Mercedes-Benz To Launch 4 Electric Cars By 2020


Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo

Mercedes-Benz "Concept IAA" (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile): Digital Transformer

Mercedes-Benz “Concept IAA” (Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile): Digital Transformer

Just a few days ago, Germany officially approved a huge incentive plan for electric cars. That prompted Mercedes-Benz to announce that it’s moving forward plans to develop four new electric cars.

As Autocar reports:

“The plans have been orchestrated by Mercedes-Benz’s outgoing R&D boss, Thomas Weber, and call for four new electric models to join the Mercedes line-up by the end of 2020.”

Among those four vehicles will be two electric SUVs and a pair of electric sedans. Autocar adds:

“Each is set to share the basic elements of a more conventionally powered sibling, including so-called hard points such the windscreen and roof structure. However, there will be unique design touches to make them instantly recognisable as zero emissions vehicles, according to insiders privy to the proposals for the four models.”

The goal for Mercedes-Benz will be to take direct aim at Tesla Motors (isn’t it always?), who has been eating Mercedes high-end lunch of late.

Few details are known as to what we should expect from Mercedes in the electric vehicle space, but Autocar speculates that the “saloons will be based around the C-Class and S-Class and the SUVs will share common links with the GLA and GLC.”

What we do know is that range for each of the vehicles will be above the minimum set forth by Weber. That minimum is 250 miles/400 km of real-world range.

So, in conclusion, we’ll see four electric Mercedes in two distinct body formats with range of 250-plus miles by 2020.

Source: Autocar

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Warren M

Crazy the call it an intelligent aerodynamic vehicle, when the front end looks so unaerodynamic.


That’s two different vehicles in the pictures above.


Looks like MB didn’t get the memo that EVs no longer have to be ugly.


“However, there will be unique design touches to make them instantly recognisable” had better not translate to: “as you can see from our concept cars, we believe that all EVs must look super-weird.”
I hope it simply means “we will remove the front grille, the hump in the back row floor, and delete the brightwork that does nothing for aerodynamics.”


Is that 250 European miles?


A mile is about 1.6 km.

250 miles is about 400 km.


You misunderstood. Is that 250 miles using the European testing methods, thus it would be much less in the US?

Liz in Texas

They said “real-world miles,” so I expect that is not NEDC miles.


Europeans do not use miles, they use kilometers. The range is 400 km.


See my reply above

Someone out there

By 2019-2020 there will be a lot of 200+ mile EVs. We are approaching mainstream quickly now.


What about a EVSE network for long distance travel that has integrated EVSE locations built into the navigation system? Without that, these vehicles are limited and cannot compete well with Tesla.


German government recently approved 300 mln euros for battery charging network. 200 mln out of that is for fast chargers along highways. Tesla’s proprietary walled garden charging network starts looking as dead end Betamax in Europe.

Get Real

LOL, dream on zzzzzz.

The German OEMs are at least 5 years behind Tesla at this point and once the Model 3 arrives they will be in a world of hurt with nothing competitive at that price point.

Nonetheless, this is good news as it is going to take everyone to make this transition to sustainable transportation work.

And all of these actions by the Germans are a DIRECT RESULT of competition with Tesla putting unrelenting pressure on the laggard German OEMs and government to get off their asses and start the transition.

Its called the “Tesla Effect”.


Yes, sure. When Tesla will inevitably collapse and will be sold out because of financial mismanagement (just like real Tesla in 1916), you will still able to claim that it saved the world and worship your supreme leader pumping another stock 😉


Why do you want it to collapse so badly? Do you want corrupt German companies with past Nazi ties to dominate the EV market at the expense of American entrepreneurs who aren’t fascist real estate fraudsters? Why do you hate America?


Your imagination is going through the roof really, are you ok?

I don’t want T. to collapse, I want it to become civil company that can play nice without getting into hostile position towards other electric car makers with walled garden charging network, name calling and pumping imagination of all kind of fanatics. Unfortunately it looks as easy as to teach pigs fly. It is financial pyramid which survival depends on more and more pumping of wild imaginary targets to sell penny stock at high prices. Just like in “Wall street wolf”. You may dream whatever you want, but T. financial reports don’t show anything good, and I’m talking about reality, not wishful dreams.

Get Real

Tesla’s inevitable collapse?

Well zzzz, not only are you dreaming, you have now crossed into what is almost certainly a wet dream and will eventually wake up realizing that the reality is different from your fantasies.


Dear MB, too little too late


Tesla showed a working model 3 yet everyone is skeptical of their production dates. And all these not yet designed EVs by Hyundai MB VW Ford supposed to be in the market by 2019/20?
It is fun to see them all rushing to get something out. Future of EVs looking good!


Audi was famous for showing working electric car prototypes for many years that rarely went into production and was target of EV fans because that. You can show anything, it is small step on the long way to mass production. Tesla right now has no money for 0.5 mln/year production and no service network to service all these cars, and no full size gigafactory as promised. That is 6 or so share dilutions after Musk promised no more dilutions. No chance you will ever see model 3 in 2017 for $35k, or at any time for $35k.

Get Real

More BS FUD from a serial Tesla hater, hell even top Audi executive was honest in saying that Tesla has done everything right.


More blind defense from cult member. Yes, Tesla engineers done many things right, but business decisions still make it loose investor money and ask more and more of it, with no end in sight.


Audi’s Director of Battery Electric Vehicles is a blind Tesla cult member? That’s impressive!

Get Real

Tesla makes an excellent margin on all their cars.

What you spitefully call “loosing” money is properly termed as investments in its rapidly expanding footprint and market share but you wouldn’t understand that.



I’ll believe it when I see it. Hope the production models are better looking than those concepts. Ugh.

So many car companies talking up their EV plans in the wake of Tesla’s M3 reveal, it’s hard to sort the nonsense from the serious plans at this point.

Are they going to invest in nationwide fast charging infrastructure in the U.S? If not, they won’t be able to compete head to head with Tesla here.


Seriously grills are so last decade!
Anyone serious about building EVs is getting rid of those as fast as they can.