Mercedes-Benz Releases Electric CUV Teaser Video


Mercedes-Benz has just released a brief teaser video for its upcoming electric CUV.

M-B is expected to showcase and release details on this pure electric crossover at the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show, but ahead of that grand reveal, the automaker released this brief tease.

Video description:

“Mercedes has teased its first all-new electric model ahead of its reveal at the 2016 Paris motor show.”

Few details are known at this time in connection with M-B’s electric CUV. However, the automaker has announced some targets, which include range of up to 310 miles (likely NEDC), an expected on-sale date of early 2019 and a likely name of EQG.

This electric Mercedes is but one of up to 9 new BEVs expected to be sold by M-B by 2024.

Source: Autocar

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i’ve been trying to avoid mercedes-benz articles lately as someone who is struggling to overcome s-class addiction. however, i recently found myself browsing the ebay website and figured that i might be able to afford a used w222 b#@z-o in a couple of years (i could swing a w221 b#@z-o, but people would know that i had bought a used b#@z-o).

it might be interesting what mercedes-benz rolls out in the next couple of years. i’m starting to think that mercedes-benz may not be putting so much effort into phev’s because they are planning to instead go for a hybrid fcev/bev hybrid approach. that’s not something that they would introduce today, but it is conceivable (indeed, i would suggest it to be likely) within the 8 year product planning window that mercedes-benz has announced.

Remember . . . no plug, no sale.

like many people, i’d get the b#@z-o first, and then i’d get a tesla.

What?!? You aren’t going to get a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black?

And here I thought you were all Baller and all that…



who do you think i am? bill howland? if i had “baller” money, i’d be rolling s65 amg! this s-class coupe is tight:

Blue lights on the exterior of a car are illegal in my state.

It’s a concept and quite possibly may only be sold in a handful of ZEV states…

it also has no mirrors and it is just sand bagging until they get their act together and actually come out with something good.

Concepts never make it in production, so it won’t be sold at all. You din’t need to worry about it.

Same in my state. Hopefully it is just typical concept car fluff, and won’t make it into production. Sorta like original Volt concept vs. production Volt.

Where is the Mercedes-Benz Supercharger network video?

If it charges as “fast” as MB 250e then the network of sockets is vast.

They will most likely use Tesla’s.

Based on what? Smart (a division of Mercedes) is a member of the SAE using the J1772 standard.

And Mercedes is a division of Daimler which has signed on for CCS charging.

Based on the fact they have a Tesla powertrain currently.

That’s bad logic. Mercedes sold their Tesla stock and there has been no work with Tesla since the Mercedes B-class.

And that thing doesn’t have ANY DC fast charge ability. And as KDawg pointed out, Mercedes committed themselves to SAE-CCS for DC fast-charging.

Yes..and through actions and words they seemed to be miffed that people where intimating that they were riding on Tesla’s coat-tails.

My take is that to put that baby to bed they sold their stock, and parted ways with Tesla. Saying look: we can do it ourselves and we don’t need Tesla.

IMO in 2008 the number of new cars being sold was going through the floor, merc released their 60 kWh AMG ED concept and it bombed and there were a number of new start-ups coming out of the wood work making really slow, ugly cars like the g-wiz, blade electron, C1 evee, coda, twizy, etc.. what was worse is that people were buying them. In the new post-gfc world Mercedes had a very big problem, no one wanted a luxury car that screamed “I’m filthy rich”. That was when they jumped in bed with Tesla they put the head of their EV development program on the Tesla board, invested $50 million, opened up their spare parts bins, and pushed Tesla, buying drive trains from them and in general encouraging them however they could. The result has been great, EV’s are now sexy and expensive a space were Merc can compete. I don’t think they’ll go down the propitiatory fast charger path and I also don’t think they’ll go back to Tesla but you never know. I am not even sure they’ll enter the pure electric space sticking to range extenders and PHEV’s with the occasional BEV concept to test the… Read more »

They sold their stock in TSLA long before they reduced their collaboration with them. They sold their stocks in TSLA in order to pocket the massive profit they had made getting in early. It wasn’t because they were unhappy.

That’s the crazy thing about stocks. You can’t actually realize any profits until you sell them. So even when you are totally right about investing in a stock and you sell it for a massive profit, some folks will think you were somehow wrong, or dumping a bad stock just because you sold and realized a huge gain.

Whether a car can supercharge in 2016 or 2017 is probably a very relevant issue.

But if it is still as big an issue in 2019/2020, then there will be a bigger problem to worry about.

Because by that timeframe, the world should already be well on the way to having a fast charging alternative to the supercharger already becoming available. And if that hasn’t already started, the EV revolution won’t see the kind of sea-change we want to see entering the 2020’s.

It looks like they’re only revealing a concept like all the luxury brands who claim to have lofty plans for EVs. Those teaser shots remind me of that autonomous concept they had last year more than anything that would work as a production model.

Well, it takes years to design a new car so it is going to take a while. First, they thought that they could get away with just compliance cars. Then they grudgingly moved into making PHEVs. And now with Tesla eating their lunch, they have FINALLY realized that they need to build pure electrics so they are a bit behind the ball.

BMW is the only German company that seemed to make an early move toward plug-ins.

I’m not going to claim that MB has been some big leader in EV’s (they haven’t). But they did happen to make a few thousand of their Smart Electric Drive’s available to the public in certain parts of the world for lease starting in 2009, the exact same year that BMW started leasing out Mini E’s.

The limited production Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive in 2013 actually beat the i8 to the market, while the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive followed a year behind the i3.

Since then, there has been the Mercedes-Benz S 500 e (2014), Mercedes-Benz C 350 e (2015), BMW X5 xDrive40e (2015), BMW 330e iPerformance (2015), Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 e (2016), Mercedes-Benz GLE 550e (2016), and BMW 740e iPerformance (2016) that have been sold in various markets around the world.

Obviously MB has yet to find produce a car as successful in total sales as the BMW i3, but they’ve been matching BMW to market quite remarkably, trading releases back and forth for the last 7 years.

Hopefully they will finally get the technically right and make something that gets huge sales.

There is a purpose to concept cars. They are used to gauge public reaction, and that public reaction is indeed used to finalize design and ultimately to decide whether to green light a car for production.

So all I’m going to say about this car is that the range looks great to me (anything over 200 is great in my opinion). Oh, and that a CUV would be a very nice addition to the current choices of EV’s.

Considering how early MB chose to get involved with backing EV’s with their very early investment in Tesla at a very critical time, I’m not going to join the bashers in going after MB for somehow not being green enough, or putting out too many concept cars that don’t come to market as fast as we want them to.

Are you ready to change, Mercedes?



How about blue lighted fake exhaust ports?

..a ‘Blue Light Special?’

They need to cool the ICE somehow. Uups, did I say anything wrong?

There’s only a teaser glimpse of the interior of course, but what I can see I like.

The way they appear to have used multiple smaller touch screens, gracefully integrated into the console and dash is appealing to me. It is the kind of attention to detail one expects from a luxury brand.

I love the Tesla power train and Supercharger network, but so far their U.I. leaves me cold.

Isn’t the B class a CUV already?

No, B-class interior is similar to the LEAF and e-Golf (maybe a little more headroom). Like the LEAF and e-Golf, it has a little more than 20 cu ft of cargo space with the rear seats up.

In contrast, the RAV4 EV, which folks think of as a CUV, has much more cargo space (38.4 cu ft) and a lot more space for rear passengers. It also rides a bit higher than the B-class.

EPA puts it in their “Midsize Cars” class, with:

Passenger Volume 90ft3 (4-door)
Luggage Volume 22ft3 (4-door)
=112 total

Just a hair behind the Leaf which the EPA rates at 92/24 (116 total), and the Kia Soul electric,
which is 97/19 (116 total)

So if you consider the Leaf and Soul to be CUV’s, then I guess the MB would count too. I’m not sure I would go there, but the CUV category is so undefined that I’m not going to judge what other people might consider a CUV or not.

Launch date of early 2019 is good to hear compared to VW’s ID launch date of 2020.

By this time, Model-3 will be all around.
Seems MB & VW are hand in hand in delaying Electric cars.