Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV Seen Charging At Tesla Destination Charger


As Mercedes is out winter testing its upcoming all-electric EQC SUV, it’s shown charging at a Tesla Destination Charger?

This may not seem like an issue if you understand how Tesla tends to set up its Destination Chargers. As Teslarati explains, the charging points in Europe offer a red and white unit. While the red is for Tesla vehicles, the white is available to all.

Confusion from initial reports states that the Mercedes-Benz EQC was charging at a Tesla-exclusive (red) charging point in Sweden, but Tesla has confirmed that’s not the case. In fact, an automaker rep explained that the EQC was charging at one of two universal charging points incorrectly labeled as Tesla-only units.

This calls into question the usual debate that these upcoming legacy automakers’ all-electric vehicles may struggle without a charging network. However, this is not so much of an issue in Europe, due to its high level of EV adoption and numerous public charging options. Similarly, in the U.S., charging infrastructure is beginning to expand nicely.

By the time many of these upcoming offerings arrive on our shores and are in the hands of numerous drivers, continuing infrastructure growth may curtail any major concerns. And, let’s not forget, if you charge at home and don’t take frequent road trips, lack of public charging may not even matter.

It’s important to note that Daimler had a working relationship with Tesla in the past. The two companies could easily join hands again in the future, and both have alluded to the possibility. However, we deal with a number of announcements about potential partnerships that never come to be. We’re still waiting on news about GM’s reported investment considerations surrounding Rivian.

At any rate, check out the video above and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via car engine and sport on YouTube:

Mercedes EQC (2019): Winter test in Sweden – Bloch explains # 56 | car motor & sport

Go hard or go home! In this episode Alexander Bloch reports from the far north – more precisely Arvidsjaur in Sweden. Here he accompanies Mercedes during the last test drives with the new EQC. What can Stromer do when temperatures drop and snow falls? At what cost does the auto industry test? Where does the term Erlkönig come from? All these questions are clarified.

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Must be a slow news day then?
The EQC Uses CCS and the destination charger will have a type 2 plug, So what if the charger was incorrectly labelled?
I’ve charged my Outlander at a Tesla Destination Charger.

I would have imagined that Mercedes would had been using a full CCS Charger but hey, sometime you have no choice. If it is available and it works… Great.


I don’t understand the appeal of a bulky CCS plug over a Tesla plug. All EVs should be using the sleek Tesla plug.
The bulky CCS was probably created by oil cartel funded engineers to scare potential EV car buyers. Inconstancy in plug design and usage makes the decision to buy an EV unnecessarily complicated for some people.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

Agree. I much prefer the Tesla plug. My wife is worse and hates the bulkier plugs and avoids using them whenever possible.

No wonder new cars struggle in Canadian winters. Testing in Arvidsjaur, Sweden doesn’t subject cars to the temperatures that much of Canada and some of the northern states experience. Average minimum temperatures in January in Ottawa are colder never mind Winnipeg or Saskatoon or Thunder Bay.

The entire population of Ottawa is less than 1 million. I’m sure car manufacturers are terrified by the implications!

Lots of manufacturers do their cold weather testing in Canada. Mercedes likely also uses climate chambers to test extreme conditions.

If Ottowa has worse winter climat than Arvidsjaur, I pity all in Ottowa.

It can be really cold (about -40) there, but how many car customers live in areas like that? In some areas, there may be a need for special vehicles. I’ve even been in areas where I would not drive an EV in special winter situations. Full tank of fuel, a winter rated sleeping bag, showel, extra clothing, extra fuel, extra food and snacks.. and so on.
I remember when I was in the military, and we had to start a fire under some (large special) vehicles that had not been used for days. Even more normal cars had problems with those temperatures. The foam in the seat felt like cold concrete to begin with, and the tires was not circular the first few km.
We used Superpiss wiper fluid from Finland, so we knew it could handle the temperature.

Trivia from a physics nerd: -40 F is the same as -40 C

I suggest looking at a map, sweden is located where northern Canada and Alaska is on latitude.

Average temperature in Ottowa in january is 22F high, 6F low. Arvidsjaur, Sweden in January averages 20F high, 5F low.

Aka, sweden is colder than Ottowa!

Is it colder than a witch’s left tit?

It couldn’t possibly be THAT cold! 😬