Mercedes-Benz Teases Electric EQ A Crossover


The EV will be joined by the larger EQ SUV, and the Project One hypercar, of course.

At the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, alongside the highly anticipated Project One hypercar, Mercedes-Benz will show off a range of fully electric concept vehicles wearing its new EQ moniker. The “EQ” name was filed in the U.K. back in 2016, you may remember, and eventually led to the Generation EQ concept at the Paris Motor Show shortly thereafter.

We actually caught our first glimpse of EQ A when Mercedes was setting up its stage in Frankfurt a few days back.

EQ A On The Stage

The new Mercedes EQ A concept, teased here, previews a small electric hatchback slotted just underneath the larger EQ. Unlike the SUV concept that came before it, the new EQ A looks much closer to production… at least from what we can tell in the teaser. The headlights, grille, and diffuser all look like something you might find on a production car, apart from the string of LED lights on the grille.

Mercedes-Benz gives very little in the way of details, apart from telling us that that the concept will be a “small electric vehicle;” most likely a hatchback. The EQ A will be joined the slightly larger, and likely updated EQ concept on stage in Frankfurt, the two sharing a similar design and proportions, and possibly even a platform.

It remains to be seen what kind of motor(s) might power the EQ A concept. The previous EQ SUV concept utilized two electric motors installed on both axles, providing a combined output of 402 horsepower (300 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of torque, and a range of around 310 miles (500 kilometers).

Both the EQ and EQ A will make up a range of electric vehicles reportedly slated for production in the next few years. The two concepts will be joined in Frankfurt by another fully electric concept under the Daimler umbrella, the Smart Vision EQ, which made its online debut in full just a few days ago.

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9 Comments on "Mercedes-Benz Teases Electric EQ A Crossover"

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philip d

Oh look, a fake grill. Sigh.


They will do like gm ,mâke à great plateform, s**** looks.

Rick Bronson

If a hatch/wagon has a AWD then it’s a crossover. So the real gap between these type of vehicles has disappeared.

Makes perfect sense for Benz to launch EQ A as a hatch/crossover since the market for these models are increasing and sedans are decreasing.


MB really needs to poach some of VWs graphic artists.


Looks like it will have terrible interior space.

john Doe

That’s kind of given – being a small car.
The interior space is also smaller due to modern car design. Looks like an isosceles trapezoid from the back.
I kind of blame wind tunnels and designers.
Not to mention customers. Remember the older Volvo station wagons, and how squre they were in the back. Could utilize all the space.

If you want a smaller model from Mercedes btw, you’ll end up with a Smart.


They still don’t get it. Does anyone think they’d style any other new vehicle that wasn’t an EV like this?!? WHY do they do it??

Apparently in their heads there’s some rule they must obey about the product having to look different because the tech underneath is different. But people want EVs that look just like other cars. The only exception is if the deviations make a real difference to efficiency or practicality! But instead they give us gimmicky children’s stuff.

To me, this just shows how they view EV buyers as special and rather odd. And at one percent of the market they may well be. But there’s a huge potential market and loads of people who are already open to EVs as they come with less inconvenience (even if seldom) and the infrastructure improved, and an even bigger segment that has yet to see the light so to speak, or the writing on the wall for the reluctant part of the market…

I hope there are more startups coming online, because the incumbents are asking to be disrupted.

Mark Garnett

Agreed, especially odd considering their previous full electric EV was styled almost exactly the same as the Petrol/Diesel equivalent. B-Class electric drive 2015-2017 (cease of production recently announced)


It really shows how far behind that they can’t even sure their production ready car, something that will definitely be built in the next 12-18 months. GM and Tesla both did this and generated keen interest in their vehicles.
The fact they stopped making their only EV is also an indication they are really only after the compliance market.
Never really been a fan of MB anyway, but it will be interesting if they persist with the EQ design, especially that obnoxious grill.