Mercedes-Benz C350e Plug-in-Hybrid Commercial



Just prior to Christmas, Mercedes-Benz released this commercial featuring the C350e plug-in hybrid.

With its minimal electric-only range, the C350e can’t operate in electric mode for long, but as Mercedes points out in the ad spot, the car can be electric when required.

Official EPA figures have not yet been released on the C350e.

Recently, the launch of the C350e was delayed in the U.S. into the first half of 2016, possibly due to lower-than-anticipated EPA electric range rating for the S550e.

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When they will REALLY WANT to sell BEVS, we will have decent numerous ads like this one.

*This* is their selling point? That your car can be quiet when you need it to be?

You can already barely hear any car passing on the road outside your house. But I guess selling a Mercedes on great fuel economy makes about as much sense too. Either way, I can’t see sales being spectacular, even among the terribly eco-conscious.

From Twitter/

“IEV Staff Writer Says @MercedesBenz #C350e #PHEV ‘Minimal #EV Range’


“~Up To 18.6 Miles~” …”

Ed. This puts this Mercedes Benz C350 Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle right up there with the EPA rated 0 – 19 Ford Energi Twins and domination the Toyota Prius PHEV EPA rating of just 0 – 6 mile all electric electric mode.

Yes, this is an Electric Fueled Vehicle!


Thomas J. Thias



Hey Thomas,

Figured I would touch in on this because it can be a little confusing. MBUSA hasn’t changed the placeholder page much (other than to note the delay in arrival) since it went up, it reads akin to the S550e page also put up around the same time.

Previously the S550e, it had a similarly worded message that read an expectation of”an estimated all-electric range of about 18 miles” via a 8.7 kWh battery, but ended up an all-electric range of 0-12 according to the EPA.

The C350e is/has been saying 18.6 miles on a 6.2 kWh battery over the same time. Our expectation, short of a MB change in operation of the car, is a realized/downgraded range of something similar.

Just a quick “math” on the numbers would say 18.6 miles on 6.2 kWh is superior to the Volt (18.4 kWh/53 miles)…and that seems very, very unlikely, especially after allowing for the reserve depth of discharge.

I would prefer to see it labeled a plug-in-hybrid GASOLINE car… its not particularly electric.

Oh God! We add EFVs now!

If a car can be fuelled by two different sources, IT’S A F****G HYBRID !

I remember as a kid I would see the little old blue-haired ladies in their Merecedes Benz, like at the grocery store.
A collision of worlds, these rich old ladies and a barefoot boy reading comic books, looking at each-other.
It was like they were aliens to me, and I probably to them. Point being I have long associated Mercedes with old money and being sort of haughty, this commercial has not really changed my opinion, but even back then they had a reputation of making cars that lasted forever. For that reason I will give them a pass for a fairly awful commercial, though the snow is pretty and the band is pretty cold.

Does it qualify for CA green HOV sticker?

If so, well it ran out anyway.

Somehow I managed to see an S550 plug-in with a green HOV sticker the other day. The car still had temporary paper tags.

S550e qualify for the green sticker (at least before they ran out).

Horrible commercial

The old guard car manufacturers just do not get it. It is not about gasoline-fueled monsters on the highway and electricity use when you need to be “polite”

It is about the biosphere – imbeciles!