Mercedes-Benz EQ S Electric Sedan Will Challenge Tesla Model S


Perhaps a real Tesla Model S competitor from an established automaker?

Too bad we still likely have to wait many more years.

Mercedes-Benz is currently in the development stages of the EQ S. It’s slated to be a battery-electric full-size, luxury sedan, with sizing and performance consistent with the automaker’s S-Class. According to Automotive News, it stands to be a true competitor to the Tesla Model S.

More Model Info Here: Mercedes-Benz EQ S Electric Sedan Coming In 3 Years

As a point of reference, the 2017 Mercedes S550e plug-in hybrid starts at $96,600, so the BEV stands to significantly exceed this pricing. U.S. sales for the current plug-in model have always been weak and are among the worst on our chart this year. However, the new 2018 S560e will arrive in 2019 and is priced closer to $90,000.

Black Mercedes-Benz S550e

Mercedes-Benz S550e (plug-in hybrid)

Daimler has plans to bring 10 battery-electric vehicles to market by 2022. CEO Dieter Zetsche says the EQ line will consist of multiple plug-in hybrids with increased all-electric range. He also notes that all vehicles will be electrified, however, this includes adding 48-volt mild-hybrid tech to the current ICE lineup.

Mercedes relies on the U.S. and China as its two biggest automotive markets. Current news surrounding trade policy between the two countries has created much talk in the industry.

China is also very important to Tesla, and CEO Elon Musk has spouted much concern about the situation. Zetsche feels that it’s still too early to know exactly how it will all play out. However, he’s confident that Mercedes is ready to compete where and when necessary. He shared:

We have to increase flexibility in local production as the world in general has become more volatile.

Nonetheless, Zetsche also spoke of the possibility of China relaxing joint venture policy. He continued:

We would of course welcome additional opportunities. We have a very good cooperation with BAIC in China and might come to the conclusion that there won’t be any change. But of course it’s better to have more instead of fewer options.

No matter how it all pans out, Zetsche claims to be ready to meet quotas and provide competitive models in a wide variety of segments. The electric “S-Class” is just one way to assure competition with Tesla in the future.

Source: Automotive News

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Hey, another “Tesla Killer.” Love that phrase. May be the most impotent phrase in the history of automobiles. In fact, were I a manufacturer, I’d avoid that comparison phrase like the plague, as every single “Tesla Killer” has been taken down by the Tesla Machine..

Tesla share in Western Europe is .28%,that would mean every tesla killer has been successful.

Sure, it’s not difficult to find certain pockets of regions where Tesla’s are out-sold. What’s your point? Go drive around the west coast of California and you’ll find the exact opposite. My point is every new concept that rolls out is tabbed, “Tesla Killer.” And that’s WELL before any of them actually see production. It’s hard to kill something when you’re not even producing it.

The S class has significantly longer wheelbase, so the appliance is not even in its territory. It’s a class below. Would never catch up in terms of riding comfort and luxury, which is basically what this class is about.

From article: “Mercedes-Benz EQ S Electric Sedan Will Challenge Tesla Model S”

Will EQ S have access to a robust convenient & reliable fast charge network for those occasional long distance trips? …if not no chance EQ S to compete against Tesla Model S.

Ionity and every other network offering ISO 15118 compability.

According to Sandy Munro the Tesla Battery is the best in the planet in Energy Density, better than any Battery manu. that includes the Chinese and the Koreans ,( LG & Samsung) and the ELECTRONICS trumps anything the industry has to offer ,. Tesla just has to improve QC he says the suspension must have been done by an F1 PRINCE ,handling that good .. SANDY MUNRO is one of the best reverse ENGINEERING EXPERTS in the PLANET , ,The Chinese pay him and MUNRO & ASSOC. Millions$$$$$$$$$$ for his work Check out Autoline daily after hours April 19 2018 his interview reveals the Mod # teardown ,still a work in progress final report maybe in JUNE /JULY.

He also said the Model 3 body/ mechanicals and everything above the skateboard was the nearly the worst he has ever seen, he also talked about Model X saying it was not good.

I think he is right on the battery, I was impressed by the design and packaging, also think the filler material is to balance the heat load, which keeps cells performing evenly. This will be good tech for all the other manufacturers to get ahold of and try to improve on. Maybe not in density, but ease of manufacturing

Also the circuit board he held up was an Nvidia unit, and not even their latest tech, which is going to Audi, Mercedes, and a whole myriad of other manufacturers. Lets remember he has not torn down any cars with the latest driving tech, so he might be overly impressed because he has not seen stuff before.

Model S challenger or killer? This car is a class above a Model S. If there was an EQ E, then we can have a discussion…

It’s the same thing for the Model 3, it should be compared with a BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, or Mercedes-Benz C Class, not anything bigger or smaller…