Mercedes-Benz To Add Battery Production To Untertürkheim Plant

AUG 24 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes-Benz has announced that its 110 year-old Untertürkheim plant in Germany will be expanded to now also handle battery production for upcoming EQ electric cars.

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Untertürkheim will be the fourth plant in Daimler’s group to produce battery packs after, two found in Kamenz and one in Beijing.

Beside supplying batteries for the EQ built in Sindelfingen, Untertürkheim will also produce powertrain modules (assembly of electric modules for front and rear axles) for electric vehicles from the compact to the upper (and luxury class) of the EQ.

The new activity in electric mobility will also result in more than 250 new jobs (on top of current 19,000+).

“The Mercedes-Benz Untertürkheim plant will be further developed into a high-tech location for electric components, thus offering employees good prospects in the coming era of electric mobility”

More about additional projects:

“In order to pool expertise in the field of battery-electric vehicles, Untertürkheim will set up a “project house eATS” in order to develop additional know-how for the next generation of an electric drive system (eATS). This leads to an even closer interaction between development and production.

The so-called “E-Technikum” at the Mettingen section of the plant that was agreed upon in the first stage of negotiations is to be further developed and significantly expanded. This means that the Untertürkheim plant will obtain a competence center in which electric-drive prototypes will be built. In this way, the plant is ensuring important know-how as a ramp-up factory, in particular for battery production as well as for the integration of future key technologies in production.”

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And so the real EV commitment begins for Daimler AG! This should be interesting!

Well the worker’s councils at every plant have been forcing the issue because they are worried about their futures, without that and investors asking questions Daimler management would still be largely ignoring EVs. The worker’s representative on the board of management has been pushing it too.

It would be helpful if editors would clearly distinguish between manufacturing actual battery cells, and just assembling batteries they purchase from an external supplier into packs for cars.

Creating battery cells from raw materials takes FAR more resources, time, money, and commitment – with correspondingly greater potential payoff.

Anyone can assemble battery packs in small quantities in their garage…

Excellent Point; but, after hoping so long to see Legacy car companies respond to the EV movement, I’m just happy they are getting off their a$$es

Excellent Point; but, after hoping so long to see Legacy car companies respond to the EV movement, I’m just happy they are getting off their a$$es

If you want further clarity, a ‘Battery Cell’ is actually, or Typically, a ‘Work Center’ that assembles Cells into Batteries!

A Cell is the smallest unit package, be it a 1.1 Ah LiFePO4 18650 A123 Cell, a 3.4 Ah NMC LiIon 18650 Panasonic Cell, a 15 Ah 40152 LiFePO4 Headway Cell,or a 700 Ah LiFePO4 Thundersky Prismatic Cell!

A Battery, is, as you alude to, An Assembly of Cells, in Series, Parallel, or Series-Parallel!

Anyone can basically make the cells too.

Mix chemicals to a paste, spread the cheamicals on a plastic film, roll it, insert in metal tube, inject electrolyte etc..
or in the case of flat cells.. fold the coated film, and then insert electrolyte..
and connect the terminals..

Of course the properties of the chemicals in the film and the electrolyte may have variations depending on what you want to use the cells for.

But at the moment, there are not many secrets regarding the production of a cell with liquid electrolyte.

When it comes to solid state batteries – that is not described in detatil in the chemistry curriculum. I guess we’ll see different patents on how they solve different issues here.

Batteries from this plant will be used in B250e which has recently been phased out.

MB & VW are just playing cat and mouse game with plugin supporters.

Yea they want to convince us they wan to build EVs because… well… uhm… reasons!

Very clever plan actually:
Step 1: announce great EVs
Step 2: build the supporting factories
Step 3: psych!
Step 4: not profit from it whatsoever

Another Euro point of view

Some sort of conspiracy theory then…I see.

Don Zenga & R.S, how old are you ?

Do I really need to add /s?

What happened? I thought only Tesla was going to be able to scale and add production for EVs.

I find that interior pretty ugly. MB looks like 2010 Leaf with lots of fancy lights and things to make EV look futuristic.
Now Model 3 is here, these cluttered instrument clusters just look a bit tacky to me. I’m not sure I like how Tesla had mounted the screen in Model 3, but I do like how they have a very clean and neat dash.
BMW i3 could have been like Tesla, but then they put all these weird angles and mix of materials and it just looks like a mess to me.
Good luck to MB in any case, more EV’s the better, although they are a premium luxury brand here so no doubt too rich for my budget.
I need Toyota to bring out the Camry of EV’s, something everyone can afford.