Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-In Hybrid Test Drive Video

NOV 6 2014 BY MARK KANE 18

Mercedes-Benz S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Mercedes-Benz S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Here is a short video with impressions from a Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-In Hybrid test drive in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“With the S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID, the first certified three-litre luxury saloon in the world, Mercedes-Benz Reporter Torie encounters a whole new driving experience: silent, fully electric and locally emission-free.”

We are curious how well such luxury plug-in cars will sell without a premium price above the comparable ICE version.

Looking at Germany stats, we see 774 S class registrations (all versions) in September and 9 plug-in hybrids for Mercedes. How high will that figure go when “volume” deliveries will begin?

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Wow.. I kind of like the instrument cluster. But the rest of the car looks very bland.

“encounters a whole new driving experience: silent, fully electric and locally emission-free.”

After having Tesla eat their lunch for a year or two, they NOW finally (partly) discover the luxuriousness of electric driving.

They invested in Tesla, which helped keep them afloat, used the investment as a cheap way of looking at ironing out the wrinkles of electrification, sold the shares at a huge profit and use Tesla to build the only BEV car they make’s batteries, as they don’t fancy assembling 18650 packs.
Meanwhile they put the expertise they have acquired to use to build what is in their view the most practical way to build a luxury electrified vehicle.
What is the matter with that?
It sounds pretty smart business to me.

Would have smarter to beat Tesla to this market. But the old fogies will be followers.

Wow – Compare and contrast this car with any level Model S and come away wondering why Germans aren’t flocking to Tesla dealerships! In Europe, nationalism runs strong and they’ll continue paying unheard-of Euros per gallon for diesel to drive these pathetic attempts at complying with zero emissions zones while a Tesla can charge at home and give better performance with 100% smooth, silky electric drive for 90% of all thier drives!

This is the Nokia of luxury cars. Or, possibly the Blackberry (with all those unnecessary buttons and switches).

German automakers will eventually have to satisfy new-thinkers, willing to buy an American product that clearly outperforms their native wares. It’ll take a generation or two, though. Think back to die-hard, WWII vets who wouldn’t have been caught dead driving Japanese nor German imports had kids that broke from tradition and bought that Golf or Accord because it was better. If
Tesla persists, they undoubtedly will see many more conquest sales overseas.

wow.. 20 miles. half of what a volt can do. you just use the charge mode to charge the battery burning gas on the highway and use it in cities simply moving emissions out of city.

German commutes are less than US ones on average, and they do more long distance travel.

That works well for the way the car was designed, charge at home and drive to work on electric, with any autobahn stretches on petrol.

Plus Model S drivers have got the clout to have a charger put in at their charging spaces at work.

Model S drivers generally don’t need to charge at work, though.

Getting that from the very optimistic european cycle, it is probably way less than 20 miles. In the video you can see some economy ratings. It gives electric drive a rating of 13.5kWh/100km, which would mean the battery is about 4.5kWh. About the size of the PiP battery. So yeah, I don’t think they will get 20 miles out of that.

Mercedes tell us that they will be upgrading the battery by 2016 in the same volume to give 50km on the NEDC, which they have to do to qualify for Chinese ZEV city car emissions, and China is one of their biggest markets, or maybe the biggest.

I am usually pretty cautious about taking at face value claims of much better batteries, but the lead times on this are not too long, as production in two years would mean that this is our of the lab and being tested on the road in small volume.

They still use a Key to start the car!!

Indeed. Not even my cheapo Renault EV required you to turn the key 🙂

It’s what their owners want. I bet the majority of them also have expensive wristwatches.

… Hot and totally unbiased …

Agree with Jesse Gurr here: An expensive car with a Prius’ battery. I thought the ‘500’ class was considered a ‘large’ car these days. Couldn’t they have shoe-horned in around a 24 kwh battery to give the thing an ‘HONEST’ 160 km (100 mile) all electric range, or maybe 90 km on the autobahn? Perhaps I’m just spoiled by my 2004 KIA Amante. I like my 2011 Volt and Roadster, but that Kia was the nicest car I’ve ever owned. Very much like this Mercedes, except for the price tag, (this was back when fancy Kias were cheap). Of course, the first thing Kia did was put a much larger engine in (unnecessary), and then discontinue it entirely. They have finally come out with a SOUL EV, but the gas model vehicle was always a CHEAP, quirky thing that appealled to high school and college males. They had a ‘volt killer’ called the Kia Ray, but then they totally changed the model, and don’t have it here anyway. So, I’m no longer a Kia customer. I know people are going to criticize me, saying my Roadster is ‘plain’. It is, but it has a decent battery in it so I… Read more »

But can you imagine this interior with a real battery? That would be awesome.

So would being beamed to 60, in 3.2, instead of 5.2. A very quiet, seamless push, versus a 2 second slower, raucus thrash. This is what Mercedes customers can expect.

Buttons… BUTTONS! Everywhere I see buttons!!!

I think Tesla should do the 3 day take-home test drive in Europe with Model S that BMW is doing with i3 here in the U.S..

Open-minded, eco-conscious Europeans will soon understand just how much better a Tesla is. Superchargers popping up all over surely helps.