Mercedes CEO: We Aim To Be The Leader In The Premium Electric Vehicle Segment


Mercedes recently unveiled its new brand of electric cars, known as EQ. As part of the unveiling, we saw the Generation EQ concept car. A fully-electric, long-range vehicle planned for 2019. Company chairman Dieter Zetsche told the press that within ten years, Mercedes will top the segment of premium electric vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

The Generation EQ is an SUV that will boast over 300 miles per charge. The concept is Mercedes’ first attempt to provide a product to top Tesla. Zetsche admits that Tesla is currently the key competitor. Zetsche said:

“We have set for ourselves a target five years ago… to become the number one car premium manufacturer. That was supposed to be reached in 2020, but it seems that we are awful close already. 

So we can set a new target to ourselves and that is equally to be the leader in electric premium vehicles as well… this includes not just our current competitors, but new entries as well, including Tesla.”

The company plans to set 2025 as its goal. Zetsche explained that by 2025, Mercedes will have ten electric vehicles on the market, and will be the proven industry leader. Between now and then, competition aside from Tesla will continue to grow. Added to this, several luxury automakers including Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Volvo are working toward long-range electric vehicles.

Being the top luxury electric automaker is a lofty goal. However, the timeline may be too far off, especially considering the plans of competition, along with progressing technology and segment growth. Eight years is a long time really. Musk said that the Apple Car’s 2020 goal is already a missed opportunity. It’s surely time for automakers to speed it up!

Source: Business Insider

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Well, things have certainly changed quickly. I seem to be able to remember statements from the heads of the industry less than a year ago about “EVs not being ready yet” and there being “no customer demand”

“We aim to be the leaders” Maybe With ICE cars, That will Not be possible with BEV’s as They have & are already being Led as they follow . Mercedes will follow BEV makers for a Long time to come ..But they do build Decent ICE cars…

i believe that to daimler, “electric cars” includes bev and fcev. i think that is true for just about every car maker that is considering “electric cars” with the exception of tesla. clearly, GM is also working on fcev technology as is toyota.

Fool Cell cars? Lol!

Ye ol’ strategy from ICE car maker nobody believe anymore: later, later, buy our dirty unefficient expensive crap in between.


In 9 years? Lol!

How many years has MB delayed the C300 PHEV and the GLC 300 PHEV.

They are not much direr end then Mitisu.

A little late…

Tesla is eating your lunch. I guess it time to do something about it.

Tesla is eating their shareholder’s and bond holder’/ launch at the moment.

Maybe Tesla isn’t even around in 5-10 years. Look at thelr balance sheet (post the SCTY merger especially!) and bleeding cash-flows.

Daimler on the other hand has the funds to invest in EVs until 2025.

Some of which, which goes counter to your argument, if you can really call it that, they got from betting on Tesla and then selling the stock after it went hyperbolic. They made close to a Billion on that move.
Now they are probably using some that money to changeover to evs.

Mercedes made that profit at the cost of our air quality. Lots of Mercedes in this town.

Because Mercedes has lost so much luxury car market share to Tesla, is only the reason they are taking EV’s seriously now.

I know the high risk of Tesla’s business plan, and hope they pull it off, as we have to get rid of those ICE burners off our streets, and breath clean air again.

It’s more than stocks…Model S continues to out-sell Mercedes S-class – Model S is still the market leader in NA and western EU. The traditional luxury automakers have to do something. They can’t ignore it anymore.

Says the guy who’s company managed to sell exactly 5 Smart ED, 50 B250E and around 150 hybrids with lousy all electric range on the German market in September, while Tesla, which is not profiting from incentives around here managed 200 Model S and 177 Model X during that month, while also crushing Daimler ICE S-class sales in USA (again).
In order to achieve this, Daimler needs to build a healthy share of EVs, considering that Tesla will probably make 2 Million per year in 2025 (and BYD perhaps even more).
Or does he mean, one model that is just more luxurious than any other and is built in a series of 100 vehicles per year qualifies for #1?

Yeah, but if Daimler builds an EV with the Model S specs, why would anyone buy a Tesla outside US?

We should be talking about it “when” Daimler does that. Until then we can breeze along with Tesla.

supercharger network

Because Tesla Is a Better BEV..

They can’t compete with Tesla. That’s why there is no Tesla fighter anywhere out there. They would just make fools out of themselves if they come up with a competitor car. I will always be behind Tesla and the name Mercedes will become a joke!
They lost the start of the race and abandoned it.

Leading from behind?


Seriously though, if they can deliver, that’s great. Maybe now they will get their lobbyist group to stop opposing EV’s, and support a smarter ramp-down of the plug-in vehicle tax incentive.

LMFAO, Dieter is running scared now and MB wants its mojo (and money) back!

First the Model S increasingly erodes their bread and butter high-end car, next the Model 3 will do the same to their mid-range cars.

Meanwhile, little upstart Tesla will be the first to get to Level 5 autonomy which when combined with the unmatched TCO of a BEV means that anybody in the light-duty fleet and people hauling (taxi) business will be eager to transition.

Well, at least Dieter is purposely dressing down a little to at least imitate how silicon valley guys dress while radically disrupting the stodgiest company in the stodgiest go-slow big industry in the world.

Get Real continues to follow the behest of his moniker.

you guys are not living in reality…

…really? …and I was all set to go off:

Wasn’t it MB the ones who said Li-Ion batteries are not good enough????

They must be sourcing ~their~ batteries from EEStor, Inc…….blahahaha!

right, that’s why they are waiting till 2025.
We will see if they survive that long

Kudos to Mercedes as that should touch every major sales category even if they are counting their recently announced eVan and eTeuck…

Launching in 2019 is hardly too late as I dont think Tesla can scale to 90 million vehicles by then…

I dont think BMW will be far behind but it would be nicer if non premium mass market auto makers fully commited…

You guys realize that without Mercedes, Tesla wouldn’t have even gotten out of the gate. There’s a lot of MB components in a Tesla, so it’s not like MB has been blind to what Tesla’s been doing.

Hell, the technology Tesla uses for their autonomous driving is the same as MB’s drive pilot, just modified for their own use. MB has their own autonomous technology, but it’s based on a more advanced system.

Yes MB invested into Tesla early and it really helped Tesla out. Of course, MB sold their investment for a Very Good return.

Yes, Tesla buys parts from MB and other suppliers.

Yes, both MB and Tesla used Mobile Eye technology in their cars in a similar fashion but now Tesla has gone their own way and is soon to be so far ahead of MB and all the other laggard OEMs in autonomous capability that they would literally need a rocket to catch up.

Of course if they want to use a rocket for this I’m sure Space X would be glad to sell them a lauch!

When they invested in Tesla they didn’t even dream about Tesla becoming a competitor and soon being endangered by them. They just wanted to make some profits and also profit from Tesla’s R&D.
I can assure you they regret that investment!

Same old, same old..

Dies gilt…dies gilt.

Arghh! Orientated, please stop. Especially poor since the announcer used it. Oriented.

Since Tesla is killing all other premium manufacturers in it’s segment it seems that arrogance and hubris is not merely confined to Elon Musk, if you indicate without equivocation that you will be the leader in evs in a few years.
Bovine Excrement. Or as they call it in TX. B.S.

..or hopefully, more poetically.
It is like he is living in a fantasy castle like Neuschwanstein, of his own construction, sitting in a white swan boat in the Horselberg grotto, listlessly floating in circles as he watches the torchlight creating shadow plays of the heroic deeds of the great heroes of the past, and pretending he is one of them.

It’s a magical place…

Yep. Venus Grotto at Linderhoff:

haha,joke of the year

At least MB still gets some money from every Model S and X. In all honesty though, Tesla could buy window switches and turn signal stalks from anyone thought.

That moustache is off the chain.

Ya, I couldn’t focus on anything else!

“We have set for ourselves a target five years ago… to become the number one car premium manufacturer. That was supposed to be reached in 2020, but it seems that we are awful close already.”

So then, why did you have to reset your goal for 2025?

Would-be EV manufacturers keep aiming for where Tesla is. Unfortunately for them, in the 4-5 years it takes them to reach where Tesla is, Tesla has moved another 4-5 years into the future.

Funny how that works! 😉

2020 = ICE
2025 = EV

Reading may be fundamental but comprehension is key! 🙂

By most of the earlier posts, I guess we should berate MB for now investing heavily in EVs. That’ll teach them!

Sometimes I wonder if this crowd wants more EVs or just wants to yell at all companies not Tesla.

EVs should be encouraged. The more manufacturers, the merrier.


The $7500 on the Tesla is about played anyway.

‘We Aim To Be The Leader In The Premium Electric Vehicle Segment’

Now that settles things so no more questions!

“We Aim To Be The Leader In The Premium Electric Vehicle Segment”

Well, get on with it then!


Elon has succeeded petrol heads are giving up to EVs

I thought VW want to be the leaders. With at least three companies/groups wanting to be the leader we might see some real competition and progress now.