Mercedes-Benz Releases Series Of B-Class Electric Drive Videos


2014 B-Class Electric DriveMercedes-Benz presented two new instructional videos on driving tips and charging of the new B-Class Electric Drive.

The German car was introduced this summer in the US and its brings onto the market some new features like regenerative braking with input from the front rada.

On the charging side, Mercedes-Benz sticks with J1772 (up to 9.6 kW, we should add).

Below we included a previous presentation of the car too (so, 3 videos in total).

“The 2014 B-Class Electric drive is the most efficient, fun to drive zero-emission vehicle on the road. It’s easy to maneuver, eager to merge, suitable for most any commute, and simple to plug in and charge. Get the most out of your B-Class Electric Drive with the driving tips shared in this video.”

“The B-Class is powered by an advanced high voltage battery pack. As you drive, the battery charge is consumed, much the way a conventional car uses gasoline. Learn more about your B-Class Electric Drive, and how to re-charge your vehicle in this video.”

“Mercedes-Benz pioneered its first all-electric vehicles in 1906. A century later, the B-Class Electric Drive is a new first among EVs, because it’s foremost a Mercedes-Benz. Engineered not just as an alternative to gasoline, it’s also a roomy, versatile alternative to EV compromises. You’ll learn more about the B-Class Electric Drive in this in-depth video walk around.”

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Ooohhoooh… “recuperation”. What, is the car ill?

Why can’t they just call it regeneration like everyone else?

I like the heated windshield for defrosting.

ugly euro van

Not only that, it also shows those ugly old fashion gasoline type needle indicators instead of digital ones, they even go to the extent of using a gasoline gauge type approximation for the battery state of charge indication instead of percents. In more they should rather say go down to maximum 9.6 KW charge rate since it can’t go any faster, no supercharge capability here. With this car the Lexus anti EV campaign gets real, you are indeed stuck along the rood charging for 4 and more hours.