Mercedes-Benz EQ C Spied Testing In Warm Climate

MAR 23 2018 BY JEFF PEREZ 21

The electric crossover will go on sale early in 2019.

***UPDATE – March 23 – New photos have arrived, this time around from a much warmer climate. See attached gallery at bottom of page.

Mercedes-Benz is readying an entire range of electric vehicles. Previewed by a series of EQ concepts, only recently have we seen early prototypes of production models taking to the street ahead of their supposed 2019 debut. This new set, which shows the EQ C crossover, doesn’t show much, but it does give us a better idea of what to expect. 

Even under all that camouflage, there are some key production details to take note of. The headlights, for example, draw similarities to the original concept with the LED running lights surrounding the main fixture. The faux grille also features a large Mercedes-Benz logo front and center, undoubtedly hiding sensors for semi-autonomous technology behind it. The wheels are also completely unique, and the rear features a sleek set of LED taillights that look production ready. 

Mercedes-Benz EQ C

As a concept, the Generation EQ SUV came powered by an electric motor at each axle, combining for a total horsepower figure of 402 (300 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-meters) of toruqe. That setup allowed for a 0-62 mile-per-hour (96 kilometers per hour) sprint of less than five seconds, and a range of at least 311 miles (500 kilometers). Here’s hoping that we see a similar setup carry over to the production version.

Mercedes-Benz EQ C

The new EQ C will be built at Mercedes-Benz’s Vance, Alabama facility, which will soon be the recipient of a $1 billion investment. Not only will the EQ C be built in Alabama, but so will a large majority of the EQ range. Following the EQ C crossover, a smaller EQ A will join the electric lineup.

Production of the EQ C won’t kick off late in 2018 or early 2019, but if you live in Norway, you can reserve the vehicle today for a cool $2,500. No word on how much the crossover will cost when it officially goes on sale.

Mercedes-Benz EQ C

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After they took apart a Tesla, they are ready now. What’s next,take apart a Tesla semi and say they are ready to come out with a ev truck?.

Mercedes already has an electric truck

I heard they did some standard tests and the Tesla fell apart

Yeah. I heard it was due to a troll infestation!

Or maybe not. My B-Class Electric is waiting for its third Tesla drive unit. Hopefully MB is learning what NOT to do from Tesla.

I would a consider a b class if it had more range 100mi or 88mi with fastcharge since that was idoitic not to put one

My B Class electric does 115 miles range in good weather without trying too hard. That is with the range button pushed which allows the battery to charge more than normal. It will pretty much do exactly what you want even without that pushed. 88 miles without the button pushed. Unfortunately no real fast charging that is true.

I LOL’ed

Nice EVs, can I get one?
I’m not norwegian.

Enough room up front for a V8 – what a waste of space. Does anybody in their ICE SUV say I wish I had space upfront …. of course they don’t. Crazy design.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That means there’s room for my rear firing 10inch subs in the front for higher SPL!!!!

GibsonRS – ever see a Tesla Model S? Where’s the exact same comment for it?



Of course, Tesla’s huge front end is completely legit

NO comparison. Tesla ‘S’ is sleek compared to this fat ugly lump.

Model S is a good looking car (something about the front is just not all there.. , but the back, and side profile is more then right). Starts to look a bit old now. Just some minor changes with the front, and the car in general would help. I’m sure this will come with the new facelift sometime before Model Y.

Model X on the other hand.. that is fugly. Proportions does not look right. The Mercedes EV is supposed be in the same vehicle class as the Model X, just maybe a bit smaller.
Have to wait for all the camo to be removed to see how it looks. In my eyes the only standard Mercedes to look good on the outside is the small A class. They have some more excentric models I think looks cool as well.
The best with Mercedes is the interior quality, the looks, the feel and the comfort in general.
I also drove a new Mercedes with some really good active LED lights that must be some of the best I’ve ever experienced. I tested a BMW with active LED headlights. When you test stuff like that, you really miss it in your own car.

Agreed. They are stuck in ICE land.

0 to 62 mph is 0-100 kph NOT 0-96!!!! Arithmatic anyone.

Uhm, it’s arithmetic. I can’t honestly tell if you were trying to be clever or not but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt 😀

100km/h = 62.5 mph

100 kph = 62.13711922373339 mph according to…. Jus’ sayin’

Is that the iX3 behind it in the first “spy shot”? 😀

What, can the German nameplates not afford their own photographer!?!?!?

Looks like a VW Golf from the back.