Mercedes-Benz Design Chief: EVs To Fundamentally Change Vehicle Design


Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes-Benz design chief Gorden Wagener says that the electrification of automobiles could forever change the architecture of vehicles going forward. Quoting Wagener:

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

“The architecture is going to change fundamentally.”

Mercedes-Benz’ Generation EQ Concept marks the start of electric cars designed from the ground up by Mercedes.

As Automotive News explains:

“Wagener’s job is to develop a design vocabulary for EQ that draws from Mercedes’s lexicon — think three-pointed star and trapezoidal grille — but is distinctive enough for buyers to feel they are projecting their green credentials.”

“The body of the Generation EQ forms a gentle arc from the front end (with an illuminated Mercedes star) to the hood, windshield, and roof before dropping sharply to the rear tailgate, which sports a red light bar across the car’s entire width. The vehicle has no door handles — the doors open automatically when you wave your hand over a sensor.”

Inside the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Inside the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Wagener adds:

“Electric cars started out with a bit of an eco-friendly, responsible tag.”

“They weren’t sexy, they weren’t luxury cars, and they didn’t sell.”

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Generation EQ doesn’t follow the old mold. Instead, Wagener says EQ oozes luxury and style and that it’s designed to be electric and eventually even fully autonomous:

“The wheels can be further apart. They have to be, because in a crash the only safe place for the batteries is between the wheels.”

“We’re moving toward designing lounges on wheels. But one that I can still drive when I want to.”

The electric car certainly does open up new design possibilities and it’ll be interesting to see where automakers take design in the future. The EQ is rather conventional in it styling, but future M-B electric cars may look entirely different.

Source: Automotive News

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suggestion MB.
If you want to fundamentally change something, start with that stupid ICE grill design.

while you might not like it, the triple pointed star is a *valuable* trademark to daimler.

It could be a hologram

You can have a logo without the giant LED fake grill

It is not a grill per saay it is digital and it is way better than the model S origional plastic buble grill type thing…
The current model S is way better than the original one though…

I’m offended. I love my Tesla nose cone:)

Yup 🙂 great point!

to look at the exterior of this CUV, nothing suggests revolutionary architecture. that suggests that the revolutionary architecture is under the skin. from the looks of it, this CUV is designed such that it can be BEV with storage space under the front hood, or it can accommodate a fuel cell stack and tank.

after a recent flare up of s-class addiction, i had just declared that i was going to go cold turkey on any mentions related to mercedes-benz, and then seemingly on cue, insideevs posts a mercedes-benz articles…

The model S and X have nothing on the outside that say original archticture but they are…

Long sexy hoods, distinctive grills…Looks like EVs have little need for the features that used to make a Benz a Benz.

Mr. Ed trots into a British pub. A barman asks him, why the long face?
The horse walks up to the bar nuzzles a paper with another headline about Brexit, and replies, why the long farce?

Hello! This change is already underway, and the Bolt is evidence. Wheels pushed out to the corners, interior space prioritized, exterior footprint minimized. Still with a false grille up front, however.

In contrast, Teslas follow the typical ICE formula of bodies with long hoods. Their nod to change is mostly cosmetic – they did delete the false grille.

Although the Bolt’s styling may be hard for some people to warm up to, it will be successful because the benefits in comfort and handling ease its design gives it will win out, with its EV smoothness and performance sealing the deal.

The happy Bolt owners will stand out in traffic, similar to how the gen 2 Prius owners did in the early 2000s. And similar to that Prius, I predict the Bolt will be a terrific sales success.

Agreed. I don’t think a lot of people realize that the Bolt’s design is more future forward than Tesla’s. GM could have went closer to the prototype to push the design further forward.

Pushing the wheels out to the corners is exactly how Chrysler described their Concorde, Dodge & Plymouth Neon’s, etc. Nothing revolutionary about a 20 year old design.

As for long hood, it makes for a longer crumple zone in a high speed crash. The smart car has a great safety rating, but without a decent crumple zone, in a 70 mph crash, you will be the crumple zone.

The frame is still very well intact after a high speed collision. In fact you could even open/close the doors of the smart. Video of smart with 70 mph against a wall

The smart car holds up very well. But the conclusion is you as passenger wont survive the impact force, like in any other car that hits a thick conrete wall.

No, it is not the same what car and at what speed will hit brick wall. It is just middle school physics, deceleration is proportional to crumple zone length and square of speed.

Design of cars like Smart assume they will be able to use other car’s crumple zone. Which isn’t always the case obviously.

I think the term Chrysler used was ‘cab forward’ to describe what they did. At any rate, those cars still had hoods and trunks and bore little resemblance to the Bolt.

Those who buy on the basis of having mass in front of them to survive 70mph head-ons are people who buy Suburbans and Tahoes. I would think most people judge a vehicle on its performance in the independent crash tests.

The Germans are just beginning to realise how Tesla completely changed the rules of the game on them…

If it’s a ground up new design, will there be a Frunk???

What else is new?
Move on MB.

“The architecture is going to change fundamentally.”

Well, that would have been a forward-looking statement… in 2002, the year GM produced the Hy-wire “skateboard” concept car.

In 2016, after the Leaf, the Volt, the Model S and Model X, the BMW i3, the
Zoe, and the Bolt*… not so much.

*Not to mention the i8, the Karma Revero, the VW XL1, and many other less well known EVs.

It’s too late for Mercedes to realize anything. They will sell their ICEs a few more years and then they will become something like SAAB from Sweden.

Mercedes will dominate.

They are already in bed with Tesla, have been for many years.

It’s great to see more and more car marques embracing hybrid and full electric cars!

If only a more affordable brand starts making these things

No door handles and only sensors…

And people complained about Tesla’s functional retractable door handles…

Ya…. Model S showed that 6 years ago

Little late there Mercedes