Mercedes-Benz Will Have 6 To 9 Pure Electric Vehicles By 2024


Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz – long range BEV battery

Though it’s unclear which vehicles Mercedes-Benz will rollout in the long-range electric category, it has been determined that the automaker will release at least 6 such vehicles by 2024 and possibly up to nine models that all slot into the long-range BEV category.

Reuters states:

“German trade magazine Automobilwoche earlier cited company sources as saying Daimler would bring to market more than six electric car models between 2018 and 2024.”

Of course, all of these offerings will directly compete with Tesla, as well as competing with future long-range BEVs from the likes of Audi and Porsche.

As Reuters reports:

“German carmaker Daimler plans to roll out at least six, and possibly as many as nine, electric car models as part of its push to compete with Tesla and Volkswagen’s Audi, a person familiar with Daimler’s plans told Reuters.”

The first M-B long-range electric will be unveiled next month at the Paris Motor Show. This vehicle to be unveiled will likely be an SUV or CUV.

Though Mercedes-Benz is now diving deep into the electric vehicle category, the automaker is well behind the likes of Tesla, so it remains to be seen if M-B will be able to grab buyers who are now loyal to the Tesla brand.

Source: Reuters

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So will every other car company (or so they say)

all of these are just announcements. actual product roll outs will be subject to market reception. if people don’t start buying electric vehicles, daimler is not going to introduce 6 to 9 additional cars that they don’t think will sell unless regulatory pressures force their hand.

The demand for clean cars is enormous, Shut up propaganda parrot.

Agreed. Let’s hope the Model 3, Bolt, and Leaf 2.0 are ridiculously successful.

“ONLY” eight years… It is NOW that our ecosystems are dying scupid ICE car maker!

The original report doesn’t say pure electric as far as I can tell. Just electric, which includes PHEVs.

Apparently the vehicle to be shown in Paris is a pure electric GLC.

Hey Tech01x, It doesn’t specifically say BEV, but that is just the reporting style of the source. We are indeed talking about 6-9 next gen, longer range BEVs Technically, Mercedes will have sold 6 plug-ins in the US (to some degree) with the C350e’s arrive this month (B250e, smart ED, S550e, GLE 550e, SLS AMG ED), up to 8 in some Euro countries. Overall, you “could” consider all of these Daimler electrics if you want to get loose with the definition: smart fortwo electric drive, smart BRABUS electric drive, B 200/250 e, SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive, B-Class F-CELL, Vito E-CELL, Fuso Canter E-CELL & prototypes GLC F-CELL, S 500/550 e, C 350 e Sedan and Estate, E 350 e, GLC 350 e, GLC 350 e Coupé 4MATIC, GLE 500 e 4MATIC, Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid / Diesel: E 200 d, Actros, etc Mercedes is a bit slow to market, but that is likely a reflection of the long product cycles/lead times the company needs as a smaller OEM. Daimler knows the game in luxury performance now requires a plug (BMW likewise has been struggling for months with this reality waiting on new plug-in models). Starting this Fall, we will… Read more »

the part about the reuters article that suggests that daimler is motivated by a desire to compete with tesla does suggest that the cars will not be phev’s. but the article also suggests that, at least to daimler, “electric vehicles” means: bev, fcev and hybrid bev/fcev.

the article above suggests that daimler is thinking in terms of a bev-only approach. however, based on the reuters article, that does not appear to be true.

And yet it is. The original jumping off point of the Reuters article is an Automobilwoche piece on 6 new all-electric cars.

The article says nothing about FCVs being electric cars to Daimler (not that they aren’t), what it states is that an “additional” offering besides these EVs will also being coming “…Reuters’ source said Mercedes would also make an SUV model with a plug-in hybrid engine powered by fuel cells”

Why would this article be about 6-8 new various tech “electrified” vehicles (BEV, FCV, hybrid FCV/PHEV etc.), between 2018 and 2024 when the company literally has already produced 15 cars in those categories over the past 4 years?

That is some kind of scoop, “Hey, Daimler just made 15 electrified vehicles, now they are going to make 6-9 more over the next eight years.”. There already is more than 6 specifically planned BEV/FCV/PHEV projects already known for the short term.

i guess it’s a matter of different ways of reading the same article because as i read it, the article signals that daimler is working on fcev technology, so they certainly view fcev as being a part of “electric vehicles”.

in the broader context, this announcement is just PR. there is nothing concrete in this announcement that would allow anyone to draw any definitive conclusions one way or the other. an 8 year window means that what daimler ultimately ends up doing will be based on market conditions and/or regulatory requirements.

Fair enough. Daimler is a bit of an unnoticed player in regards to how much they have already done (both with its Mercedes and smart lineup, but also earlier with Tesla). I think you will find that once this autoshow season ends the wider public will have different take on the OEM in regards to their 2nd gen plug-ins offerings (and their quality). For the most part, that is the theme for many of the players who have held cards close to their chest due to still selling 1st gen offerings. — There is a notion that only the Chevy Bolt EV and Tesla Model 3 are the only upcoming long range, relatively affordable BEVs on the near-term landscape and that everyone else has been napping; when in fact, the reality is that Tesla and GM had nothing to bastardize in coming forward ~two+ years early, but rather only praise to earn. Somewhat ironically in so doing, GM and Tesla have really “jackassed” the first gen/affordable EV (and PHEV to a degree) market segment, and also have had the public not only needlessly look ahead at product they normally would not see, it also spurred criticism of everyone else…that those… Read more »

As far as I can tell, nothing in the German article implies pure electric.

VW/Audi does this too.. switch between pure electric and electric vehicles when describing things. Electric vehicle means BEV, PHEV, and sometimes FCEV. Pure electric means BEV. I do not believe you can make the assumption that electric means BEV.

This is just like reporting range. Various automakers report range in NEDC or JC08 style rating systems. They are very happy to let you mistakenly believe that is EPA 5 cycle range. It took a while for journalists and readers to even try to nail them down.

Therefore, unless it is a Tesla, electric vehicle does not imply BEV. They would say pure electric if it where.

I’m not sure you should count the half-million US$ SLS AMG ED coupe… As far as I know it hasn’t been sold for a couple of years (and was never sold in the US), and was a very limited edition car to begin with. I think only dozens were ever sold.

Mercedes and VW certainly do a lot of gabbing about all their great electric cars.

Would be nice if any of ’em would get to the showrooms.

You would think those in the Public Relations departments would release some details, and the media insist on it.

They will, will they?

Will I am not sure they will but I am sure if they don’t they will not be there to say I am anymore.

“Mercedes-Benz Will Have 6 To 9 Pure Electric Vehicles By 2024”

A 7 year time horizon is considered “soon” in traditional car maker years.

MB will 7 years from now be competing against a Tesla that will over those 7 years have iterated significantly past Tesla’s current EV offerings….Meaning that MB is today working on developing future EV offerings that likely will not relate to he EV competitive landscape of 7 years from now.

This “Iteration Delta” of Traditional Car Makers (like MB) vs. New Wave Car Makers (like Tesla) will likely be of most significant competitive impact relating to aspects of EV Energy (i.e. Supercharger Networks & Home Energy Generation/Storage).

Also is topic of constant iteration (which has a huge compounding effect development wise) vs batch cycle iteration.

“MB will 7 years from now be competing against a Tesla that will over those 7 years have iterated significantly past Tesla’s current EV offerings……”

The question to ask:

Is Tesla even around as an independent company in 5-7 years given their cash burn and new albatross around the neck (Solarcity) that will burn more billions?

That is certainly a relevant question. I think Tesla will still be around but not Elon Musk.

Yes, they will be around. They’ll slash the SolarCity workforce down to size. Solar PV is still growing like crazy though and SolarCity is a well-known installer so they will make money.

Tesla will continue to do well. They just do so many things right with their cars (Supercharger network, aerodynamics, good looks, removeable skateboard battery, etc.). Yeah, they make some mistakes (Roadster failed transmission, Falcon wing doors, etc.), but they learn from their mistakes and do better.

Tesla has a HUGE advantage over every other car maker with the Supercharger network. It is going to take a lot of arguing, discussions, bureaucracy, government input, etc. before the other automakers get a DC-fast charge system that can charge as fast, is as widespread, and and as reliable as the Supercharger network.

Despite your wild, short-position derived anti-Tesla fantasies tftf, Tesla is setting itself up to DOMINATE the compelling BEV space both now and going forward with their advantage in DCFC and battery prices/supply.

SC will become very profitable again as it becomes a part of Tesla Energy and this division will probably make even more money then Tesla cars as solar plus battery storage takes off with the decline in battery prices that Tesla is driving down.

So what they are saying is that by 2024 they plan to do what everyone else is doing. Great.

The probably regret their slow start. However, they did make a huge amount of money on EVs by investing in Tesla at the right time.

But Tesla is eating their lunch these days.

They will come out when we (the royal we) are dust:

69 vehicles? No, 6 to 9 vehicles…

I hope someone here gets that.

How many will they have in 2018 and 2020?