unit is practically noiseless and incorporates backup power functionality. In addition, a high-voltage version is currently in the works and will be launched at a later date.

Similar to Tesla’s Powerwall, Mercedes-Benz Energy’s solutions are also available in South Africa as well as in the Benelux region (Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg.)

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14 responses to "Mercedes Energy Storage Solutions Power Into UK"

  1. Just_Chris says:

    Let me geuss the system costs twice as much as any other system, only stores enough energy to run the house for 30 min and if you want to use the toaster you either have to wait 15 min in stored energy mode or let the grid kick in burning your toast in less than 30 seconds.

    1. says:

      This guessing game is definitely not your thing!

  2. Neil Dunn says:

    How much does one of these ruthlessly efficient German storage systems cost?

  3. says:

    So 6 of these would be the equivalent of the powerwall2…anyone know the dimensions of the unit?

  4. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven says:

    The housing looks like it would make a great laundry hamper for Mercedes aficionados (aka fanboiz).

    1. CLIVE says:

      OMG I know at least one friend of mine that you are describing perfectly. He even has a MB wallet. Ha!

  5. CLIVE says:

    MB will dominate.

    Like Lee Iacocca Said…

    Lead, Follow, or get out of the way!

  6. Hey look, everybody can come with such a product nowadays, even German car makers who failed to come up with a proper EV so far!

  7. Tapaskoch says:

    6 months ago I got a quote for a 10 kWh module for 10k€ installed which i found expensive Now I ordered a Tesla powerwall for 8k€ installed (14 kWh) – living in Germany

    1. randomhuman says:

      Do you know when your Powerwall will be installed?

      1. Tapaskoch says:

        They said it will be in May 17 – so I am expecting a call any day now.

    2. says:

      Thanks for the info.

  8. Foo says:

    It looks like an expensive clothes hamper.

  9. JR says:

    It is just funny, how fast we adapt to prises coming down on energy storage, when price will be 50% less than now I will by one for the summerhouse!

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