Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Sheds Its Camo, Launches In 2015

NOV 14 2014 BY JAY COLE 17

The all-new Mercedes-Benz C350 Plug-In Hybrid has was revealed without heavy camouflage for the first time earlier this month at an international media ride and drive.

C350 PHEV - Estimated At 31 Miles Of AER (NEDC)

C350 PHEV – Estimated At 31 Miles Of AER (NEDC) – via

Caught by the sharp-eyed fellows at (who do a really terrific job of report on the EV scene from Malaysia), the “baby” S-Class PHEV debuted alongside the larger S500 PHEV.

Paultan writes of the information revealed at the time by Mercedes:

“The C 350 Plug-in Hybrid uses the 2.0 litre turbo engine from the C 250 – that means 211 PS and 350 Nm of torque, but the torque converter of the 7G-TRONIC transmission has been replaced by an electric motor that does 80 hp, a bit lower than the 107 hp, 340 Nm figures of the S-Class version of the system.”

Like its sibling the lithium batteries are in the back.  In all-electric mode the car is estimated to have a range of about 50 km (31 miles).  That being said, you won’t be getting to where you are going using only electricity with that 80hp electric motor.

A Look Inside At The C350 PHEV's Interior (via

A Look Inside At The C350 PHEV’s Interior (via

...If Only The "Plug-In Hybrid" Decal Was A Bit Larger (via

…If Only The “Plug-In Hybrid” Decal Was A Bit Larger (via

On the Euro NEDC sliding scale, the car’s fuel consumption is estimated at about 3 liters per 100km.

This particular offering was said to be conceived with both the Chinese and US markets in mind (who knew they were they same?), but will also be available in Europe.

The C350 PHEV launches next year, no pricing data has yet been made available.

Lots more pictures at, Hat tip to Andrew S!

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Hey, I saw three of these in the parking garage here in Sac this morning. Each had OEM plates. Two were plugged in.

Where is that? And why didn’t you take a few pictures?

It’s the tower garage near Old Sac. I did take some pics of them but I have no idea how to post them here. Would I be able to link them from my iCloud account?

Plugs in the back? Hope Mercedes is ready for the butt plug jokes.

LOL! I hadn’t thought of that but I did find the plug locations a bit odd.

Probably because of the engine in the front. The side plugs are also problematic; the space becomes tight when many EV cars parked next to each other.
OTOH, most people will find it harder to reverse into parking spot. Hope this car comes with auto park feature.

Any idea about pricing in US/Europe?

It’s interesting, that even Mercedes, who is buying EV powertrain from Tesla, is devoting its own energy into PHEV and not pure EV. Clearly they see this as a bigger growth area than pure EV.

Oh, I don’t know. The Ford PHEVs have engines in the front, yet they managed to get their plugs in the left fender behind the wheel well. I suspect they were thinking more a long the lines that folks who plug-in at home might have easier access from a cable on their garage wall.

I know from personal experience that having a plug on the rear bumper or one of the quarter panels would be a lot easier for me in my garage. But for my Leaf, the front location is fantastic for public chargers.

Thank you. Well done! For those of us unfamiliar with the geographic references of “Sac” or “Old Sac”…? Sacramento, CA?

Oops! Sorry, yes, Sacramento, CA. The garage in question is just off of I5 on the corner of Capitol Mall and Front Street, one of the two entrances into Old Sacramento by the gold colored Tower Bridge. I have a couple external pics that I can put on their as well.

They just can’t let go of ICE. Well, this is a big improvement though.

“PLUG IN HYBRID”, how catchy.

31 miles aint gonna cut it, double that please… or triple it

It seems MB is going more the hybrid route, where the plug-in power will augment the ICE for better overall ‘blended’ hybrid mpg, instead of a focus on pure electric driving.

So we are looking at a similar 20 EV miles like the Fusion/C-MAX Energi models. Which can offer a daily commute and city/neighborhood driving on electric power.

My C-Max Energi has worked well for me for almost 2 years. About 25 miles electric range, including regen.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

If this has 6.6kW charging, that’d make puny GM charge rate even more embarrassing…

What do they hope to achieve by mounting the charging socket in a bumper? That’s one of the places most likely to get hit by other cars… that’s why there is a bumper there. It’s gonna make insurance higher, ‘cos delicate electrical components are contained inside the bumper and will get damaged.