Mercedes-Benz Will Create Electric Car Sub Brand, Likely Named “EQ”


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Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive - Image Credit: Tom Moloughney

Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive – Image Credit: Tom Moloughney

It’s now being reported that Mercedes-Benz will indeed create a sub brand dedicated to electric cars, much like the BMW i division.

Unlike the BMW i vehicles, the M-B electric car sub brand will focus on long-range BEVs.

At this point, it seems as though the plug-in hybrid Mercedes-Benz vehicles will remain under the M-B brand and will not move to the new electric sub brand.

Some see this decision to create an electric car sub brand as a move to better position M-B to compete with the likes of Tesla. Indeed, M-B has already announced several vehicles that will take on Tesla directly, including an electric semi truck to battle the Tesla semi. Wolfgang Bernhard, M-B/Daimler truck chief, made this comment at the urban e-truck unveiling:

“When Tesla started coming up many years ago we decided at the time, and I believe correctly, that the technology wasn’t quite ready,Now we believe the time has come to earn money in e-mobility over the next five to 10 years.”

Additionally, M-B says that not one, but two electric, long-range SUVs will roll out in the coming years and two sedans as well.

M-B will reveal one of the long-range (310-mile) SUVs at the Paris Motor Show this September.

According to Automotive News, Mercedes-Benz has not yet decided on a finally name for its electric car sub brand, but Auto Express says Daimler has registered several new options of late, with “EQ” being the front-runner.

“However, recent trademark applications suggest that Mercedes is lining up a range of vehicles that will carry the ‘EQ’ prefix in their names – and that they’re likely to exist under a more conventional sub-brand called MEQ. The firm has asked to register everything from EQA and EQB through to EQX. It has also applied to register slogans including ‘EQ inside’, ‘EQ boost’ and ‘Generation MEQ’; these would probably be used in the firm’s marketing material for the new range of vehicles.”

It further appears as though M-B will rework or discontinue any of its current electric cars that don’t fit the long-range mould. These vehicles will likely phase out of production within the next few years.

Source: Automotive News, Auto Express

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We have the Mercedes B-Class ED (amongst several other EVs), and I have to say that it is, not surprisingly, a solid car with a solid Tesla drivetrain. I certainly hope that Daimler doesn’t follow the BMW “i” brand concept with odd shaped, lower performing vehicles, many of which burn gasoline anyway. I prefer to drive a REAL Mercedes or BMW that just happens to be electric powered, without gasoline or other fossil fuels, or fuel storage methods derived from fossil fuels, like hydrogen*** As I have said oodles of times, if non-Tesla manufacturers are going to rely on the fractured, low performing public charging network to refuel future cars, good luck! After numerous attempts by German government and German auto makers to squash Tesla Superchargers and CHAdeMO in both Germany, and throughout EU countries, they have failed miserably. My recommendation? Adopt the Supercharger standard, or build one BETTER than that. It’s not enough to just promote a CCS standard (that isn’t even the same plug between the two continents that it is offered). Intelligently planned locations with superior networking and rock solid hardware is what Tesla offers. None of the others come close. ***There are four main sources for… Read more »

Your dig at BMW i is over the top. “Many of them” burning fuel is quite true in percentage terms, but then again BMW i has only showed two cars so far. And fully 50% of them are the world’s most efficient vehicle. To say it “underperforms” is simply silly – as I may have mentioned it is the world’s most efficient car… and it still does 0-100 kph in seven seconds.

Yes, compared to nearly all of the BMW gasoline cars, the “i” series underperforms. Tesla cars exceed the performance of most gasoline cars. The “I” brand requires a price premium for mediocre range (equivalent to the mainstream Nissan LEAF) and a poor performing gasoline motor, again, isn’t my personal goal while spending a premium to buy any car. Since it is nearly universal to be challenged at critiques of BMW, I’ll just add that I have owned BMW cars *and* motorcycles. I also had a BMW i3 hybrid in my garage for several months that I drove. I would happily take a BMW 428 convertible that just happens to be electric powered over anything the “i” brand might have. That includes the i8, since I really don’t want a gasoline car. As to efficiency, I presume that you mean that the i3 has lower consumption of either gasoline, electricity, or both per mile, than other cars. Unfortunately, the low tech steel bodied Spark EV beats the i3 for electricity consumption, and I’m confident that a Prius or any number of other hybrids can exceed the gasoline consumption efficiency by a VERY LARGE MARGIN. The i3 is neither a good hybrid,… Read more »

I think that we will continue to see ICE makers continue the path of producing garbage UNTIL Faraday and other Chinese car makers suddenly threaten them.
Basically, it is NOT Tesla that they will fear (though they should), but the fact that the Chinese are following in the Tesla foot steps.

supercharger is NOT a standard; that’s why daimler would be fools to adopt it.

Stating that Tesla Supercharger is not a standard is a bit odd because every time I plug into one with my Tesla car, my car gets charged as if they were standardized.

Perhaps you mean that the Supercharger is not public or not an open protocol, both of which would be true. It is also true that they are not listed by IEC.

But it absolutely is standardized. They are also UL listed.

You should really buy Tesla and happily save the world just ignoring diesel level PM emission from performance tires under overweight car, and store “fossil fuel derived” electricity in magic Tesla batteries that clean it up auto-magically from fossil impurities, just because of superior Tesla technology!

Anything is better than “ED”…

I dig it! The best part by far is that the 310-miler will be revealed already next month. It could be a long wait before it is on sale, and perhaps a stiff price, but still this feels like the only significant news in ages

310 miles on the Euro scale will be barely over 200 EPA miles.

Little early to be asuming what scale they are using since they havent anounced their product yet…
Plus it would be rather silly to produce a 200 mile EV to compete with 300 mile EVs when you are a premium car manufacture…

Ok. I’ll bet good money that they mean 500k / 310 miles on the Euro scale.

you aren’t going to see daimler sell a *ev version of the benz-o under another brand: a benz-o is, and always will be, a mercedes benz. it does make a lot of sense to keep phev versions of the s-class, e-class and c-class umder the mercedes benz brand because in europe those cars avoid carbon taxes.

a benz-o s-class is not a good candidate for bev adaption. the luxury in the interior literally adds hundreds of pounds to the weight of the car. it would be better to make lower luxury cars that are more optimized for bev/phev use and market those under another brand name.

Like BMW did…

the bmw “i” series is sold under the bmw brand. according to this article, daimler is not going to follow that approach.

Why not “E-Class”


I wonder if MB is taking a page from VW, ‘the largest electric car manufacturer in the world’ by number of models, that is, only problem is, they make precious few.

But it is good Public Relations.