Mercedes-Benz Launches E 350 e PHEV – Details Revealed


Mercedes E 350e From Its Debut At The 2016 NAIAS (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Mercedes E 350e From Its Debut At The 2016 NAIAS (InsideEVs/Tom Moloughney)

Mercedes-Benz has revealed specific details regarding its upcoming E 350 e PHEV (unveiled in the US recently at the NAIAS in January), including specs, assistance system, and DRIVE PILOT.

The specific details are still Euro-based, but the company also notes that the E 350e will arrive in the US in late 2016.

E-Class Interior

E-Class Interior


  • 0-100 km/h (0-62 MPH) in 6.2 seconds
  • 210 kW (286 hp) combined four-cylinder and electric motor
  • 30 km (18.6 miles) of all-electric range (assumed based on NEDC scale – so like a dozen or so miles of real-world/EPA range)
  • 2.1 liters per 100 km (112 mpg) fuel consumption
  • All-electric top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph)
  • AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension
  • Pre-entry climate control via Smartphone app
  • 6.2 kW/hr lithium-ion battery
  • 3 hour charging time via standard plug

4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive with ESP stability control and the 4ETS (electronic traction system) will be standard on all E-Class vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class has become the first production vehicle to receive a testing license for autonomous driving in Nevada. To do the testing, the company only has to make a few simple adjustments to the software for the assistance system. No changes to hardware are necessary.

E 350e From Its World Debut Earlier This Year In Detroit

E 350e From Its World Debut Earlier This Year In Detroit

A Look Inside The E 350 e - Arriving Later This Year (InsideEVs/Tom Mouloughney)

A Look Inside The E 350 e – Arriving Later This Year (InsideEVs/Tom Mouloughney) – click to enlarge

Assistance system highlights:

  • Detects danger
  • Warns and intervenes if necessary
  • Detects inattentiveness and drowsiness
  • Assists with crosswinds
  • Applies Active Brake Assist
  • Assists and lessens common stresses of traditional driving

The E-Class has also added a new, more advanced, optional driving assistance package called DRIVE PILOT.

DRIVE PILOT highlights:

  • Semi-autonomous driving
  • Autonomous braking
  • DISTRONIC Distance Pilot (automatically maintains safe distances)
  • Steering Pilot (maintains lane up to 210 km/h (130 MPH))
  • Auto operation of the gas pedal and the brake
  • COMAND online function to detect speed limit signs
  • Active Emergency Stop Assist
  • Active Lane Change Assist
  • Evasive Steering Assist

Pricing has not yet been announced.

Source: Green Car Congress

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HA! 18 miles AER… The petro-automobile cartel is playing us again! More over they harvest our incentives for lame hybrids not worth being called “electrics”.

Mercedes is shooting themselves in the foot and they don’t know it yet.

When Mercedes buyers experience any 100% electric driving, such a small percent will not be enough.

If Mercedes doesn’t have a pure electric, or nearly pure electric by the time the leases and/or newness of these cars wears off, their buyers will look elsewhere to find a more electric car.

Tesla has a lot to gain from all these modest partial hybrid entries into the luxury market.

I have owned one or the other Mercedes since the year 2000…however, since I got a 2013 Leaf 3 years ago, and now have a 2016 Leaf, I can no longer go back to gas driving, no matter how cozy the interior, how many the cylinders and how much the horsepower and how cushy the ride…

I still have a 10 year old Mercedes around as a backup family car, but I do not see myself every buying/leasing a new gasoline car EVER in my lifetime!!!

Wow. Nice cockpit, with pilot when you want it. Great idea.

They call this Electric? And how much is it?

Every car with a 12v battery should be called electric

Good one

🙂 🙂

For less money they could have went full battery or a tiny REx and a bigger pack.

Pathetic waste of engineering talent. GM is far superior in their engineering advances with EV’s.

If GM’s superior engineering advances include the ability to pick up the phone, call LG and ask them to build the battery pack, battery heater, electric drive motor, power inverter module, electric climate control system compressor, on-board charger, high-power distribution module, accessory power module and power line communication module for the 2017 Bolt, then yeah – you’d be correct.


I’d say GM’s superior engineering advances includes a PHEV that can run to its top speed on battery only, gets better MPG than another “luxury performance” PHEV that’s nearly 700 pounds lighter (with better performance, to boot), can run for hundreds of thousands of miles with no appreciable deterioration of battery capacity, and is the most reliable vehicle in its class.

When it comes to PHEV engineering, GM is so far ahead of everyone else that it’s comical.

Waste of time as nobody will be bothered to plug it in for 10-20 miles so you end up with a slightly more efficient ICE. Need to stop giving government money to any PHEV with below some meaningful EV only range like 50 miles.

Agreed! Most owners of a 60-75K sedan aren’t going to bother getting those 15miles extra of range unless gas was into the $15-20/gal range.

6.2 kWh? That battery is less than 50% bigger than the Plug-in Prius Gen 1! As ugly as the new Prius Prime might be, it has at least almost half as big a battery as the Volt!

By the time these OEM’s figure it out, Tesla will have delivered a Million vehicles, and have 2 Million in Reservations! Tesla wil have started Gigafactory #2 & #3!

By Bye Mercedes.

I have 15.8 kWh battery in my Zero SR electric motorcycle. I just don’t get why vehicles this size have such tiny batteries.

Big Oil is the largest shareholder of Daimler (Mercedes Benz).

The new Volt wipes the floor with this

Even Barney iMiev has a higher end all electric speed of 84 mph. What is going on here?

Barney iMiev need only half the kW to accieve the same speed since it weights 1/3 of the Mercedes on has 1/2 of the frontal area 😉


Ok, only changes to software are needed for autonomous driving!

This means Mercedes is ahead of Tesla?

I really don’t get it. Why even bother making it a plug-in with such a small battery?

And in the USA, the government will pay for the battery up to 16KWH!

I guess these are designed to game the European grams of CO2 per km regulations.

Aren’t there European regulations starting soon which require zero emissions through city limits.

Yes, but with only a dozen miles you could not make it through many cities on ev alone. I dont doubt it meets the regulation though.

You can. Most limited zones are or will be smaller that that.

Highways are usually excepted from such requirements, even if they run through the zone. It is basicly the last mile which will only be accessible by ZEV.

But in most countries, population will not accept this easily anyway.

12Miles EV-Range in EPA/Cycle?
Shame on you Mercedes Benz!

6,2kWh haha! That’s like six car batteries or half of my home built electric bike. Horrible!

I want this battery for my IPhone plus

Don’t worry, soon you will get one of these cars for free for every IPhone plus you buy.

E-Class (E)

Watt a joke!

what a s***
i am from austria,was mercedes driver for 20 years,then porsche cayenne turbo,and since jan.2013…..
zotye 5008ev,nissan leaf and model s,the best 3 years of my automotive life,made 2 reservations of model 3,german car makers will die soon,hard to belive,but nokia made the same mistake

Hi xado, nice to know you could buy a zotye in austria.

kill it with fire.

This is a pure EU city center zero emissions ploy, where most wealthy owners will never even bother to plug it in. They will just run it on gas everywhere and use the gas motor to charge the battery. Then switch it to EV mode only if they are being followed by a cop to get back into momentary compliance with the law.