Mercedes-Benz EQA Concept Hits The Stage – Photos & Videos

SEP 19 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

The new Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA joined the EQC headlining this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, and presented Daimler’s new design language of the brands’s upcoming EV series.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

While the EQC is scheduled to arrive to the market in 2019, the timetable of the EQA has to yet determined, although the electric compact is coming at some point.

On of the strong points of the EQA is an all-wheel drive power-train, which is able to reach 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in around five seconds. Mercedes uses two motors, good for a total system output of over 200 kW and 500 Nm of torque.

The battery of more than 60 kWh should be adequate, although we still think it could stand to be a touch more for such premium brand as Mercedes talks about a ~400 km/249 mile range on the NEDC scale…or about ~320km/200 miles real world. ┬áBut perhaps there will yet be a couple range options available when it finally launches.

Charging on the other hand, will bring some luxury with a wireless charging option.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA specs:

  • more tha 60 kWh battery
  • more than 249 miles (400 kilometers) NEDC range (probably more like 200 miles /321 km real world/EPA driving)
  • 0-100 km/h (62 mpg) in 5 seconds

Here is how describes the design of the EQA:

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

“With its two-box design and its short overhangs, the Concept EQA (length/width/height: 4285/1810/1428 mm; wheelbase: 2729 mm) has dynamic and compact proportions. Short overhangs, particularly at the rear, and the shallow greenhouse, which is positioned well back, emphasise the volume of the vehicle body, while the integration of modern graphics creates a unique, sporty character. The alubeam paint finish produces a powerful contrast with the black panoramic glass roof and with the black panels. The muscular wheel arches emphasise the exclusive 20-inch wheels.

Instead of a conventional radiator grille, the show car features a black panel with integrated LED matrix at the front, flowing seamlessly out of the bonnet. This black panel is a virtual radiator grille which can completely change in appearance: the Concept EQA shows the surrounding world which drive program the driver has selected via an animated design in the virtual grille. In the “Sport” drive program the grille depicts a flaming wing in horizontal format, while in “Sport Plus” mode vertical struts in the style of a Panamericana radiator grille are displayed. Common to both grille variants is the illuminated central star.

The headlamps are seamlessly embedded in the black panel grille and, together with the animated 3D grille, produce the new EQ face. The signet of the daytime running lamps reflects the hallmark Mercedes-Benz look. This underlines the feel of effortless superiority and sportiness. The blue lines are continued in the bumpers, giving the vehicle a lower-slung look.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

When it comes to the light technology, Mercedes-Benz has opted for laser fibres. Unlike laser diodes, where electrical energy flows into a semiconductor, here a laser-activated medium is embedded in the centre of a fibre-optic cable. This new technology ensures homogeneous lighting of the road and, from a design point of view, creates a three-dimensional look with precise contours. The spiral-shaped light signet underlines the electric concept, its design evoking the copper windings of an electric motor and the animation visualising electrical impulses.

The large, wrap-around rear window extends around the sides as far as the muscular shoulders. Beneath the black window is a lighting strip, which also extends across the entire width of the vehicle, underlining the sporty nature of the Concept EQA. Like the headlamps at the front, the rear lamps also use laser fibre technology and also visualise electrical impulses.

Further black panels at the front (central star and radiator grille surround), rear (bumpers) and sides (graphical element above side sills) of the Concept EQA accommodate LED strips. These are elements of a unique welcome light, which could be activated during the remote parking process, for example.”

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

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Doesn’t look all that great. But it is a concept.

Knowing it is a Mercedes, it will start above $50K.

Knowing it’s a Mercedes, it won’t start at all.
That’s a functionless empty shell.

More evidence that the Germans OEMs are at least starting to pivot to meet the existential threat that Tesla is becoming to their brands.

Let’s hope that the other American OEMs do the same soon and start real electrification efforts as only GM has a credible beginnings of such a program so far IMHO.

Tesla M3 killer? LOL

Killer? No. There is no car that can kill the sales of another. Continued sales of 1st gen Leafs and i3s illustrate that. This car could certainly be a serious competitor to the Model 3 though. It’s certainly far more appealing to me than the Model 3 and might be available about the same time as I could get a Model 3.

How serious Mercedes is and how fast they actually ramp up is yet to be seen.

Love it, for me its a nicer design than the T3 and would be a great replacement for my Crosstrek.
Size wise, it will be most appealing to Euro audiences, where two door hot hatches are still popular.

Meh. Two doors is not a good look for a two box IMO. Also impractical but that’s probably not an issue for a concept.

I’m beginning to doubt whether the German automakers will be able to charge their usual premium for electrics. Their efforts simply don’t seem special, with perhaps the exception of the BMW i8 and the new Porsche.

Is this a study in LEDs or in building an EV?

Lots of talk about neato grille lights, but who the hell care what mode the Mercedes behind you is in?

This car still sounds and looks pie-in-the-sky. Maybe to gauge public reaction to form factor.

I do like the form factor, but will Americans? Not likely. Notice the Chevy Volt treatment of the A pillar…interesting.

Don’t care what America likes. America has no taste.

“new Mercedes-Benz Concept… timetable of the EQA has to yet determined…”

It will be 3-5 years before Mercedes has a production EV to compete against Tesla Models X or upcoming Model Y.

Mid 2019. From the source!

From Article Source: “EQC [not the EQA] is scheduled to arrive to the market in 2019.”

It will be 3-5 years before Mercedes decides if the EQA will be developed for later production purpose.

I am in Frankfurt now. Just seen the car. Simply the best looking car of the whole show. Stunning. Pictures do it no justice. Too bad about AWD. I prefer RWD. The battery is very interesting. Seems to be part of the chassis. Merc estimates 60kWh batt will deliver 400km NEDC. I think that is pessimistic. So maybe 450km NEDC 350km EPA?? 5 SEC 0-100KPH is enough. Watch this space…!

Oh, and battery is 125kW DC charge capable. Chargepoint will provide stations

No mention of interior /passenger / cargo volume, or exterior dimensions/curb weight. IMO, these are much more basic specs than anything else.
And IMO, anything with only 2 doors for >1 row of seats is an immediate disqualifiers (*)

(*) I’m willing to make an exception for cars where the 2nd row is mostly package shelf, not seating for adults, like the Porsche 911.