Mercedes-Benz C-Class To Get Plug-In Hybrid Diesel Called C400d EQ Power


Refreshed Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The C400d EQ Power is expected to do 31 miles on electric juice.

You have probably seen your fair share of spy content surrounding the Mercedes C-Class and today we are able to bring some interesting technical specifications courtesy of Autocar. First and foremost, the reveal will take place in March at the Geneva Motor Show where the sedan and wagon will be introduced to the public. If you’re more interested in seeing the coupe and cabrio, these two-door models will take a bow in April at the New York Auto Show.

It is believed the C350e will be retired to make way for a new C400 EQ Power plug-in hybrid with an upgraded electric motor delivering an additional 41 horsepower along with a reworked charging system providing quicker charging capabilities. What’s truly interesting is that the gasoline model will be joined by a diesel-electric hybrid, dubbed “C400d EQ Power” and set to offer just about the same zero-emissions range as its gasoline counterpart: up to 31 miles (50 kilometers).

Elsewhere, some significant updates are in tow for the conventionally powered C-Class models.  On the gasoline side, the M 264 pumps out 188 horsepower in the C200 EQ Boost, or 7 hp more when compared to the M 274 unit. The reason why it’s getting the “EQ Boost” branding has to do with the implementation of a mild hybrid setup with a 48-volt electric architecture thanks to plug-in tech, belt-driven alternator, and a temporary 17 hp power boost.

In terms of design, the exterior will go through discreet changes bringing slightly reworked bumpers and modified graphics for the LED taillights.

With the C-Class debuting at the beginning of March, perhaps Mercedes will release the first images as early as February.

Attached below is a new spy video, which at one point is showing a prototype of a hybrid model.

Source: Autocar

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It seems, the Germans have thought of yet another way to lower the on paper emissions of their crappy diesels so they can continue selling them…

Just as the Japanese lloars are on all those tin cans

Too much money wasted on hybrids… Just put the money in developing and manufacturing better electrical energy storage(s) and simply cut the “hybrid” crap!

There was the horseless carriage era, I dream of the ICEless car age… before it’s too late…

According to quite a few studies, it’s already too late for global warming, and most likely too late for the effects of other pollution (toxic chemicals etc.)

We have the battery tech and reasonable battery costs.

What we don’t have is charging infrastructure. In fact, I go to multiple places per year that don’t even have access to the electric grid, so no chance of a charger (and don’t reply with solar, it’s totally unreasonable to charge multiple BEVs from a solar grid owned by a small business)

…hence PHEV, (or better EREV) have a real place for some time to come.

Kinda clean diesel?

Hardly a day goes by without dreaming of another expensive exhaust system, that would make Rand McNally proud.

We are Mercedes the leader…we have electric cars…we give you discount when you buy electric and a diesel lawnmower Euro VI…and the uncomparable quality to other brands…Germany – the country of progress (in immigration). Pure subjective ideas above.

Mercedes banded together with Ford and VW, to highlight poor working conditions in Cobalt mining. I passed the WSJ story to Jay, and think it makes a great expose on the hypothesis that:

-The altruism of the makers has come of age
-Or just that they’re late to the draw on battery procurement, and would rather foist virtue on cars like our friendly diesel, above.

I want a plug-in hybrid diesel lawn mower.

A decade too late? Hopefully, they at least program it so that the diesel engine doesn’t spring to life under modest acceleration then die off quickly. I can’t imagine that being healthy for the motor at all.