Mercedes-Benz Could Roll Out Its Own Electric Car Brand


Mercedes-Benz - Long Range BEV

Mercedes-Benz – Long Range BEV

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz – long range BEV battery

A couple of weeks ago, Mercedes-Benz announced that all of its models will see some form of electrification in the near future. Following that announcement comes info the Mercedes might differentiate its electric cars from the rest of its stable by creating an electric car brand.

As German publication Handelsblatt reports:

“Daimler, the maker of Mercedes luxury cars, plans to roll out its own electric car brand to compete with Tesla Motors and reduce its dependency on classic fossil fuel-powered cars, people familiar with the matter told Handelsblatt.”

Mercedes is expected to formally launch this new brand this September at the Paris Motor Show where the automaker will unveil an electric SUV based on the GLC.

Mercedes hopes to launch its first long-range electric vehicle by 2020 at the latest. Several long-range M-Bs are in the works:

“With the unveiling of the new SUV concept in Paris in late September, Mercedes will make public its plans for a range of uniquely styled and engineered electric vehicles to be offered as an alternative to its existing range of more traditional petrol, diesel and hybrid models.”

Prior to announcing the electric car brand, a decision will be made by vote on July 20 among Daimler’s non-executive supervisory board.

Source: Handelsblatt

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Lots of “coulds” and “in the futures” and “have the capability tos” rolling around out there. Now it’s time to do something.

The VW Diesel gate scandal and subsequent $15 Billion penalty is finally waking up the European automakers … if they are held accountable for emissions, ICEs (especially diesels) no longer make economic sense. Will ssomeone please wake up Sergio Marchionne at FCA or his ICE dream will soon be a nightmare!

He keep asking where is the business model for electric cars.
I ask where is the business model for his trouble Chrysler brand. Where is the vision for his brand

this makes sense, daimler wants to protect the mercedes benz brand name so that when you think of a benz-o, a clear image comes to mind. there were apparently some criticisms about how well integrated the electric and ICE drive trains were in the benz-o, so it makes sense to create a separate brand that will give daimler more latitude to introduce new electric vehicles to new market segments. for example, if daimler were to sell an neighborhood electric vehicle, there is no way that they would be able to do so under the mercedes benz brand name.

“Could”? No, must. They either start building some good EVs or Tesla will continue eating their lunch.

Most car segments have been able to ignore EVs since they are so niche and expensive. But the luxury sedan market and now luxury SUV/CUV market have Tesla stealing significant amounts of market share. And this will only continue as the battery prices drop.

Their Fuel Cell Range Extended Research Vehicle, with a 100 mile Battery Range, plus some 350 or so Hydrogen miles, shows they could design some very different vehicle platforms, that really break MB style traditional packaging for vehicles! So why not fund a whole new brand for some amazing new EV and maybe decent AER PHEV’s, as well? What would happen if they had 4 new PHEV’s, each with 100+ miles AER? Compact, Mid-size, Full Size, and SUV! Add to that BEV’s with 220-350 miles Range! Since they are the first to partner with Tesla on EV drive trains, 1st, with the smarts ED, and later with the B200 ED, maybe now they should make another leap of faith, and with the new EV brand, partner with Tesla on the Supercharger Use and Expansion! Instant access to long range charging network, and it would cost them a ton less than VW Groups latest fines for their scandel! Imagine if every MB Dealership had installed 2-4 Superchargers, along with intercity Supercharger stations being Quadrupled by 2019! (double what Elon promised for end of 2017!) That, and make their PHEV’s as well as their BEV’s, Supercharger capable! All other Auto OEM’s would… Read more »

At this point in the game, any manufacturer that want to be taken seriously as a long range EV manufacturer is going to have to have a robust high speed charging network to support the car. Since none of them seem to want to actually do that it’s only logical that they join the Tesla Supercharger network.

when you start a separate brand it means you intend to keep doing the same s*** with existing brands. most of these existing auto companies have to die. they are incapable of adopting and changing completely.

So come on, give us some suggestions…. Smarts? Steinmetz?,someone must have a good one.

Without doubt, I would honor the German inventor of electrochemistry and father of the Nernst equation, Walther Nernst.

His knowledge lead to the understanding of how a battery can produce electricity.