Mercedes-Benz Trademarks EQA, EQC, EQE, EQG and EQS For Electric Car Sub Brand


Mercedes-Benz - Long Range BEV

Mercedes-Benz – Long Range BEV

Mercedes-Benz has filed for trademarks related to its electric vehicle sub brand.

According to Autocar, M-B has trademarked the following in the UK:

  • EQA
  • EQC
  • EQE
  • EQG
  • EQS
  • EQ Inside
  • EQ Boost
  • Generation EQ

It’s believed that all of these trademarks relate to electric vehicles. For example, EQA will be an electric A-Class Mercedes and EQS will be an electric S-Class.

EQ Boost could be applied to plug-in hybrids, speculates Autocar.

We should see the first EQ model from M-B at the upcoming Paris Motor Show this Fall. It’s believed that the first model to wear the EQ badging will be a pure electric crossover.

Source: Autocar

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Are we sure this isn’t just their hot new golf cart, in 5 different colors?

EQ = Earth Quake in many countries

EQ = Social/emotional intelligence in other countries.

EQ = emotional intelligence, all over the world

But if it makes other ICE makers shake in fear then “earthquake” will be a good nickname.

Yep! The name has a good ring to it too. Looks like the Paris show may be exciting. Can’t wait until I can choose between a hundred new EVs.

The main thing that come to my mind is EQ means equals. So, the EqualsA, EqualsC, and so forth. Kind of boring.

Interestingly no “EQB”… Currently the B-Class ED is the only existing Mercedes-brand BEV (Smart is a separate brand); so will there not be a further B-Class BEV?

i find it hard to believe that daimler is going to do a bev benz-o; i suspect that an eqs benz-o is going to be an fcev. i suspect that daimler is also considering an fcev/bev hybrid.

They’ve already said that they will, many times, so why is it hard to believe?

There’ll be a 300mi BEV SUV announced in the Paris show, there’s already a 62kW B-Class-based car announced in China etc.

somebody here doesn’t know what a benz-o is. just to let you know, a benz-o refers to the s-class specifically and any high status mercedes benz vehicle in general. the b-class DEFINITELY does not qualify.

Benzo is just slang for a Mercedes Benz. There is already a BEV benzo out there.

Instead of trying to insult your way out why not just admit that you were wrong.

Daimler has no choice but to try to keep up the competition and they won’t do that with a FCEV but with multiple BEVs.

it’s one thing to rely on online dictionaries, and it’s another thing to know how people actually use the term “benz-o”, a term which has been in use for decades.

Missing is “EQ Supercharger”.

that suggests that daimler is going to use industry standard charging means instead of proprietary charging means. from a business perspective, that is perfectly sensible; but then ev enthusiasts seem to not be particularly sensible in that regard.

No comment is absolutely right about charging. Even Tesla has now embraced CCS (Combo) standard of rapid charging through its Core membership of as they realise the industry standard has already caught up with its proprietary Supercharger system and is shortly to exceed it thanks to pressure from Porche. It makes sense to join the standard to take advantage of lower cost components etc and wide compatibility for your vehicles that can use superchargervand CCS at will.