Mercedes-Benz Road to Zero Emissions by Bart Herring – Video

JUN 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

Javier Mota (Autos 0-60) recently shared an interesting presentation: Mercedes-Benz Road to Zero Emissions.

Mercedes-Benz Road to Zero Emissions by Bart Herring

Mercedes-Benz Road to Zero Emissions by Bart Herring

Bart Herring, who is General Manager – Product Management at Mercedes-Benz USA, states that there is no single solution for the future drivetrains, and that Mercedes isn’t willing to put all eggs into one basket.

German manufacturer intends to:

  • continue improve fuel economy of conventional cars, including diesels
  • sees great potential in the hydrogen fuel cells, which apparently are the real thing
  • introduce more all-electric (BEV) as battery costs are falling, range is growing, and there are new opportunities with wireless charging (or higher power DC fast charging like 150 kW)
  • introduce a lot of hybrids/plug-in hybrids coming, which are a bridge to future zero emission (BEVs/FCVs)
  • Mercedes-Benz still will develop CNG and LNG alternatives

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Sounds like they have no idea what to do and are just spitballing.

aside from tesla, every major automaker of which i’m aware is conducting research into multiple platforms. general motors, for example, is investigating fuel cell technology also. the technology is far too immature, and there is far too much uncertainty about the future direction of zero-emission technology for a company to put all its eggs in one basket. tesla is a different case because they are a niche auto maker.

As of now yes… As of now

Exactly. Appears that they are in panic mode.

Wanna get scammed for another century? Go with fool cells.

“…Mercedes is not willing to put all eggs in one basket”. No, just one egg in the gasoline basket and the other egg in the diesel basket.

MB apparently doesn’t take seriously the various governments of the world when they say they intend to cut CO2 emissions by 80-95%. Fiddling around with injection systems makes sense if you’re shooting for 5% cuts, but it’s categorically not permissible at all if we’re going to have any chance of reaching the two degree goal!

“fiddling around” with injection systems *and* introducing phev’s can make a big difference.

The writing is not written on the wall that BEVs will take over it is carved in stone at this point…

The ICE manufactures have 100 years of ICE investment that distorts what the see or they are simply unwilling to state the truth in public…

Most of the manufactures are really only dipping a toe in with fool cells and spreading costs with other manufactures which tells me they dont even beleive in it…

If I were a large car company with tens of billions in old tech, I’d say exactly what this article covers. It’s full of phrases and verbiage to mislead the average consumer into thinking that there isn’t a consensus, that there isn’t clear science, and that there’s many roads to the future.

(TSLA fanboy alert!) Once the model 3 and the self driving Nissan leaf come out and show the world that a steering wheel is for pensioners, these traditional car companies will be left with not much but their worthless heritage and a plummeting stock price. Sub-prime auto bubble (idea stolen from Julian) anyone?

What if large car companies manage to buy political leaders around the world to throw out climate change science and continue to mislead average consumers? IMO the BREXIT vote and the rise of Trump in American politics is an indication that the average consumer is being duped.

I would vote for GASXIT.

It would have been possible before, but now the numbers are in the favour of renewables and clean energy. Coal companies are shutting down every day, the oil market is slowly but shurely collapsing, and with India and China, the two markets with the room for the biggest improvement of energy systems and cars, lining up for clean energy, every politician, spokeperson or business (yes, Koch brothers, I’m talking about you too) that still wants to push fossil fuels, is a short-sited idiot living in the past, close to it’s doom.

Wait a minute, I want an electric vehicle but I don’t want a self driving car. That’s two different things that shouldn’t be confused.

When Tesla Model 3 owners start taking friends for rides, MB, BMW, & Audi will discover they are losing more buyers to Tesla, as people line up to get their own Tesla, even behind all those who pre-reserved one!

Even the Bolt will put pressure on their current B series ED buyers!

Daimler is totally delusional about fool cells