Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-In Hybrid Priced At $95,325

JUL 3 2015 BY MARK KANE 30

Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-in Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz S550 Plug-in Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz announced pricing of the new S550 Plug-in Hybrid.

This luxury vehicle will be one of the most expensive among plug-ins, starting at $95,325 (including $925 for destination charge).  However, that price is in line with the ICE S-Class, so no premium is being charge for the plug-in.

Official fuel economy isn’t yet available, but M-B expects ~18 miles of all-electric range on the 8.7 kWh battery.

80 kW electric motor is supporting a 329hp 3.0L turbo V6 to achieve 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and 130 mph top speed.

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Tesla killer

LOL, the base Tesla model at $75k has a higher top speed, same 0-60, no toxic gas with greater than 20 toxic ingredients, no fumes. The Tesla is more sporty/tech, the S more luxe. Thank you for the laugh AddLightness. Oh and by the way in NA the Model S outsold the MB S.

That sums up the differences nicely. No wonder the Tesla S outsells the Mercedes S (in the U.S.)


Not quite. In 2014, Mercedes sold 25,276 S-Class cars in the U.S., while Tesla sold only 17,300 in North America per InsideEVs (Tesla doesn’t break out U.S. sales separately). Mercedes sold an additional 1,094 S-Class in Canada in 2014, plus sold additional S-Class in Mexico.

this car isn’t targeted to the EV enthusiast, it is more targeted to the benzo enthusiast. the s-class is also much better appointed, as far as luxury goes, than is the model s.

as far as sales go, i don’t know what you’re talking about: both benzo s-class and tesla model s sell at about 2,000/month, so the sales are comparable.

Have to add that the Tesla has more cargo space and is AWD. The regular S550 offers AWD but the plugin version doesn’t seem to.


I’m glad you got a good laugh because my comment was 100% sarcasm 🙂

Like the ERl, or better: the Panamera, same price same arguments for and against it: Should be same sales: about 75-100 a month. Maybe even lower, because those two are direct competitors.

It looks like Mercedes Benz has deiced to go down to the beach and cover themselves in steaks and go jump in the ocean.

The reality personally I think if I had the money to spend I would buy a Tesla. In that you get access to the superchargers.

i find the european PHEV offerings to be somewhat underwhelming. i guess they are just trying to meet CAFE standards because the range offered in these cars is about half the minimum range that they should offer to provide a meaningful EV offering.

It will be interesting to see how PHEV versus BEV does in the luxury market.

In the economy market, you can’t get much more than ~80 miles of range such that PHEVs like the Volt become attractive.

But in the luxury market where you can pay $75K and get 240 miles of range plus free access to the Supercharger network . . . why bother with stinky gasoline, oil changes, smog checks, stinky exhaust, more repairs, etc.?

the kind of people who would want the s550 PHEV are people who would already want to buy a benz. the tesla model s isn’t really a “luxury” car in that it doesn’t have the appointments that you normally associate with a luxury car.

“picture me rollin’ in my 500 benz” – tupac

Tupac is dead. Will.i.Am drives a Tesla Model S.

Jay-Z drives a Tesla.

he’s got a tesla along with his benzo and bentley.

T.I.’s wife has a Red P85 and i think this other popular rapper Meek Mill is getting a Tesla as well

all these guys are influential in hip hop so it will be great if they do

Sure and they probably rip out the interior and replace it with entirely custom solution.

For that money I’d pick a Model S every time but make no mistake it’s not comparable in luxury with an S-Class. It just isn’t.

It is a very poor attempt from Mercedes to challenge Tesla. It is also an indication that Mercedes feels a potent threat. At any rate Tesla can and will lower the price too, especially when the price of a battery drops to $100 per Kwh. By then there is no chance for any ICE to challenge an electric car.

do you actually believe this stuff???

Do you actually believe Tesla is NOT a threat to Mercedes? Tesla is not stealing market share from Honda or Chevy.

no, i don’t.

Mercedes sold about 1.7 million cars in 2014. Puts the ~20,000 S-Class in the US in perspective …

There’s a reason EV drivers are so fanatical. Moving from ICE to EV feels like going from a horse and buggy to a modern automobile.

When is the Volt coming out again? I would rather have two of those.

Well if you factor in the tax credit, you could probably buy 3 and 1/2 Volts for 1 of these Benz cars.

meh..I’d get two used Teslas or ten used Leafs 🙂

The S Class is far above the Model S regarding luxury. You can geht a hot stone massage in the S class seats, the place where you rest your arm in longer drives is water cooled… And so on.

I think the s class will be electric only availabe when you can have a battery with 170-200 kWh and still sell for a reasonable price.

An 8.7 kWh battery; yet another mini-range PEV.


If you look at it the other way. !00 000 Mercedes Benz S-class buyers might opt to get the plug-in hybrid version for no extra cost.

Making this planet a little bit less dirty then it otherwise would be.

But for an environmentalist or someone interested in going green and/or electric as one of the main purposes? No, not the right car by a mile.

And don’t forget the gateway “drug” of starting to drive electric. This will most definitely make quite a few owners want to have increased range or even go BEV.