Mercedes-Benz’ Upcoming Electric SUV To Compete With Tesla Model X – Reveal Set For This September


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Autocar is reporting that Mercedes-Benz will reveal its first pure electric SUV at the Paris Motor Show this September.

Quoting high-ranking insiders, Autocar says the electric M-B is set to directly compete with the Tesla Model X.

Unfortunately the electric SUV won’t go into production until 2019, but its one of several pure electric, upscale, long-range vehicles planned for Mercedes.

Autocar states:

“The new concept, currently undergoing construction at Mercedes’ prototype workshop on the outskirts of Stuttgart in Germany, is said to provide “a clear insight” into the external appearance, interior appointments, technical layout and overall dimensions of the German car maker’s first truly dedicated electric vehicle – a uniquely styled SUV conceived to take on the Tesla Model X as well as new electric SUVs planned by Audi and Jaguar.”

Additional plans call for M-B to develop an electric sedan that takes aim at the Tesla Model S.

Autocar adds:

“With the unveiling of the new SUV concept in Paris in late September, Mercedes will make public its plans for a range of uniquely styled and engineered electric vehicles to be offered as an alternative to its existing range of more traditional petrol, diesel and hybrid models.”

Autocar believes that the upcoming M-B SUV will share some elements with the Mercedes-Benz GLC (see image above), but a M-B “official with knowledge of the new electric vehicle concept” sort of contradicts this by stating:

“We’ve created a whole new look that takes into consideration the unique properties of electric vehicles.”

Mercedes-Benz may be late to the electric car party, but it seems the German automaker is gearing up to go BIG with its sights set on Tesla.

Source: Autocar

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I think they didn’t want to do this but they now have no choice as the Model S has eaten up huge amounts of Mercedes market share.

I applaud any company who builds a BEV with range of 200-300 miles and at a cost that at least 75 percent of the public can afford to purchase. I just can’t see BMW building a BEV for the populace…the elite maybe.

Tesla is still the company to beat. How can you beat an affordable BEV, with a range of 215+, and a SUPERCHARGING network all across the country that makes travel in a BEV a reality. Granted, some folks only want their BEV to get them in and around the cities they live.

Well let’s hold off on our praise until they actually accomplish that.

$100k cars are affordable?? Did you come on deLorean from the future? Right now in the US $100k is still way too much money for medium income family.

Model 3, when/if it’ll materialize out of vaporware, is not going to cost $35k including charging, just like Model S doesn’t cost $50k now, it defies basic arithmetic. Model 3 for $50k in 2019 – maybe, it is possible, unless Tesla will get overwhelmed by competitor offers by that time.

That is your proof?

Because high end luxury model is priced like one, then entry luxury one will be overpriced?


That’s not how business is done.

35k$ is how BMWs and Mercedes-Benzs are pricing their entry luxury 5 seaters sedans.

Those cars thus also define “math basic arithmetic”?


the reality is that while you can buy a bmw 3 series or a m-b c-class *starting* in the $35,000 range, you can also pay *twice* that amount for the same cars. it would not surprise me if you didn’t see $70,000 tesla model 3’s. and another thing is certain, you’ll see a $70,000 model 3 a lot sooner than you will ever see a $35,000 model 3.

this is smart marketing, something that tesla is very good at doing. if they only offer “up charged” model 3’s, people who can’t wait to get a model 3 will pay more than they would if a less expensive option were available. in other words, tesla is going to make you pay for bragging rights to be the first kid on the block with the latest new toy.

I totally agree with your comments

If it’s physically impossible to hit those price points as you imply, then Tesla’s competitors can’t do it either. So it won’t get overwhelmed by them.
So tell us which competitors you’re cheering for. We can learn what kind of troll you are; a fuel cell troll, a global warming denier, an anti-American, a German supremacist, a diesel cultist, or a Toyota apologist. It’s only fair, unless you’re a coward who shoots at Tesla fans from behind bushes.

I’m not a cult member and don’t have any desire to give up my freedom to have my own mind to a crowd of marching fanatics whatever cause they take. Judging by Tesla fanboy posts here, it is more a cult than a car company.

Given zzzzzzzz’s frequent Tesla bashing FUD posts, and his ongoing support of hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars, I think it most likely he’s a shill for Big Oil.

Yea really I think $50 grand is a lot of money for a set of wheels…never mind $100 grand ..That is expensive transportation! They gotta get battery costs Down that’s the bottom line..

I see people buying a $50k Tahoes, never cross shopping or, realizing they could get a C class for the same money. Not that they can afford either, but if people were rational about how much space they really needed, they could get a much nicer car. Something other than a blinged up gas guzzling pick up truck.

the problem of people driving ridiculous monster vehicles can be solved by imposing higher taxes on gasoline and by imposing annual carbon taxes on vehicles.

I hope it’s cheaper than the Model X.

The GLC is the MB compact SUV,the GLE the midsize, and the GLS the fullsize.

Ergo, the GLC-E should be closer in price to the Model Y than Model X.

i used to drive a glc; it was a great little car…

autocar is just speculating without any specific information. you’ve got to figure that the new m-b bev suv is going to be a lot more expensive than a m-b glc because the b-class already covers that price segment.

as far as the timing goes, the electric vehicle market is very immature, so a 2019 introduction is not going to be a problem. the electric vehicle segment probably remain in the immature stage until some time between 2025 and 2030 at the earliest.


No – Great Lotta Car! (Irving R Levine)

But the B-Class EV is a sales loser.

Killing the estate for a proper CUV would be a good move.

i doubt that is the biggest problem with the b-class (although i agree that the design is a bit stodgy even though it probably has more utility than a bmw i3). i suspect that the bigger problem is that the b-class is targeted to the ev enthusiast, but because of tesla, at this point, ev enthusiasts are not going to get excited about a bev with only 87 miles of rated range. today, the expectation of ev enthusiasts is a minimum 200 miles of rated range. to that extent, the b-class is a product offering that is 3 or 4 years too late.

Would have gone with the B class over our i3, but they are not available in my state…

I predict it will cost the same as a moderately equipped MX.

i don’t see how it can succeed without falcon wings.

I can see it doing well without falcon doors. I live in the Southeast and it rains quite a bit here, depending on the season. I personally have no desire to have a sizable chunk of my roof open up so I can enter the rear seat that would soak my pants front and rear as I waited for the door to open and close.

I haven’t experienced it myself but read owners reporting that it shields better from rain than traditional door, even in storm.

the problem with falcon wing doors is that there is a section that is normally horizontal that becomes vertical when the door opens. when that happens, water (or snow) that was on top of the door gets dumped to the inner side of the car. the possible consequences of that happening is what people tend to not like.

Now, are you speaking from experience? Or are you just guessing?

I think we’d like to hear about how well the FW doors handle rain and snow from someone who actually has ridden in the 2nd or 3rd row seat of one, and had to deal with a heavy rain.

C’mon people! Can’t you discern sarcasm in a post?

If you ever tried station wagon or SUV with vertically cut rear and back doors opening up, they don’t pour water in rain. You can just stand below the door and you are protected from rain, much better than in case of sedan. There are channels for water and it just goes down on sides.

Now Tesla isn’t famous for quality and they may mess up and overengineer too much on X. But it can be improved to at least satisfactory quality later if they did managed to make car structure sturdy enough. The last is big IF.

Whole new look …
Not whole new vehicle.

Simpler job to do an EV version of an SUV.
Going on previous Merc behaviour they have probably being dabbling with EV’s for some time.

Interesting how much is Merc and how much is supply chain?

As far as looks, make it more aerodynamic and get rid of the giant/gaudy Mercedes symbol on the front.

No Branding? Not going to happen. So far, Tesla’s been the boldest about not having a front grill or over-sized gaudy logo plastered on the front of their cars…

I also expect the Merc to be much more conservative about things like, doors, so much more boring than the Model X. But they may do well marketing to conservative types. Just not sure what kind of ultracharger / infrasgtructure they’ll have for it. *shrugs*

I’m OK with branding.. just not the GIANT emblems. How about a 3″ diameter emblem, instead of a 5″ or 6″ one?

the triple pointed star apparently has little value to you, but to people who like mercedes benz, it is of great value.

as to the size of the ornament, with the exception of the benz-o s-class sedan, m-b tends to put the medallion in the grill. the b-class has a traditional m-b grill even though it is a bev. companies are concerned about marketing and product image because they are ultimately in the business of selling their wares.

Yeah, save the 5″ and 6″ Mercedes emblems to wear as jewelry in rap videos. 😉

Ghetto bling. Next thing you know, they’ll be putting their logo in neon. Oh wait

When you pay double the price to get that emblem, you might prefer a larger copy. 🙂

Yea! & N0 front Grill Please …Front grills are starting to look silly especially on an EV….

But how will you be able to identify it from a a half mile away without a 6 inch tall logo backlit and chromed?


Yea..Really !When just a nice slim Logo will suffice.. But I will say That Mercedes builds a very proven product .Their bodies are solid , water & wind tight & stay tight with very little maintenance from my experience…

I’m with you. The mercedes grill is obnoxious. It cheapens the vehicle.

Looks Like a HEAVY commercial truck Logo..a tad tooooo BIG….lol

it obviously doesn’t to the people who are spending over $100,000 to get a benz-o.

2019… LOL!

Yeah, for a minute there I was hoping that Tesla would get some real competition for the Model X soon.

Three years, or more likely 3-1/4? Hopefully we’ll see some compelling non-Tesla SUV/CUV BEVs before then, or at least PHEVs with a Volt-like range.

that’s 2019+

That is probably about the same time Tesla will have the Model Y on the road which will probably be a GLC sized vehicle.

Also, where is the nation wide CCS charging network? There is no way for cross country travel right now with CCS, but who knows what we will have in three years.

We need more Fast chargers everywhere ASAP!

“That is probably about the same time Tesla will have the Model Y on the road…”

At least somebody still believes in Tesla’s official timeline promises and deadlines.

That worked so well, also for quality.

Quick, everybody! The $35k Model3 in late 2017 is here. Too late. It’s recalled already. LOL.

Are you kidding?! That comment’s not NEARLY negative enough.
Get back in there and GIVE ME SOME REAL NEGATIVITY!!!?


Yeah, what’s the matter tftf? I didn’t think you were capable of writing a Tesla bashing post without including any lies or half-truths!

Are you feeling sick today? Maybe you need to take a break from Tesla bashing, if that’s the best you can do. Hopefully a very, very long break.

Too bad we can’t recall some commenters comments. Oh wait, though age helps, as is more difficult to recall them.

Model Y, 2019? Announced? Probably. Released? Yeah right!

Right. Not to go all Dr. Reed Richards on ya, but that is pretty much of a stretch.

Interesting what these OEMs think they can achieve in the BEV world without a charging network. They should invest some money in companies like fastned or they might as well not bother. 2019 is not inconceivably far away. I don’t know if there’ll be a significant and easy to use charging network even in Europe yet to convince people to buy such a car as their main long distance vehicle. And please don’t start about these single chargers, you also don’t put single pump gas stations with 200 mile distance in between. Nobody wants to buy this if this is not taken care of.

Thats what I see as the problem with CCS and CHAdeMO, they only have a couple charges at each location. Tesla on the other hand has up to 20 superchargers in one location.

Wonder if MB will pay Tesla to use the supercharger network and if there may be some MB-branded superchargers popping up to go along with the new EVs…

You should get familiar with situation in Europe. German government has recently allocated some 300 mln. for charging network, 200 mln. out of that for highways. It is much more than Tesla has invested in Germany for their own walled garden. Tesla charging network in Europe is going to be like Betamax by 2019 compared to open standards. The US will follow that trend too sooner or later.

“We shall see”, said the Zen Master.

So far “Betamax” is kicking everyone’s butt in Europe and with a single Mennekes Type 2 plug for both high-amp AC and DC charging.

It doesn’t look like it is kicking at all. Number of open standard chargers is increasing very quickly, they have support from governments and they are not fighting each other in some meaningless fight that much, they are installing double plug Chademo/CCS chargers that are getting to 150 kW now.

Now we’re getting somewhere. When the subject is fuel cells, you bash Teslas by saying that EVs don’t work. But when the subject is German EVs, you bash Teslas by saying that German EVs are superior because Master Race engineering never fails. So what contradictory smear have you lined up for the next GM Bolt article? Go after GM or Tesla?

I would suggest Tesla zealots to join Church of Scientology :/

Everything is about range, that is the last word.

Not everything. Needs a fast recharging infrastructure, good looks, utility and performance. Let’s not take them for granted.

Here is hoping it will not end like the Yellow Merc roadster and the Audi R electric: “See what we can, but we are not going to sell it in the real world (because we will not profit in the short term)”

2019? Silly Mercedes. By then Tesla will be making 2 million SUVs a month with 500 mile range, 250 mph cruise speed at 12,000 feet altitude and full VTOL capability.

Formal announcement coming tomorrow via Musktweet.

Sorry, Model X is an STOL craft. Maximum altitude is 10,000 feet, not 12,000. Range, even with regenerative flapping and hyper gliding, is only 300 miles.
No way on the 250 mph too. Terminal velocity max(120 mph), in a full on dive with Falcon Wings fully retracted.?

if tesla ends up making 2 million/month that means that musk will announce that they will be making 10 million/month and that by 2019, tesla will command 90% automotive market share.

90% is about right for their share of the ev luxury market.

Daimler should have kept their shares of TSLA and announced that they will use the Supercharger standard worldwide.

Shares notwithstanding, Daimler still works with Tesla. The smart move on their part, would be to put a serious battery in the car and utilize the Supercharger network.
This could give Mercedes a true EV competitor, staving off Tesla’s encroachment into their sales.
It could also aid the expansion of the fast charge network and speed up the adoption of electric cars if both, Tesla and Mercedes electrics are seen tooling about.

Why keep the Shares ? They sold @ peak Share Price, made tons of money…They can always buy them back @ a lower price now, Either directly from Tesla & help Tesla raise More funds , Or Buy on the open market. They can buy many more shares than they sold with the “same money” since the price is lower now. But , Why buy them back if there is no partnership..?// That is how the BIG money is made!

This is called the “Tesla Effect”.

Tesla effect? What Tesla effect? “An electric sport car with laptop batteries? Get real, this will never happen because electrics are joke golf carts”.”You mean these guys who want to go to IPO with only 1063 cars sold, no way, don’t buy TSLA stocks at 15 because it will failed, soonnnn!”. “What whitestar project? You mean an electric sedan to be sold at 20000 per year? No way, they are not more than 3000 pear year tree hunger geeks that will be able to offer such green car promise.” “and if it was sufficient they want that future owners to pay pre-order fees for a car that will no be produced at all?!”
“Model 3 pre-orders? They will fail because nobody will be fool enough to pre-order a car without seeing it!” Fortunataly for all of us, wise humans, this type of naysayers and primitive electric car haters thinking will have the end that it deserves.


On the nose (or “sur le nez” for my Quebecois friends)

It scares me when an established oil based auto manufacture tells the world that they’re going to make a car look like it’s an EV.

If they make what I think they’re going to make, it will in fact I have CCS, which means they will continue to push and promote protectionist laws and favors for CCS over the Tesla Supercharger network.

So far they haven’t been very successful with pushing out the competition, nor have they build a superior charging product. Certainly, they could make a Tesla Supercharger competitor, but there’s not even a hint of that happening.

Get real, Tesla proprietary “standard” is walled garden designed to fragment market and delay government investment in open standard charging network for everybody. It failed in a spectacular fashion, no automaker wanted to pay walled garden entry fees. Now German government announced 0.3 bln investment into charging infrastructure. That is about the same as book value of worldwide Tesla charger network, but in a single country. Tesla superchargers are going to be obsolete in Europe soon.

(((((((((((( y a w n ))))))))))))

LOL! I see the ‘Great Walled’ garden makes you sleepy too!

Yes, you have posted that many times, so it must be true.

Fantastic! You’ve foiled Musk’s insidious plan to slow the adoption of electric vehicles! ???

Who cares what was the plan. But the outcome, intended or not, is fragmented infrastructure and slowed down infrastructure expansion, and slowed down adoption of battery cars as a result. And a bunch of aggressive Musk worshipers trashing everything electric that doesn’t have Tesla badge on it.

zzzzzzzzzz continued his Tesla bashing campaign:

“Get real, Tesla proprietary ‘standard’ is walled garden designed to fragment market and delay government investment in open standard charging network for everybody.”

Gee, here and I thought the Supercharger system was something that Tesla invited all other auto makers to join, even offering to let them use Tesla’s patents for free. But since none of the other EV makers are currently selling an EV capable of charging fast enough for Supercharging, none of them have joined.

If that makes the Supercharger network a “walled garden”, then I guess my flat-headed screwdrivers are all “walled gardens” because they are only designed to turn slotted screws.

Idiotic. Not to mention repetitive, zzzzzzzzzz.

It might not be as good as Tesla X, but they will make it, without much production chatter, and they will make the set out deadline as well.

They absolutely got pushed into this by Tesla, but so what? Someone must be always first and it makes sense it is a company which is not tied to oil, rather than all the ones who are still expected to make money NOW rather than later.

Anyways, very soon we will start seeing what is Tesla made out of as more and more big guns come on-board with relevant BEV products.

Elon’s “real” master plan is coming together. Chevy Bolt, Audi e-trons, Honda Clarity EV… Longer ranges on: B250e, LEAF, Soul EV, Focus Electric, e-Golf…

Thank you Elon for saving us from ourselves.

LOL MERCEDES you are so far a way BLA BLA BLA tesla wanabe

Great news that MB is finally committing to electric vehicles. An SUV platform is even better.

MB, please give the new model a design that embodies elegance. That grill depicted above isn’t cutting it.

+1 Although I won’t buy one I am happy that they are working on longer range EVs – the wider the selection the merrier.