Mercedes-Benz EQC: Drive Silently, Celebrate Loudly In Song: Video

DEC 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

Mercedes-Benz encourages one to drive silent, but celebrate loud

Mercedes-Benz once again presents the EQC, highlighting the silence of its electric car, which suggest that it will be one of the quietest EVs on the market – at least it should be as it is a Mercedes.

Anyways, because production will begin next summer, we will not be able to sample the perfect silence and timeless elegance in the spirit of Christmas contemplation. Maybe next year.

“With Mercedes-Benz EQ you can loudly enjoy driving the silence. Get quiet, feel the rhythm and celebrate loud – watch how less noise can sometimes lead to the perfect song. This singing family definitely got us in the Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays! #switchtoEQ

The new, fully electric EQC from Mercedes-Benz combines “Electric Intelligence” with almost perfect silence and timeless elegance in the spirit of Christmas contemplation.

The first fully electric Mercedes-Benz EQC glides almost silently through the white winter landscape. With its unique acoustic comfort and the meticulously insulated interior, the EQC is virtually unaffected by the outside world and even the softest sighs of its passengers. The electric vehicle provides its passengers with the perfect platform for self-sung Christmas songs. Musical families can sing their favourite Christmas carols such as “Jingle Bells”, “Deck the Halls” or “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” as loudly or quietly as they wish.”

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4 Comments on "Mercedes-Benz EQC: Drive Silently, Celebrate Loudly In Song: Video"

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Ah, I like investments into EV Ads.

Hopefully Daimler is going to sell these a little sooner and not a little later.

wtf did i just see?! 😀

I know. This is an Anti-Sell “commercial”.
Did you hear the loudness of those wipers? I’d fire the wiper engineer.

And they could be making a valid point with Really Good Music, and they chose this?

MB doesn’t want to sell this car, and will go bankrupt, because Tesla will sell electric and get the sales.

I’d driving the BMW i3 and enjoying great music, and i will never buy a gas/diesel again in my life.
I’m also enjoying smooth strong power and a nice suspension, with no engine noise, no transmission shifts, no lurching, no exhaust noise, and with REGEN no brake noise either.

EU passes emissions cuts target, no word yet on badly polluting commercials cuts.