Mercedes-Benz To Unveil First Production EQ Electric In Geneva

FEB 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Mercedes EQ C

Just around two weeks left to the Geneva Motor Show, where, as always, we will see a lot of new plug-in electric cars and bold premiers.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz just announced that it will show the first series-production model from the electric EQ brand – it’s not said directly, but the German maker is certainly referring to the EQC all-electric SUV.

The EQC will enter the market in 2019 with at least 500 km (310 miles) of NEDC range.

In related news, Mercedes is moving forward with on-board chargers and from March on will offer three-phase 22 kW chargers in Europe, which will be quite fast in recharging its plug-in hybrids models with around 10 kWh of batteries.

“EQ: the electric brand is gathering pace

Mercedes-Benz Cars is continuing its electric offensive: in Geneva, the product and technology brand EQ is providing a look ahead to the future portfolio of this umbrella brand and, as part of this strategic and model-policy realignment, is showcasing the first series-production model with battery-electric drive. Various latest-generation plug-in hybrid models are also celebrating their world premieres. They combine the latest hybrid technology from Mercedes-Benz with the latest-generation diesel engine (OM 654).

With the smart edition nightsky (combined electrical consumption 13.0–12.9 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 0 g/km), smart is showing the next step towards electrical intelligence. Simple and uncomplicated use of locally emission-free electric mobility is facilitated by a new smart app (likely to be available from the third quarter of 2018). Users can check the current status of their vehicle at any time via smartphone or watch. Charge level and range are shown as examples. A new 22 kW onboard charger will be available from March 2018.”

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How much will it be? And how many will they make?

Too expensive and not enough.

Another Euro point of view

I see it like for Audi and Jaguar, a low volume production of less than 30K cars for the first 12 months of production. Indeed it is probably difficult for Mercedes to assess the size of this market therefor I can well imagine them being ultra cautious. Given it will be an expensive car with still almost non existant ultra fast chargers network the demand for those cars will likely be rather limited. Also I do not see in the short term where form Mercedes (and Audi and Jaguar) would get large quantities of li-ion battery cells from. For those reasons I would not be surprised that european combined sales of this EV, the coming Audi eTron and Jaguar ePace to be no more than 50K cars in 2019 (if all goes well !). Actually when one stops reporting about, for example, the new wheel covers of Tesla Model 3, there are not that many news to report regarding new EVs. EV revolution is happening but at a rather glacial pace.

In 2019 Daimler is going to have to be selling a lot of EV’s in China because of the 10% quota.

This ia why the launches Denza together with BYD. By the way China will sell ZEV certificates!

The 22 kW charger will most likely only be available for the Smart EV! (for which it is badly needed)

Lovely… deliver it ASAP… oh… and don’t forget to build out a charger network to at least the level that Tesla is already at… 120kW… in lots of places around the country… 22kw Chargers is great but not a big deal for AC charging of batteries over 44kW… takes too long… Ship it! and Promote it… make Tesla advertise.. I dare you!
I can’t wait… love my Model X… NOW. not later…

I think that Mercedes and the other fossil fuel carmakers have already lost. Where should they get the batteries ? Where do the get the know how, which TESLA have boiled up the last 7 Yrs. ? Mod 3 will reach the weekly 5000 Nr/ Week in April..
I doubt that they can compete in cost and technology compared to TESLA.. I do not find any “GIGA-Factory” in Europe. hybrid and plug in hybrids are dead end road. Further
on no charger Network.. They are all on a wrong turn. They should have changed completely to e-mobility. Big management mistakes !

This is hilarious