Mercedes-Benz To Electrify Next-Generation Sprinter Van

Sprinter Van


Kreisel Electric Sprinter

Kreisel Electric Sprinter

Sprinter Van

Sprinter Van

The next generation Sprinter van from Mercedes-Benz will be designed to accommodate a fully electric powertrain and also autonomous driving.

As the Detroit Bureau reports:

“…vans from Mercedes-Benz will be capable of supporting both battery electric propulsion and autonomous driving features in the future…”

“If market demand supports it, the next generation Sprinter will use electric powertrains and autonomous driving…”

The next-gen Sprinter is due out in either 2018 or 2019. Electrification of the van is part of M-B push to have a full lineup of electrified vehicles from 2020 and beyond.  Daimler is scheduled to show off its long-range/300 mile+ EV solution in a few weeks at the Paris Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz – long range BEV battery

In addition to the electric van, Mercedes will launch the Urban eTruck, a 26-ton electric semi.

Wolfgang Bernhard, lead executive of Daimler Trucks & Buses, commented on the Urban eTruck:

“Electric drive systems previously only saw extremely limited use in trucks. Nowadays costs, performance and charging times develop further so rapidly that now there is a trend reversal in the distribution sector: the time is ripe for the electric truck. In light distribution trucks, our Fuso Canter E-Cell has already been undergoing intensive customer trials since 2014.”

“With the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck, we are now electrifying the heavy distribution segment up to 26 tons. We intend to establish electric driving as systematically as autonomous and connected driving.”

Source: Detroit Bureau

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I like the Sprinter RV conversions but they are currently available only with a diesel (ugh) engine (diesel fumes make me sick – literally and figuratively). I’ve been waiting for the electrified version! Where do I sign up?

“If market demand supports it, there is always an out when it comes to MB.


Oh yes that RV thought came to my mind directly…
Unfortunately my budget will leave me dreaming…
Time to convert my ducato diesel to electric…
With the stock materials in my workshop I’ll end up with a 1kmh max speed 0,5 mile max range version…
At least it will have a solar roof 😉

I saw a Sprinter RV here in America at a camp ground, it looked comfortable and well built.

i want one ,please,and no more than 45 grand

Great 90 kWh (18650 cell) battery! 2018 availability would be good for N.A.

Should work some fleet deals with FedEx and UPS. The point is to go large-scale early, not wait for individual customers to come calling.

I hope they have solar panels on the top and sides too.

Use these for Dial a Ride instead of the F450 gas guzzling monsters they use now.

From Electricians to delivery companies to taxi services – they all can use this. Size is good to hold up to 11 people with bench seating. Range may become an issue unless they put in up to 130-150kWh.

Also, Roadtrek and others convert these to B-class RVs. You can effectively drive campground to campground and never burn oil. They have a model with 650W solar on the roof as well, possibly assisting in off-grid charging.

I would LOVE to have a Sprinter van that is a hybrid diesel / electric, something like the 2012 Volt I had until last year (and miss terribly.) While all-electric would be fantastic I can’t see that being practical for anything but inner city delivery: these are heavy vehicles. I have the smallest 144″ and it’s max weight is 8330 lbs. A Roadtrek Adventerous B-class RV weighs up to 15,250 lbs and can tow more. But a hybrid with 30 to 50 miles of electric only range would be a perfect fit with my usage (mostly short 10 mile trips, but thousands of miles when RVing.) I converted a 2014 Sprinter cargo van into an ‘adventure van’. We carry a kayak, two bikes and all our camping gear under a platform bed, along with a sink, toilet and storage. I use a single AGM ‘house’ battery for lighting and small charging tasks but many converted Sprinters carry four large batteries with complex electrical systems to support multiple ways of charging them. An electrified Sprinter would eliminate the need for the batteries and simplify the aftermarket electrical system. I’m sure Roadtrek and other RV up-fitters would love to have MB do… Read more »

Sign me up. I’ll put a $1000 deposit on one. Come on MB.

Maybe you would be interested?

They do that few years already, had a contract with Norway post office, if I’m not wrong

This is where the real jump in EV sales will begin. Lower maintenance and fuel costs will finally entrench commercial EVs. I expect that some new EV cars will be sold because employees driving EVs at work will begin to see the light.

Yes, l would also love to see a diesel hybrid Sprinter.

Atlas is a Lithuanian company who convert MB Sprinter diesels into hybrids. A kit is also available