Another Look At The Mercedes-Benz EQA (Now In White) – Video

NOV 20 2017 BY MARK KANE 19

It turns out that the Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept had a sneak peak preview in Germany, prior to the official public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show (and the follow-up this month in Tokyo – live pics/videos of which below).

Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept

While the concept shown at the Frankfurt show was silver, this one is white.

The video from the preview has now been released by the German manufacturer , so we can compare, which we like better.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA specs:

  • more tha 60 kWh battery
  • more than 249 miles (400 kilometers) NEDC range (probably more like 200 miles /321 km real world/EPA driving)
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mpg) in 5 seconds

And the silver version – this time from the stage at the Tokyo Motor Show:

Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept

Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept

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19 Comments on "Another Look At The Mercedes-Benz EQA (Now In White) – Video"

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That front end looks worse in white. I really hope they don’t decide to have that in the final production version

Performance Specs look similar to a Bolt but I am sure the price tag will be S75 or higher range. Me thinks MB will have to do better than that to take the shine off of a Tesla.

If a nice interior and sporty looks really sold EVs than the Caddy ELR would have been a winner, rather than a laggard. I test drove one and it was just too much like my Volt to warrant the 75000$ price tag.

Me thinks Mercedes Benz will be fine regardless.

Well I would be all in for an affordable MB with those specs. Here is to hoping that it is a competitive car.

But isn’t like your whole thesis based on the assumption that it will be more expensive?

There is of course no information out there to prove, or disprove your point, but still…

If you assume it’s overpriced, then yea MB would have a uncompetitive product. And if not, then not.

All we know are the specks, 60kWh, 0-62 in 5s. And those look really good.

Mike, no such thing as “75000$” in the US the $ sign goes before the numbers and MB makes cars NOT for US only. In Germany MB sells a lot of non luxury vehicles for domestic market.

I like the looks. I really do. But now they need to get it into production and on to the streets. Adding new colors to concepts doesn’t do it for anyone. By the time German automakers finally unveil their beautiful new EV’s in actual dealership showrooms, people are driving by in Model 3’s.

Model3 deliveries outside of NA before 2019? Good luck.

EQA is also coming in 2019, probably same time globally as Model3.

Sorry, EQC coming in 2019. EQA scheduled for 2020.

Anyway: 100+ Long-range competitive EVs coming from large companies between 2018-2025.

Many of the 100+ based on dedicated EV platforms.

What I like the most about the EQC and the EQA are the modulair batteries. The customer can order the number of modules that fits its needs best (within limits).

Front end has too many competing visual element details… less is more.

It is hiding cameras

Way better than BMW and their bycicle tire(i3) electric car.

Wow was more interested in that blonde than the car….

Hmmmm! I See what you mean, although as CDAVIS said:

Her front end has many competing visual elements.

What is the point to do the same concept in multiple colors?

They are wasting their time with pointless concepts, while they are a decade behind on the important bits….

Yeah, the front doesn’t seem 100% plausible to me. It’s hard to see how that polished black hood makes it into production. You can see at :36 (and at other moments) how the mirrored hood surface will behave in the sun. Alaska State Troopers have a black snout on all their vehicles to improve glare performance – but it’s matte paint, like on the FCA Grand Cherokee. Polished black has the reverse effect.

Gotta hand it to the german automakers, they always have the best headlight and taillight designs.

If I saw that taillight design as an aftermarket add on for my car, I would pay more than I’m willing to admit to have it.

Came back from Germany, after testdrive of the coming electric version of the Vito van, called e-vito. Only from the ground up EVs will be called EQ btw. It is fitted with 3 batteries from Mercedes hybrids (total about 40km/h). It’s fitted with a weak 83kw motor, to increase range to abouy 150 real world km. Can carry a metric ton of goods. No hitch, but a full roof system identical to the regular Vito. It looks like it can be fitted with a hitch but Mercedes says it had not planned to support it. Handling was good, feels a bit heavy, but good. Motor should have been a bit stronger, maybe. This comes next year. In 2019 The e-vito will come with more seats (maybe up to 9 or 10). The electric sprinter will also come that year. It will be used be German test customers to begin with before it will be exported. Maybe with a few changes. . The version with more seats (of the e-vito) will be more powerful. I wonder when a car manufacturer creates a platform for a (from the ground up designed) BEV van? I don’t count the tiny VW “van” that will… Read more »