Mercedes-Benz Electric Cars Will Be Sold In China


Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz – long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz Vision

Mercedes-Benz Vision

Daimler’s China market boss has told the media that Mercedes-Benz intends to sell its upcoming electric cars in China, as well as elsewhere around the globe.

As Automotive News reports:

“Daimler plans to sell Mercedes-Benz electric cars in China, its market chief said today, as the automaker capitalizes on government initiatives aimed at boosting demand for new-energy vehicles (NEVs).”

“Hubertus Troska said the government’s push, which involves tax breaks and other policy support, helped the number of NEVs sold last year surpass 300,000, making China the world’s biggest market for electric, plug-in hybrid and other green vehicles.”

Most all automakers want a piece of China’s electric car pie, so it’s not surprising that M-B will try to join in on the action. However, Mercedes-Benz may struggle to sell electric cars in China due to the fact that the average price of an electric vehicle sold in China last year was 250,000 yuan ($37,515 USD), and Mercedes EVs for the most part would have price-points far higher.

The Chinese electric vehicle market is largely dominated by BYD, a non-luxury brand offering some fairly high end plug-in offerings. And as such, luxury automakers have struggled to gain a foothold in China’s plug-in segment.

But Daimler’s China boss still remains “very confident NEVs (new energy vehicles) will be an important factor” for M-B in the Chinese market. He sees a buying shift to a “higher segment” in the near future there.

Mercedes-Benz hopes to roll out up to 9 long-range BEVs by 2024.

Source: Automotive News

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Some wealthy Chinese like status and are willing to pay for it, so it makes sense for MB to be there.

Brave of Mercedes-Benz, there will be knock-off versions produced locally within months

Yes it probably will. Let’s hope there will be same rules there aswell in the future otherwise it might be the end for innovations.

Unless MB doesn’t plan to sell Teslas in China, they won’t sell anything because they don’t have any electric cars.
Oh, I see: Stardate 2024 …..