Mercedes-Benz Developing New Platform To Underpin Several Future Electric Vehicles


More Electric Models In Mercedes' Future

More Electric Models In Mercedes’ Future

Mercedes-Benz is reportedly in the earliest of stages in developing a new dedicated platform that will underpin several future electric vehicle variants.

As Auto Guide reports:

“The modular architecture will be able to serve as the basis for vehicles spanning a wide range of wheelbases, focusing on saving weight to compensate for having heavy electric powertrain components according to a report by AutoBild. For now, the “Ecoluxe” platform is supposedly slated to underpin four body styles.”

The initial German report from Auto Bild claims that the first electric model to come out on this platform will put out 544 hp or 604 hp (base and S models).

These electric cars will be rear-wheel-drive with the battery pack located under the passenger compartment (yes, like Tesla) and will boast a range of 279 miles or more (yes, like Tesla).

The downside is that Mercedes-Benz won’t have even the first vehicle available on this platform until 2019 at the earliest.  So, 7 years behind Tesla.

Source: Auto Bild

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“Mercedes-Benz won’t have even the first vehicle available on this platform until 2019 at the earliest. So, 7 years behind Tesla.”

Yes, from the standpoint of an electric car enthusiast “2019” may seem disappointingly far away (although from today– which is what counts– it’s four years out and not seven). However, for those of you who follow Tesla from an investment standpoint, keep in mind that the company’s current $29 billion enterprise value is often justified based on how it will be doing in the year 2024; i.e., five years AFTER Daimler will be rolling out this platform (and seven years after the 2017 timeframe in which Audi and BMW will have high-end pure-electric competition out there). And based on Musk’s comments in Detroit, it seem that full production of the Model 3 is now pushed back to 2018 from 2017 (in an offhand comment, he said it would be available “in about three years”), which looks to be one year AFTER the 200-mile Leaf and Bolt.

Yes I’m short TSLA and it’s because I think it’s grotesquely overvalued and has a misleading management team and NOT because I hate electric cars.

Well on thing for sure based on many repairs, the German luxury cars are leaps and bounds ahead in interior luxury and design. Have you seen the interiors of the lasted mid/large size BMWs and Mercedes? Compare the door panels even, the Tesla looks low budget in comparison. Im not even sure if the Tesla comes with HUD, power sunshades, rear entertainment centers, etc?

so the question is what is easier to catch up. Interior design and used interior materials or battery costs and weight, battery management system, engine and software which keeps everything together? I let you decide.
Keep in mind what kind of interior I3 and I8 have. It is a completly different animal to work on interior if you are weight limited as EVs are at the moment.
I would say if premium brands will commit to EV at full force today they can catch Tesla in technology in 4-5 years. Unfortunatelly for electrification of personal transport, I don´t think it is their priority at the moment, so they will not. They will act now like 50 dollar gas will be here forever. So they will commit to ICE for forseeable future I don´t think 50 dollar gas will stay with us forever.

with battery costs coming down i expect bmw and daimler to catch up sooner tesla. especially because big cells will emerge to cost the same price as the little ones that Tesla uses.

I don´t think so. Big cell have bigger limitations in allowed chemistry, because of problems with cooloing down, so you are limited in materials you can chose.
On the other hand big cells can be produced cheaper. However cheap production is addressed by producing in big scale – gigafactory. We will see in 3-5 years.

The head of tesla design explained their interiors as similar to a mid century modern house whereas the other brands you refer too are more like a lush Victorian home. It’s s difference of style.

Why would these companies chase Tesla, before battery costs get beneath $100/kwh? There’s more money in 80% of a luxury market, served up with ICE, than there is in 90% of a market that defines luxury, by batteries. Better to define your customer as wanting the noise and vibration, while keeping the dividends up.

That should work for a while.

Purchase Price and running costs will determine what to buy in the future.
I do like what Mercedes does with EV’s
One cannot forget the 4 wheel EV with vector torque control for each wheel.

Look very much forward to what they will bring to the EV table vs BMW and GM etc..